Sonny & Carly Tape 20

May 23, 2003 - July 15, 2003

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May 23, 2003

Faith manipulates Elizabeth into demanding a meeting with Sonny. Sonny meets with Elizabeth at an outside plaza and Elizabeth wants his promise that he won't go after Ric. Sonny, already on edge due to the threat from his unknown enemy, loses his temper and unleashes his anger on Elizabeth before walking away. Courtney assures Carly she is able to deal with the life she chose to have with Jason.

May 26, 2003

Sonny feels guilty when Michael has a temper tantrum and defends his actions by claiming he is acting like Sonny. Ric thinks that Sonny deliberately pushed Elizabeth down the stairs. Sonny visits Elizabeth and denies pushing her down the stairs. Ric sees an emotional Elizabeth collapse in Sonny's arms and becomes more convinced of Sonny's guilt.

May 27, 2003

Elizabeth is devastated after suffering a miscarriage. Sonny assures Ric he didn't push Elizabeth down the stairs but apologizes for losing his temper in front of her. Elizabeth tells Ric she is certain Sonny didn't push her down the stairs. Ric insists to Sonny he wants to continue their truce and Sonny agrees. Sonny and Jason prepare to meet with their new rival from Miami.

May 28, 2003

Carly shares her ideas for Courtney's wedding with Courtney. Mike tells Courtney he won't give her his blessing unless Jason asks him for Courtney's hand. After being prompted by Courtney, Jason speaks with Mike, who happily gives his blessing for Jason to marry Courtney. Sonny and Jason meet with Javier, the second-in-command from Miami. The meeting ends in a stand off when both sides hold each other at gunpoint.

May 29, 2003

Sonny flatly refuses to allow Javier and his boss to use the harbor for drug smuggling. Sonny realizes the threat from Miami won't go away easily. Sonny is alarmed when Carly calls and asks him to return home immediately. Sonny and Jason return to the penthouse with guns drawn but find that Carly and Courtney called them home to discuss possible wedding outfits. Carly is touched when Sonny repeats the vows he said at their wedding.

May 30, 2003

Ric is inwardly livid when he sees a happy Carly and Sonny together at Kelly's. AJ ruins Courtney's wedding shower by first inviting several of the strippers Courtney used to work with to attend and then arranging for Courtney's drunken mother to arrive as well. Meanwhile, Jason and Sonny are invited to the No Name by Sammy Tagliati. Thinking it could be an ambush, Jason is shocked to walk into a surprise bachelor party in his honor. Jason goes to the penthouse and rescues Courtney from her party. Luke turns to Sonny for help in his battle against Nikolas. Sonny advises Luke to honor what Laura would want and give up his vendetta against Nikolas. After seeing Luke's despair, Sonny voices his undying love for Carly.

June 02, 2003

Sonny and Jason discover drugs hidden in their latest coffee shipment. Jason and Sonny form a plan to uncover their new rival from Miami.

June 03, 2003

Courtney stands strong in the face of Janine trying to manipulate her to call off her wedding to Jason. Jason and Courtney realize that AJ bribed Janine to get Courtney to leave Jason. Sonny informs Janine that he is Courtney's family now. Faith warns Carly that Ric isn't over trying to get revenge on Sonny. Sonny later confronts Faith wanting to know about Ric's plan.

June 04, 2003

Jason believes Ric will try to use Carly to get to Sonny. Sonny wants Faith to uncover what Ric's plan against him might be. Faith visits Ric and re-ignites his hatred for Sonny. Ric privately reveals his plan to give Sonny and Carly's baby to Elizabeth. Scott "thanks" Sonny for stopping the flow of drugs into Port Charles and allows Carly to re-open The Cellar. As Sonny, Jason, Carly and Courtney are making wedding plans, two Drug Enforcement Agency agents arrive to arrest Sonny and Jason. Jason struggles with one of the agents, who is shot. The agents are revealed to be operatives from Sonny's rival in Miami. Before dying, the Miami operative tells Sonny that he works for Alcazar.

June 05, 2003

Jason and Sonny work to uncover Alcazar's connection to their latest troubles. Sonny questions Ric about Alcazar. Sonny is later abducted by Alcazar. Courtney is shocked when Father Coates, the family priest, makes it clear he is fully aware of Sonny and Jason's complicated business dealings.

June 06, 2003

Jason attacks Ric in front of Elizabeth, demanding to know if Ric knows anything about Sonny's disappearance. Meanwhile, Carly questions Faith about Sonny. A photo of a bound and beaten Sonny is delivered to Jason and Carly. Jason vows to find Sonny and heads to the warehouse, where he comes face to face with Alcazar. Courtney plans on questioning Brenda about Alcazar. Carly fears she is going into premature labor.

June 09, 2003

Jason meets with Lorenzo Alcazar, the late Luis' brother, who offers to release Sonny in exchange for the drugs Jason found in the coffee shipment. Carly collapses in front of Michael. Michael intercepts Ric's phone call to Carly and tells him the baby needs help but Michael isn't aware of who he is talking to. Jason returns as the paramedics arrive and Michael tells him about the "nice man" who promised to send help. Scott informs Jason that a large supply of cocaine was found in his warehouse. Scott arrests Jason before he can return the drugs to Alcazar and rescue Sonny. [Alcazar offers to give Ric everything that belongs to Sonny. Ric flatly declines Alcazar's offer in front of Elizabeth.] Ric later appears in Carly's hospital room.

June 10, 2003

Jason tries to make a deal with Scott as he insists Scott's career would flourish if he arrested and convicted Alcazar. Alcazar visits a jailed Jason and tells him that Sonny is a dead man now that Jason doesn't have the drugs to trade for Sonny's freedom. Jason asks Alcazar to give him twenty-four hours before doing anything to Sonny.

June 11, 2003

Scott is forced to release Jason from jail when the evidence against him turns up missing. Jason contacts Alcazar to arrange trading the drugs for Sonny. After a tense moment, Alcazar gets his hands on the drugs and releases Sonny. Seconds after Jason and Sonny leave, Scott and several police officers arrive and arrest Alcazar. Courtney and Carly are relieved to learn Jason and Sonny are safe as they plan Courtney's wedding rehearsal.

June 12, 2003

Carly and Courtney are overjoyed to be reunited with Sonny and Jason when they arrive at the church for the wedding rehearsal. Jason explains that he was able to rescue Sonny by making a deal with Scott. Ric secretly watches the rehearsal. Sonny, Jason, Carly and Courtney enjoy a pre-wedding celebration at The Cellar. Jason and Sonny are shocked when Alcazar arrives. Carly fears Alcazar will cause them more trouble. Ric looks forward to getting revenge on Sonny.

June 13, 2003

On Jason and Courtney's wedding day, Carly and Jason assure each other that they will always be friends. Sonny and Jason voice their mutual respect for one another as Sonny welcomes Jason into his family. Ric puts his plan for revenge in motion. As the wedding party waits for the ceremony to begin, Sonny and Jason learn that Carly is missing. Ric carries an unconscious Carly into his panic room. Police officers are on their way to Ric's house in response to Alcazar's 911 call.

June 16, 2003

Sonny questions Michael, who is too traumatized to reveal any information about what he saw when Ric kidnapped Carly. After speaking with Alcazar, Jason comes to believe that he isn't involved in Carly's disappearance. Carly almost manages to escape from Ric but he overpowers her in the end. Carly is speechless when Ric explains he plans on giving her baby to Elizabeth. Sonny and Jason arrive to question Ric.

June 17, 2003

Still traumatized, Michael remains unresponsive to Sonny and Courtney's questions. Sonny and Jason find no trace of Carly at Ric's although Sonny remains convinced that Ric is responsible for Carly's disappearance. Jason assures Courtney they will still get married. Carly warns Ric that she will get revenge against him.

June 18, 2003

Jason questions Faith about Carly's disappearance. Faith later approaches Elizabeth and claims she knows that Ric kidnapped Carly. Michael tells Sonny that he remembers seeing a man at the church when Carly disappeared. Carly manages to pick the lock on her leg shackles and knocks Ric unconscious. Carly flees from the panic room and calls Sonny.

June 19, 2003

Ric overpowers Carly before she can tell Sonny where she is. Carly begins a hunger strike in order to force Ric to release her. Michael begins to remember some of the details about Carly's disappearance but then shuts down again. Scott becomes angry when Sonny makes a public plea for Carly's safe return and offers a large reward. Alcazar realizes that Ric kidnapped Carly. Alcazar kills Javier before he can tell Sonny where Carly is and collect the reward.

June 20, 2003

Michael overhears Jason telling Sonny that he is certain Ric kidnapped Carly. Michael later tells Courtney that Ric kidnapped Carly. [Elizabeth informs Ric that Alcazar called to request a meeting with him. Ric gives Elizabeth a gun for her protection.] Jason arrives at Ric's to search for signs of Carly but Elizabeth holds him at gunpoint. Alcazar blackmails Ric into joining forces with him. Sonny finds Alcazar and Ric together. Carly is electrocuted and knocked unconscious as she falls to the floor after smashing the monitor in the panic room.

June 23, 2003

Elizabeth insists to Jason that Ric isn't involved in Carly's disappearance. Elizabeth is left shaken by Jason's warning about Ric. Courtney informs Jason that Michael told her that he saw Ric take Carly from the church. Carly lies motionless in the panic room after getting a shock when she caused a power failure by smashing the monitor. The electrician informs Ric and Elizabeth that it is very odd for their power to have gone out the way it did. After the power is restored, Ric finds Carly unconscious on the floor and realizes she needs medical attention. Michael's eyewitness account of Ric taking Carly isn't strong enough for Mac to take formal action against Ric. Sonny informs Jason that he plans on abducting Elizabeth as leverage to use against Ric.

June 24, 2003

Ric takes Carly to a clinic to be examined and promises he will let her go if she allows the doctor to check her out. Dr. Gordon promises Carly he will call Sonny for her but after giving her a clean bill of health, Dr. Gordon drugs Carly as Alcazar enters the examination room. Carly awakens to find herself back in the panic room with Alcazar watching over her. Carly tries to convince Alcazar to help her escape as Sonny would then be indebted to him. Alcazar leaves Ric swinging in the wind when he doesn't reveal what he will do with regard to Carly. Courtney is unnerved when she overhears Sonny talking about his plan to kidnap Elizabeth. Jason and Courtney are relieved when Sonny gives up his plan to kidnap Elizabeth.

June 25, 2003

Faith goes to see Ric, who once again rejects her. Faith steals Ric's keys and later lets herself back into the house. From the panic room, Carly watches as Faith poisons a pitcher of lemonade. Ric later returns to Carly in the panic room. Carly warns Ric about the poisoned lemonade as Elizabeth is about to drink it but Ric doesn't believe Carly's claim.

June 26, 2003

Not believing Carly, Ric is horrified as he watches Elizabeth collapse after drinking the lemonade Faith poisoned. Carly screams for Elizabeth to help her as Ric races from the panic room, but Elizabeth is already succumbing to the effects of the poison. Ric calls the paramedics, who take Elizabeth to the hospital. Carly warns Ric that Faith won't stop trying to hurt Elizabeth. [Elizabeth survives the poisoning and tells Ric she remembers hearing a woman calling for help. Ric convinces Elizabeth she must have been experiencing side effects from the poison. Elizabeth is shocked when Ric tells her that Faith had poisoned the lemonade.] Sony questions Faith about Carly. Ric sets a trap for Faith, who admits to poisoning Elizabeth as a hidden Mac listens. Faith is arrested for attempted murder. Sonny makes a deal with the devil when he goes to Scott and offers to admit to criminal activity in exchange for Scott's help in finding Carly.

June 27, 2003

Scott is speechless when Federal agents arrive and take over his case against Sonny. The agents explain to Sonny that they want him to work with one of their operatives to gain inside information on Alcazar in order to bring him down. In exchange, the agents will use their resources to find Carly. Sonny agrees to the deal and is then shocked when the agents state that he will be working with Faith, who will pose as Sonny's mistress. Ric is shaken when Carly points out that Alcazar could easily double-cross him. Alcazar makes plan to create a false trail of clues to make it look as though Carly is being held in South America.

June 30, 2003

Sonny is shocked to learn Agent Brown wants him to team up with Faith as part of the plan to nail Alcazar and make it seem as though he and Faith are involved. Sonny agrees to the plan after Agent Brown says they found a lead on Carly's possible whereabouts. Sonny and Agent Brown are both unaware that Alcazar planted the phony evidence. Jason is arrested for assaulting Ric. Sonny convinces Ric not to press charges against Jason. Jason is shocked when Sonny orders him to stay away from Ric, saying he is no longer convinced of Ric's involvement in Carly's kidnapping. Elizabeth tells Ric that the timing is perfect for her to try to become pregnant. Jason is stunned when Sonny arrives at The Cellar with Faith as his guest.

July 1, 2003

Jason voices his concerns about Sonny's deal with the federal agents and about his having to team up with Faith as part of the bargain. Sonny insists he has no other choice and will do anything he has to in order to find Carly. Courtney tries to convince Jason that Sonny is doing the right thing. Per Agent Brown's orders, Sonny holds a televised press conference in which he appears to be suffering another breakdown. Carly watches the pres conference on television and is shocked to see Faith at Sonny's side. Ric pulls back from making love with Elizabeth and later unnerves Carly by admitting that he would rather have her and Sonny's baby than one of his own with Elizabeth. Carly tries to point out the reason why Ric's plan for revenge will fail.

July 2, 2003

Jason remains convinced that Ric holds the key to finding Carly. Carly insists to Ric and Alcazar that Sonny will never give up trying to find her. Ric is unnerved when Alcazar makes a threat against Elizabeth. Jason loses his temper when Alcazar arrives at the club but a quick thinking Faith is able to diffuse Alcazar's suspicions about her sudden relationship with Sonny. Courtney warns Faith not to get too comfortable in her new life with Sonny. [Ric pays off the doctor to tell a devastated Elizabeth that she is unable to get pregnant again due to complications that arose after her miscarriage.] Carly watches via the monitor as Jason breaks into Ric's and discovers one of the hidden cameras in the living room.

July 3, 2003

Jason narrowly misses Carly's attempt to lead him to the panic room when she manages to pull on the camera wire and quickly slips out of the house when Ric and Elizabeth return. Ric confronts Carly after noticing that the camera has been moved. Sonny is furious when Jason admits he broke into Ric's house as they both mistakenly believe Jason was caught on videotape. Thinking he could be arrested, Jason reluctantly agrees to Sonny's request that he and Courtney leave town. Jason later shocks Courtney when he announces he's not leaving town after all. Jason reveals that he planted a listening device in Ric's living room.

July 4, 2003

Jason explains to Sonny that he had to stay in town to try and find Carly. Sonny backs down and agrees that Jason should remain in Port Charles. Carly plays on Ric's insecurities and he is left shaken by her warning that Elizabeth will leave him. Sonny and Carly think of each other, desperate to be reunited. Jason becomes suspicious when he hears something odd as he listens in on Ric via the hidden microphone he planted. Sonny agrees that Faith can move into the penthouse to help support their ruse. Carly watches the Fourth of July celebration on television and is devastated when she sees Sonny kissing Faith. Alcazar tells Jason that he knows where Carly is but will only give the information to Sonny.

July 7, 2003

Thanks to the phony evidence Alcazar planted, Scott informs Sonny that Carly has been traced to Venezuela. Alcazar arrives and also tells Sonny that Carly was taken to Venezuela, which gives Alcazar credibility in Sonny's eyes. Sonny agrees to run drugs through his territory if Alcazar brings Carly back home to him. Sonny later assures Jason he has no intention of allowing Alcazar to use his territory for drug smuggling. Carly is curious when Alcazar takes a photograph of her and promises he will reunite her with Sonny. Jason becomes suspicious as he listens to an argument between Ric and Alcazar via the hidden microphone he planted. Sonny sees red when Faith enters wearing on Carly's dresses and rips it off of Faith. Ric secretly gives Elizabeth birth control pills.

July 8, 2003

Carly manipulates Ric into thinking she is frightened of Alcazar. Elizabeth questions Ric as to why Dr. Gordon would claim she wouldn't be able to get pregnant while Dr. Meadows assures her otherwise. Sonny coldly rejects Faith's seductive advances. Sonny notices Alcazar's attraction to Faith and plans to use it to his advantage. Per Sonny's orders, Jason searches Alcazar's apartment and finds the photograph of Carly. Jason takes the photo to Sonny, who becomes convinced that Alcazar is holding Carly hostage.

July 9, 2003

Jason gives the photograph of Carly that he stole from Alcazar to Scott, who later informs Sonny that the photo was taken in Port Charles and that Carly is still in town. Sonny confronts Alcazar. Alcazar plans on taking Carly away from Ric's. Ric discovers Jason's listening device and the surveillance equipment in the van as Alcazar begins to open the door to the panic room.

July 10, 2003

Alcazar is unable to open the door to the panic room after Ric changes the code on the remote control. Ric confronts Alcazar over his attempted betrayal and accuses him of trying to take Carly back to Sonny in exchange for Sonny allowing Alcazar to run drugs through his territory. After reaching a stalemate, Ric and Alcazar plan on using the listening device Jason planted to throw Sonny off their track. Jason tries to convince Sonny that Ric is the one responsible for Carly's kidnapping. As Jason listens via the hidden bug, Ric "confesses" to Elizabeth that he has been searching for Carly in order to prove himself to Sonny.

July 11, 2003

Ric continues to lace an unsuspecting Elizabeth's beverages with birth control pills. Sonny gives Faith tips on how to handle Alcazar before her planned meeting with him. Alcazar turns on Faith and accuses her of spying on him when she offers to feed him inside information about Sonny. Carly works to make Ric think she is loyal to him over Alcazar. Ric offers Sonny an olive branch by claiming he hired a private investigator to try and find Carly and offering to keep his eyes open around Alcazar. Sonny is emotionally devastated over having to keep his ruse with Faith alive after Edward arrives at the penthouse demanding that Sonny return Michael to the Quartermaines. Scott arrests Jason for violating the court order against him when he finds Jason in the van with the surveillance equipment. Elizabeth notices the switch that opens the door to the panic room. Carly thinks her prayers have been answered when Elizabeth opens the door to the panic room

July 14, 2003

Elizabeth collapses and falls unconscious after finding Carly in the panic room. Carly, still shackled, fails to reach the phone to call for help as Ric returns. Ric takes Elizabeth to the hospital, [where he learns that the birth control pills he secretly slipped Elizabeth could have contributed to her suffering an embolism. Ric apologizes to an unconscious Elizabeth for hurting her. Elizabeth awakens and murmurs Carly's name.] Sonny asks Ric not to press charges against Jason. Jason doesn't want the charges dropped if it means Sonny will be in Ric's debt but Jason is released from jail. Under Scott's supervision, Jason removes the listening device he planted inside Ric's house.

July 15, 2003

Sonny feels Carly's presence at Ric's house. While watching Sonny via the monitor, Carly tries to will Sonny to find her and learns his "affair" with Faith is all part of a deal he made with the federal authorities. Meanwhile, Ric hopes that Elizabeth won't remember seeing Carly in the panic room when she wakes up. Sonny later questions Ric, who is near his breaking point. Sonny stops Faith from smothering a sleeping Elizabeth to death. Ric becomes shaken when Carly blames him for Elizabeth's stroke and claims that he will have to kill Elizabeth to keep her quiet.

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