Sonny & Carly Tape 07

January 15, 2001 - March 12, 2001

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Sonny wakes in his hospital room to find an exhausted Carly asleep at his bedside.  He sends her home with strict orders to get some rest.  Zander visits Sonny and asks him to front him some rent money so he can give Alexis her space. Sonny agrees.  Carly returns with Michael in tow for a nice family visit with Sonny.  H e sends her home, again, with orders to get some rest.  Sonny then gets a surprise visit from Sorel who threatens to smother him.  Carly comes in and scares Sorel away.  Sonny convinces Carly not to get the authorities involved – he wants to know where Sorel runs and to whom.  As Carly is treating Sonny to a nice take-out dinner from the PC Grille, she gets called away on Deception business.  As Sonny is resting, he gets a late night visit from Alexis who informs him that Zander took the money and skipped town.  Sonny is convinced Zander will return on his own.


Carly arrives at the hospital to find Sonny’s bed empty.  She panics but soon discovers he was just in the restroom.  Sonny decides it’s time for him to go home.  After discussing it with Tony, Carly agrees but only if he heads straight to bed when they get there.  Sonny tells her to go home without him because he has an errand that needs to be taken care of.  Carly grudgingly agrees.   At home, Carly is a nervous wreck waiting for Sonny to come home.  Sonny’s errand turns out to be a visit to Lily’s grave.  He tells her that he remembers seeing her (when his heart stopped) and that he’s glad she’s somewhere safe and happy. He also says that he loves Carly and that he wouldn’t leave her for anything.  At home, Sonny receives a warm welcome from Carly and Michael.  As Sonny and Carly start to make love, she sees his bandages and hesitates.  She explains that nothing is promised and that loving someone with your entire heart can’t make them live.  Sonny tells her that she’s the reason he did live.  They make love.  Afterwards, Sonny shares the experience he had with Lily in the garden and tells Carly that his errand was a to visit Lily’s grave.  Later, Sonny wakes from a nightmare of the Christmas shooting and Carly reassures him that they’re together and now the good part of their life together starts.


As Sonny spends the day resting, Carly goes to Deception to get some work done.  Sonny gets a visit from Roy and questions where his loyalties lie.  Roy warns him that Zander better survive this ordeal or else he’s no better than Sorel.  Mike visits Sonny and offers to cook but Sonny would prefer company to Mike’s cooking.  Sonny admits that Carly is the reason why he lives and maybe he should give her something in return.  Sonny tells Carly he has a surprise in store for her but refuses to tell her what it is.


Sonny learns that Carlos and Sorel are working together.  Resting on the couch, he has another nightmare about the Christmas shooting but this time, Carly is shot in his dreams.  Carly comforts him after he wakes but he refuses to tell her what his dreams were about.  Sonny and Jason plot to get Sorel before Sorel gets to Sonny.  Carly comes home and gets her surprise:  Sonny proposes.


As Carly and Sonny discuss their wedding in Martinique, Elton arrives to discuss Deception business.  (This is Sonny and Elton’s first meeting.)  Sonny soon leaves with Alexis to bail out Zander again.  Back home, Sonny reams Zander out for lying to him, stealing from Alexis and going on the run.  Sonny is relieved when Carly comes home safely after having gone out. 


Carly is suspicious when Sonny doesn’t interrogate her about her schemes for Deception.  He tries to reassure her but she is only satisfied when he says he is trying to plan their wedding.  Jason tells Sonny that Sorel and Carlos are in town -- the only reason being to kill Sonny.   Sonny makes plans of his own.  Sonny tells Jason about the shooting, his dreams, and his lying to Carly.  He says he’d rather lie to Carly than have her scared.  Sonny and Carly are celebrating her “secret weapon,” their love and their pending nuptials when Alexis interrupts mid panic attack.  Sonny tells Carly to go upstairs so he can help Alexis with her problems.  Although angry, Carly agrees.  Later, Sonny reassures a jealous Carly that she has nothing to worry about.


As Sonny and Carly make plans for their wedding, Sorel has other plans in mind for “Mr. Corinthos.”  Carly is called away on Deception business.  At the Deception offices, Laura confronts Carly about her schemes to get Gia named “the face.”  The two argue about Carly’s underhanded business tactics and Carly leaves upset after Laura says she would rather not work with her.  Both Sonny and Sorel plan something special for Valentine’s Day.  Sonny comforts a distraught Carly on the docks where they are caught by sniper fire.  Back at the penthouse, Sonny and Carly argue about Sorel and the fact that Sonny has been lying to protect her from the truth and to keep her from being scared.  Sonny tells her he needs to focus and cannot afford to be distracted if he’s to build a life for them.


Carly gives Sonny a Valentine’s Day card and demands that she have her husband’s full attention when they get home later that night. Sonny and Benny meet in the warehouse where Sonny questions Benny’s loyalty as the warehouse explodes.  Laura and Carly decide to work things out and to give the partnership another try.  Carly notices the warehouse is on fire and rushes out, afraid for Sonny.  At the warehouse fire, Jason shows up and prevents Carly from going in.  Instead, Jason goes in himself to rescue Sonny.  Just when the firefighters give up on the building Sonny and Jason emerge from the building unscathed.  Sonny and Carly head home to celebrate Valentine’s Day while Jason goes in search of the traitor. 

The next morning, Sonny and Carly exchange Valentine’s Day presents.  She gives him a pair of cufflinks with both their initials while he gives her a pair of earrings that he wants her to wear at their Martinique wedding.  Jason calls, as they are about to make love.  He informs Sonny that the traitor is Rick, Carly’s bodyguard and that he has tracked Sorel, Rick and Carlos down.  Sonny leaves to “take care of business.”


While Sonny is away, Carly struggles with whether or not to peek at the wedding dress Sonny bought her.  She compromises and has Bobbie, who assures her the dress is perfect, do it for her.  Bobbie tries to talk to Carly about the warehouse fire, but Carly refuses, insisting she wants only to concentrate on her wedding.


Sonny, Jason and ‘the boys’ deal with Sorel, Rick and Carlos.  Sonny gives them each a speech about business, honour loyalty etc. and is shaken when Rick admits he could have killed Carly at anytime but he didn’t.  The three men are carted off in a boat for parts unknown.


When Sonny arrives home, he is upset that he can’t find Carly at first.    When she appears, he relaxes visibly and asks why she’s not wearing the earrings he gave her.  She tells him she didn’t want to lose one down the drain.  He asks her to put them on and after she does, they make love.

Afterwards, Carly assures Sonny that she can live this life and that they can make it because he keeps them safe.  Now she wants only to concentrate on their wedding.  Sonny assures her that no one is ever going to hurt her because of him.


When starts Carly talking about their wedding in Martinique, Sonny tells her there isn’t going to be a Martinique wedding.  Confused, Carly thinks he wants to get re-married in Port Charles with their friends and family in attendance.  Sonny clarifies and says there isn’t going to be a wedding because the marriage is over.  They fight terribly.  Sonny reveals that he doesn’t want her with him because he doesn’t want a repeat performance of what happened to Lily and his first child.  Carly accuses him of wrecking Michael like Mike wrecked him all those years ago when he left.  She argues that if he throws his family out and something happens to them anyway he would regret the time that he wasted that should have been his.  She tries seducing him, saying that she knows that he wants to be with her.  Sonny admits that he always has – even when he hated her. He says them going to bed wouldn’t change anything; when they were done there would still be no place for her left in his life.  He then tells her to go back to her own room, he doesn’t want her with him.  A tearful Carly leaves the room.  After she has left, an upset Sonny throws his glass of brandy into the fireplace.


The next morning as Carly enters the room, Sonny is taking off his wedding ring.  She questions him about it and admits that once he had time to sleep on it, she thought he would reconsider ending the marriage.  He hasn’t.  Instead he tells her that he’s made arrangements for her and Michael and the PC Hotel and that he wants her gone by the time he gets home later.  Carly’s response to this is to pack her wedding dress and to head for Martinique by herself in the hopes that the groom will follow her there.  When Jason refuses to bring her home for Sonny, Sonny resolves to go himself and to use the things he has learned about her in the past year to destroy her to save her from him and the life that he leads.


In Martinique, Sonny finds Carly in the church where he had planned to marry her.  He asks her to step outside of the church because the things he has to say her have no place in there.  He tells her there isn’t going to be a wedding; that the only reason why they were together in the first place was because of their son who had been dead for months now.  He tells her that she’s loud and trashy and that she’s the girl in high school that everyone knew – just never in public.   She says that he did break her heart by saying those words but not like he thinks; her heart is breaking for him because he thought he had to say those words to make her hate him but, instead, she just loves him more.  She insists she’s not leaving until he marries her before God like he promised he would.  He insists that when she comes back out of the church that he won’t be there.


After Carly has waited in the church for quite sometime, Sonny enters.  He tells her that she should not be sitting on the alter because it’s disrespectful.  She replies that she’s sitting because she doesn’t have the strength to stand.  He tells her quietly that she has the strength for anything.  She assures him that he’ll always have her because he came back for her and because he loves her.  She tells him she loves him and asks her to marry her.  Sonny agrees and the two lovingly embrace.


The next morning Sonny, dressed in a tux, gently wakes a sleeping Carly.  She wonders if it’s a dream or are they really getting married.  He assures her that it’s no dream but that she needs to get ready while he goes to the church to make the arrangements with the priest.


At the church, Sonny talks to Father Martin about the lost of Lily and that his main concern is giving Carly the life she deserves.  Father Martin tells Sonny that God has sent someone special to love him and agrees to perform the ceremony.  Sonny asks for a few minutes alone in the sanctuary and offers his prayers to God.  He thanks Him for sending Carly to love him; someone who will love him for now and for always.  He ask God to take care of Carly and that if someone has to pay for the life that he leads, let it be him.


Carly, who had overheard Sonny’s prayer was moved by his words and left the sanctuary before she was discovered.  She loudly re-enters. Sonny tells her she looks beautiful and the two joke about wedding day superstitions that lead her to wear a jacket over her dress.  Father Martin arrives and they are ready to begin the ceremony.


Sonny and Carly are married in a beautiful ceremony where they declare their love for each other before God.  Father Martin blesses them and wishes them a long happy marriage filled with joy and children.  When he says this, Carly and Sonny look to one another and their eyes sparkle at the joint anticipation if parenthood.


After the ceremony, the two return to their suite to celebrate.  Carly admits that she felt holy in the church and that she felt that their marriage was truly blessed by God.  Sonny agrees.  She demands that he give her something on this wedding night that they didn’t have the first time they got married: a wedding dance.  Sonny happily complies and soon they begin to make love.  Afterwards, Carly says that her heart is bursting with love.  Sonny admits he doesn’t feel like he expected; he thought he would be afraid of all the things that might happen to her because of him that he could prevent, but says that this marriage is right.


Later, Carly wakes to find herself all alone.  She goes in search of Sonny and finds him on the beach in quiet contemplation.  He says that he needs time to adjust to the marriage since that’s not what he came to Martinique to do.  She understands and moves to leave.  Sonny calls her back saying he knows she will hideout among the trees somewhere keeping watch over him so she might as well stay.  They talk all night and into the morning.  Carly admits that the time they spent together when he went crazy changed her and that that’s when she learned he was beautiful inside.  She says she knew then that being loved by him was worth any risk, that it was.  He tells her that before he brought her home, he’d watch the sun come up but didn’t know how he was going to face another day; but  now that she’s with him, she’s given him a reason for everything.


Back in Port Charles Carly tells Jason that he was right about her and Sonny and pays him back the 20 dollars he had bet her when she and Sonny first wed.  Jason tells Sonny that Carly wanted to repay an old debt when Sonny questions him.  Sonny nods and says “20 bucks?” and Jason is surprised that Carly told him.  Sonny tells Jason that he and Carly owe Jason much more than money and he needs for Jason to know that he didn’t fail him by not going to Martinique to bring Carly home; he made him look at the best thing he ever had in his life and made him realize he didn’t want to lose it.


On her way to the Deception offices, Carly runs into Gia who informs her that Elizabeth has been name the new Face of Deception (FOD).  An angry Carly storms into Laura’s office and vows that she’d rather have the company fail than see Liz be the face.  At the FOD party, Carly and Gia scheme together to prevent Laura from making the big announcement.  Gia agrees to lock Laura on the roof thinking that Carly will name her the face.  Instead, Carly announces both Gia and Liz as finalists and dismisses the party.


Back at the penthouse Sonny reams Carly out for her antics at the party and demands to know what she did to Laura.  Carly confesses that Laura somehow managed to get herself looked on the roof and that she didn’t do anything to stop it.  Sonny corrects her saying she did it, fate had nothing to do with it, and then phones the Deception offices to make sure Laura is OK. 


After they argue and Sonny finally agrees to stay out of Deception business, Carly and Sonny are interrupted by unexpected guests Scotty and Laura.  Laura accuses Carly of trapping her on the roof, says she can’t stand working with her and wants to dissolve the partnership.  When she calls Carly crazy Sonny cuts her off and defends his wife.  He offers to buy Laura out of her shares.  An astounded Laura wants Sonny to sell over his and Carly’s shares but he refuses.  Hurt that he won’t do this for her, Laura accuses him of going back on his word to her and of having no honour.  Laura and Scotty leave after nothing is resolved.  Carly is surprised that Sonny defended her so. He says he is his wife and that he’ll always defend her but that she needs to watch how she conducts herself in business from now on.


When Gia meets Carly the next day, she is angry she wasn’t named the Face.  Carly assures her that she will be the Face eventually but that it requires time and patience.  She tells Gia that she is going to agree to sign-off on Liz as the Face with Laura all the while heading up her own campaign centering around Gia.  A dubious Gia seems to go along with Carly’s plan.


At a photo shoot for the FOD ad campaign, Carly rattles Liz so much that she walks out on the sessions.  Carly and Laura argue but finally Carly ‘gives in’ and agrees to let Liz represent the company.  Armed with this new truce, Laura believes they can make a go of things. 


Meanwhile, at the penthouse, Sonny gets a visit from an angry Scotty who claims that Carly ‘shut down Deception’ with her behaviour at the photo shoot.  The two argue and the discussion soon turns to Karen and Sonny’s relationship with her when she was younger.   Scotty threatens Sonny who dismisses his comments nonchalantly.  Seeing that he’s getting nowhere with Sonny, Scotty offers to buy him and Carly out of Deception for five million dollars.  When Sonny refuses the offer, Scotty leaves defeated.


When Carly returns home, Sonny confronts her about her actions at the photo shoot.  He is upset that she promised to work with Laura last night but has seemingly gone and done the opposite.   He also does not want her work following her into their home as it has these past two nights. Carly assures him that she and Laura have reached new ground and have made a new truce to cooperate for the good of the company.  Sonny seems unconvinced and moves to leave.  She asks him if they are fighting and he says that is what they are trying to avoid.  Sonny leaves with no word as to where he is going while Carly watches, uncertainty clouding her face.

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