Carly Corinthos


This little vixen has done just about everything including stealing her birth mother's husband and hiding the truth about her son's true paternity!


Growing up with her adoptive parents, Carly Benson - or Caroline, as is her real name - never much liked who she was. She had been abandoned as a newborn, given up for adoption by a mother that she always assumed never wanted her and never gave her a second thought. She was wrong; Nurse Bobbie Jones thought every day about the little girl she left behind when she was a teenager on the streets. But Carly couldn't know that, just as she couldn't know how it would feel to like herself. At least, not until she fell in love with Bobbie's husband, Dr. Tony Jones. In his arms, she liked who she was - the woman he loved!


When Carly arrived in Port Charles, she made it her life's work to ingratiate herself to everyone who crossed her path. Her Ms. Nice Guy routine worked wonders on everyone - except for Nurse Amy Vining. An old pro at spotting people with two faces, Amy knew from the start that there was more to General Hospital's new physical therapist than met the eye.


Carly made a special point to get close to Bobbie and her husband, Tony. Unbeknownst to Bobbie, Carly was the daughter that she bore and gave up for adoption when she was a teenage prostitute some 20 years ago. With their encouragement, Carly decided to study nursing.


Unfortunately, Carly wasn't a crackerjack student and to pass the entry test, she stole the exam. Carly's personal life wasn't a model one either. Even as brain-damaged Jason Morgan was falling in love with Robin Scorpio, he carried on a secret sexual relationship with Carly.


At the same time, Carly was developing strong feelings for Tony. Although she had come to town intent on evening the score with her mother, she had found something special in Tony. For the first time in her life, she felt cared for.


For her part, Carly made Tony, who had shut down emotionally following the death of his daughter, B.J., feel alive. In 1996, their fondness for one another gave way to passion, and they began an affair.


The same day that Bobbie walked in on the lovers, her brother, Luke, discovered that Carly was the long-lost daughter that Bobbie had been searching for. To spare Bobbie any further pain, he told her that her child had died - And he told Carly to get out of Dodge.


But stubborn Carly stuck it out in Port Charles, and soon, she and Tony were the talk of the town - and living together. His continued feelings for Bobbie, even after she married Stefan Cassadine, infuriated Carly, In a fit of pique, she made love with a drunken A.J. Quartermaine. Tony and Carly managed to patch things up and Carly learned that she was pregnant. The only question that remained was whether AJ or Tony was the baby's father. Carly was desperate to hang on to Tony and became concerned when A.J. started to remember events from the night they had slept together. Carly drugged A.J. to make it seem that he had fallen off the wagon. A.J. was ready to leave Port Charles permanently and check himself into a clinic, but Keesha helped him piece together the events surrounding his black out. AJ discovered Carly's deception and learned that they had slept together and that he may be the father of her baby. After further unsuccessful attempts by Carly to fool AJ about the paternity of her baby, A.J. washed his hands of her, but made it clear that he was going to have a paternity test done when her baby was born.


Eventually, Tony discovered more of Carly's lies and deception and decided to break up with her and sue for sole custody of her baby. Carly learned what Tony was doing and told him that Jason was the father of the baby. Jason agreed to go along with Carly's scheme, but made it clear that he would not lie if asked about the true paternity of the baby.


Carly gave birth to a baby boy and Tony learned that the baby's blood type ruled him out as the father. To the surprise of both Jason and Carly, AJ incorrectly concluded that Jason was the father of the baby. Carly then decided to leave town for a while and left Jason in charge of raising her son. While Carly was away, Jason had the baby baptized and named him Michael, after Sonny.When Carly returned to Port Charles, Bobbie was concerned that Carly was not bonding with her son and helped her bond with her baby. Bobbie's help and her emotional account of why she had given Carly up for adoption made Bobbie and Carly closer. An emotional Carly was moved to tell Bobbie that she was her daughter Caroline.


Bobbie was shocked to learn that Carly had known all along that she was her daughter and how Carly had plotted to ruin her life. A livid Bobbie then cut off all ties with Carly. Virginia Benson, Carly's adoptive mother, arrived in Port Charles and was sickened when she learned about all of Carly's dirty deeds and was upset that Carly never told her about Michael. The stress of the confrontation caused Virginia to suffer a stroke and die.


Carly later returned to Florida with Jason and made peace with her past and her mother's memory. When Jason and Carly returned home, Carly invited herself into his bed and tried to make love to him. Jason rejected Carly and made it clear that he was still in love with Robin and only wanted to remain friends with Carly.


The rift between Bobbie and Carly quickly closed when Michael was kidnapped by Tony. The two rekindled their bond and Bobbie stood by Carly during Tony's kidnapping trial. When Tony got off virtually scott-free for his crimes, an emotional Carly shot him. Even when Carly was sent away to Shadybrook Psychiatric Center for tests, Bobbie never left her daughter's side.


Carly could not get beyond her love for Jason Morgan, even though it was discovered that he was not Michael's father, his brother AJ was. AJ proposed to Carly in an attempt to make her fall in love with him and prove to the Quartermaines that he could be in a successful marriage to a beautiful woman.


Carly reluctantly agreed, but only to secure the life and financial security of her son Michael. Carly and AJ tried to make it work, but she was always being pulled to Jason, and AJ couldn't take it.


Upset about Jason's closeness with Elizabeth Webber, Carly sought comfort in the arms of Sonny and got pregnant. After an unsuccessful attempt to seduce AJ so she could pass the baby off as his, Sonny figured out that Carly was carrying his child. He freed Carly of AJ and the Quartermaines, got her a quickie divorce, and moved her from the Quartermaine mansion to his penthouse.


Sonny and Carly's happiness was shattered when Carly lost her unborn baby after falling down the stairs at the Quartermaine mansion while arguing with AJ. Sonny and Carly were both devastated by their loss.


Carly and Sonny continued to grieve for their baby, but eventually bonded over their loss. Carly wanted Sonny to take revenge against AJ and came up with a plot of her own when he refused. To that end, Carly secretly took a gun to the Nurses Ball and planned on killing AJ. Sonny stopped Carly before she shot AJ, who merely laughed in the face of death. Carly was falling apart emotionally and Sonny took her and Michael to his island paradise for some relaxation. The trip worked wonders for Carly and she and Sonny became lovers again.


Carly was hopeful for a future with Sonny, but became heartbroken when she overheard Sonny refer to her and Michael as being obligations. Carly wanted Sonny to be with her because he wanted to, not because he thought he had to. To that end, Carly surprised Sonny when she announced that she and Michael were moving into the brownstone. Neither Sonny nor Carly really wanted to change their living arrangement, but both were too stubborn to admit their true feelings. Carly remained at the brownstone for the time being and she and Sonny missed many opportunities to connect.


During this time, Mike racked up a huge gambling debt with Sorel and turned to Carly for help. Against her own better judgement, Carly went to Sonny and asked for money claiming it was for a down payment on a house. Sonny believed Carly's story and gave her the money. A short time later, Sorel contacted Sonny and told him about Mike's debt and Sonny agreed to a meeting. Carly, however, was under the impression that Mike would be meeting with Sorel and she tipped the police as to what was going down. Carly then went to the meeting place and hid in the closet with a tape recorder. Carly was then stunned when Sonny arrived for the meeting and even more shocked when the police arrived and arrested her and Sonny! Sonny told Carly that she and Michael were moving into the penthouse immediately and although Carly wanted to move back, this wasn't how she wanted it to happen. Alexis then explained to Sonny that Carly would be the prosecutions star witness and both Alexis and Sonny knew that Carly would be a loose cannon on the stand. Sonny was then shocked when Alexis said he had to marry Carly to prevent her from testifying.


Carly was stunned when Sonny announced that the only way to keep her off the witness stand was for them to get married. Jason offered Sonny an alternative to marrying Carly and said he would take her and Michael out of the country. Carly, who truly did have feelings for Sonny, realized she couldn't run away with Jason. Carly then agreed to marry Sonny, who promised they would try to make a happy home together. Carly and Sonny were then married as planned and Sonny was thrown when Jason explained that Sonny was the man Carly loved.


Sonny and Carly began to warm up to each other and later shared a passionate kiss. Afraid of being rejected, however, Carly asked Sonny if they could take things slowly. Shortly thereafter, Sonny confronted Mike, who ended up hitting Sonny in a moment of fury. Sonny retreated into his own private pain and pushed Carly away. Sonny then shocked Carly when he said he was going to have their marriage annulled.


Sonny and Carly continued to dance around their true feelings for one another. Slowly, Sonny and Carly started to make a real connection and when Sonny learned that Mike was missing, he allowed Carly to help him deal with his pain. Sonny learned that the charges against him had been dropped and that there wouldn't be a trial after all, but he and Carly mutually agreed to stay married. Sonny, Carly and Michael had actually formed a happy little family!

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Biography courtesy of ABC