Sonny Corinthos


Before Sonny Corinthos saw how the other half lived, he resided in a dark place, on the wrong side of the tracks. There was only one way to get anything done - by force. But then he met a woman who would change his life forever. In the hope of one day living in a world that he could share with Brenda Barrett, Sonny determined that there was another way to accomplish things - his way.


In 1993, Sonny was living with his ward, Stone Cates, above the Paradise Lounge strip bar. When he met pretty teenager Karen Wexler, he dared her to take it all off - and she did.


Sonny began an affair with his newest attraction and fought to keep her for himself even as she descended deeper into the throes of drug addiction. At one point, after ordering a hit on Karen's estranged boyfriend, Jagger Cates, who wanted to get her back on the straight and narrow, Sonny even threatened Karen herself.


After the Port Charles police closed down the Paradise Lounge for employing minors like Karen and Stone, Sonny became the front man for mobster Frank Smith, Luke Spencer's longtime nemesis. When Frank was killed, Sonny bluffed his way through a mob war with Puerto Rican gangster Rivera so beautifully that he wound up taking over all of Frank's holdings.


At the same time, romance was blossoming between Sonny and model Brenda Barrett. The unlikely duo were crazy about one another and even went so far as to move in together. But Brenda was suspicious of Sonny's mob ties, and in 1995, she agreed to wear a wire when she investigated her fears. Lily Rivera tipped off her friend, Sonny, to Brenda's plan, and the couple broke up - each of them feeling betrayed by the other.


 That same year, Sonny was reunited with his estranged father, Mike Corbin. In 1996, in exchange for Rivera's help in getting racketeering charges against him dropped, Sonny agreed to marry his confidante, Lily.


Although Sonny cared for his new bride, his heart still belonged to Brenda. He was about to break it to Lily that he was leaving her when she told him that she was pregnant with his child.


Tragedy struck shortly thereafter when Lily was killed by a car bomb that her father intended to blow up Sonny. In his grief and shame, Rivera killed himself, in the process, making Sonny the new crime boss of Port Charles.


Brenda came to Sonny in his hour of need, but she was not free to resume their relationship. She had married suave Australian financier Jax. Sonny didn't trust Jax from the getgo and endeavored to dig up some dirt on his rival. What he found was Jax's long-lost wife, Miranda Jameson, whom he brought to disrupt Brenda and Jax's renewal of their vows ceremony. It worked - to a point. Brenda called off the event but not the marriage.


In 1997, when Sonny and Brenda were trapped together in the catacombs beneath Port Charles and certain they were going to die, they gave in to the passion that had smoldered beneath their surface feelings for so long and made love.


 Sonny and Brenda became a full fledged couple and planned on getting married. Sonny, however, realized that Brenda would never be truly safe at his side and made the ultimate sacrifice when he left her standing at the altar. Sonny then lived in a self imposed exile on his island in the Carribean.


 Sonny returned to Port Charles at the urging of Jason to settle some unrest within the organization. Once back in town, Sonny decided to stay and take back control of his business with Jason.


Sonny was taken aback one day when he met Hannah Scott, a young woman who greatly resembled Brenda. Sonny quickly entered into a romance with Hannah and was outraged to discover that she was really an FBI agent assigned to bring him down. Sonny ended his relationship with Hannah and refused to believe that she had ever truly loved him. This sent Sonny on a downward emotional spiral which resulted in him having a one night stand with Carly. Sonny and Jason's friendship was destroyed by this betrayal and Sonny was further convinced that he only brought pain to those he cared about.


 Sonny soon suspected that Carly was pregnant with his child and his suspicions were confirmed. Carly and Sonny didn't like each other one bit, but Sonny made it clear to Carly that he was going to be a part of his child's life and announced that he was the father of her baby in front of the Quartermaines.


AJ vowed to make Carly's life miserable and refused to give her a divorce or leave the mansion with Michael. Having no one else to turn to, Carly went to Sonny for help. Sonny contacted Jason who told him about AJ hiring an arsonist to burn down the coffee warehouse.


Armed with this information, Sonny confronted AJ and made him sign a document granting Carly a divorce and full custody of Michael.


Sonny then insisted that Carly and Michael move in with him at his penthouse. Sonny and Carly were far from friends, but both were surprised by the easy rapport that developed between them. After sharing a kiss, Carly and Conny made love.


Sonny then shocked Carly by insisting they get married before their child was born. Carly refused to marry Sonny, but eventually accepted his ring.


Carly and Sonny continued to grieve for their baby, but eventually bonded over their loss. Carly wanted revenge against AJ, but Sonny stopped her from shooting him at the Nurses Ball. Carly was falling apart emotionally and Sonny took her and Michael to his island paradise for some relaxation. The trip worked wonders for Carly and she and Sonny became lovers again.


Carly was hopeful for a future with Sonny, but became heartbroken when she overheard Sonny refer to her and Michael as being obligations. Carly wanted Sonny to be with her because he wanted to, not because he thought he had to. Sonny and Carly remained at odds couldn't bring themselves to say what the other wanted to hear.


During this time, Mike racked up a huge gambling debt with Sorel and turned to Carly for help. Sorel contacted Sonny, who agreed to a meeting. Thinking she was doing the right thing, Carly secretly went to the meeting place and was stunned when Sonny arrived. The police had also been tipped off and Sonny and Carly were both arrested!


Alexis got Sonny released from jail but his problems were far from over. Alexis explained to Sonny that Carly would be the prosecutions star witness and both Alexis and Sonny knew that Carly would be a loose cannon on the stand. Sonny was then shocked when Alexis said he had to marry Carly to prevent her from testifying.


Carly was stunned when Sonny announced that the only way to keep her off the witness stand was for them to get married. Carly told Sonny that she couldn't marry without love and Sonny was unable to admit to Carly that he loved her.


Carly later agreed to marry Sonny, who promised they would try to make a happy home together. Carly and Sonny were then married as planned. Sonny and Carly began to warm up to each other and later shared a passionate kiss.


Sonny and Carly continued to dance around their true feelings for one another. Slowly, Sonny and Carly started to make a real connection and when Sonny learned that Mike was missing, he allowed Carly to help him deal with his pain. Sonny learned that the

 charges against him had been dropped and that there wouldn't be a trial after all, but he and Carly mutually agreed to stay married. Sonny, Carly and Michael had actually formed a happy little family!


Sonny and Carly were happily married and living at the penthouse with Michael. One day, Carly was grabbed by Sorel's men, but was quickly rescued by Sonny. Mob violence was once again brewing in Port Charles as Sonny found himself on the brink of a war with Sorel. Sonny had convinced Zander to testify against Sorel and it was just a matter of time before Sorel took action.


Sonny warned Carly that Sorel's threats were increasing but promised to always protect her. Soon thereafter, Sonny learned that Sorel was plotting to kill him. Sonny kept this news from Carly and then shocked her by announcing that he was going to Puerto Rico. Before leaving, Sonny promised Carly that he would be home in time for Christmas. Carly was beside herself with worry for Sonny and was very relieved when he returned home. Carly's happiness was shattered, however, when Sonny was shot by Sorel's men on the steps of the police department as he was escorting Alexis and Zander out of the building. Alexis told Carly that Sonny had declared his love for Carly before losing consciousness. Carly stayed by Sonny's bedside and urged him to live. Carly also told an unconscious Sonny that she loved him.


While unconscious, Sonny had an out of body experience and traveled to the other side where he visited Lily and the children he had lost. An emotional Sonny told Lily that he was in love with Carly and wasn't ready to stay on the other side with her. Sonny then returned and made a full recovery.


Sonny and Carly were more in love than ever and Sonny asked Carly to marry him again in a way that showed their true feelings for one another.

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