Sonny & Carly Tape 01

August 1999 - December 1999

8-hour Edit

Carly comes to the penthouse in search of Jason but it is Sonny that she finds.  The penthouse is destroyed and Sonny is sitting in the middle of the wreckage fondling broken glass.  She does her best to help him and refuses to leave when he tells her to. He asks her if she knows what he could do to her, what he would LIKE to do to her.  She says he won’t touch her because he knows she’s Jason’s and even though he may not like or understand it, he respects it.  She knows that this has happened before and that Jason had to stay with him and this is what she does – not for Sonny but for Jason because she knows he would want her to.  Sonny calms down and allows Carly to help him.  He talks about how Lily died and all the others that he has lost and that he is to blame for it.  Something they have in common he says – they both destroy the people they claim to love.  She tries to explain he is not God and he doesn’t hold the power of life and death in his hands but it is unclear whether or not she gets through to him.  They share moments of their pasts together and are in an intimate moment when Jason finally arrives.  Sonny guiltily jumps up and tells him Carly wouldn’t leave and asks Jason to make sure she goes.


Jason comforts Carly who is visibly shaken by her experience with Sonny.  Mostly she is scared for him and is upset because she didn’t know how to help him.  All she could do is stay so that’s what she did.  Jason tells her she did right and that is all she could have done.  Carly realizes that no matter how bad she thinks her life is, Sonny has it worse.  The night of Lily’s death is always present, under the surface, threatening to pull him under.  Her baby may have the wrong father, and her the wrong husband, but they are healthy and she still has a chance to make things right and to love.


She asks Jason where he went and why he came back.  He went to the island to think and he returned to Port Charles because the people that he love are there.  She tells him she told him so and he admits she did.  She leaves promising not to tell the Quartermaines the truth of where she was and what she saw.  After she is gone, Sonny and Jason talk and Sonny reveals his guilt over dragging Jason into the life.  Jason tells him he is the only father he has ever known and that he gave him a choice to be whatever he wanted.  Anything else is Jason’s responsibility and not Sonny’s.  Sonny admits to Jason that he was right about Carly – she is brave. 


Sonny has Jason call Mike and Hannah to them he is fine but not up to visitors at the moment.  He doesn’t ever want Hannah to see him that way.  Jason tells him if Hannah is like Brenda, she would rather have a choice than to be pushed away.  Sonny says he would rather push her away than to have her run from him in terror.


Benny arrives to remind Sonny of a meeting he has to take.  Since Sonny is in not condition to take the meeting, Jason steps in and says he will.  Sonny asks if he is crazy.  Jason is the only man he knows of that ever successfully left the business, why would he want to return now?  Jason says it’s all he has left and all he knows.  And just like that, Jason is back in the business.


Carly seeks Jason out at Sonny’s penthouse.  She had gone to find him there before and instead found Sonny in the ruins of the penthouse.  Caught up in what happened, she had forgotten to tell Jason the reason for her visit that night:  Michael has been christened with a new name.  Michael Alan Quartermaine.  Jason is hurt but he says that it is a good thing – Michael needs to know who he is and where he came from.  Carly is upset because AJ is trying to erase the first year of Michael’s life out of his memory, like his time with Jason never happened.  She promises she will never let Michael forget him.    She tells Jason she loves him and that she knows he loves her too.  They almost kiss but they embrace tightly instead.  AJ steps off the elevator catching the two in the middle of a painful goodbye.  Carly tries to explain she was there to tell Jason about Michael’s name change but AJ and Jason nearly come to blows.  AJ warns Jason to stay away from his wife. 


Now that Carly has realized she needs to make a life with her husband and child, Jason understands that she could have been with him if he has only turned to her or took her hand.  It’s too late now.  Sonny tells him he let go of them for the right reasons, to spare Michael.  He hopes that will help Jason cope with the loss of them.


Carly interrupts an evening Sonny and Hannah are spending together.  To Hannah’s surprise, Sonny lets her and asks Johnny to take Hannah home.  Alone, Carly asks Sonny to give Jason a message for her:  she finally understand what he has been asking of her all this time and she is going to do it.  She is going to make a family with Michael and AJ and will stop pursuing her dream of her Michael and Jason together.  She knows this news is going to hurt Jason and asks Sony to tell him because she wants it to come from somebody he loves.  She doesn’t want to hurt him more than she already has.  After some begging, pleading and cajoling on her part, Sonny finally agrees to break the news to Jason.  As she leaves, he tells her to take care of her kid and herself.  Carly tells him to take of himself as well.


Sonny tells Jason Carly is going away on a family trip with Michael and AJ and that she is going to make a family with them just like he wanted.  She is giving him up for good, just like he asked her too.  He says it’s a good thing but is upset.  He tells Sonny they were a family once and tells him the story of him playing with Michael in the Florida surf while Carly waited for them on the beach.  He tells Sonny that all Carly has been doing is trying to get her family back, the three of them together.  He says it hurts to loose it.


Carly is back from her vacation with AJ and tells Bobbie she tried her best.  She couldn’t help it that she wanted Jason with her and that every time she would watch the sunset she would imagine it were him with her.  And what did it hurt anyone if she were the only one who knew about it?  Bobbie tells her she understands because she once had a Jason too.  She goes on to tell her about her romance with Roy and that he died before they could really be together.


Carly catches Sonny outside Kelly’s and asks him if he gave Jason her message.  He did.  But he was too busy to answer any of her late night calls because he too took a vacation.  She wonders if men in his line of work hold conventions and he tells her he went to his island.  She makes a dig about the week away from Hannah did wonders for him and is dismayed to learn he took Hannah with him.  He tells her that she pushes things, that it has gotten her in trouble in the past and is getting her there right now.  He leaves.


Carly spots Hannah talking to a strange guy and from what she hears, gathers that Hannah is cheating on Sonny.  Hannah denies it when Carly confronts her but heads straight over to the penthouse to warn Sonny.  Jason is there instead and when he learns why Carly has come he advises her to stay out of it.  Nothing comes between Sonny and a woman.  Carly says it takes one to know one and she knows Hannah is a liar and it is more than her seeing her ex-boyfriend on the side.  Jason has his concerns too but restates it is none of their business and they have to leave Hannah to Sonny.


Carly breaks into Hannah’s room where she finds a gun.  Hannah comes home and catches and Carly makes an excuse about checking a lamp in her room for Bobbie.  She dares Hannah to call the police but she doesn’t.


Carly heads back to the penthouse to tell Sonny what she found.  As she steps off the elevator, she is greeted by two federal agents who escort her to the police station.  There, we find Sonny has been arrested.  Hannah goes into the interrogation room with the federal agents and we are led to believe she is telling them off, enraged that her mobster boyfriend is being harassed.  When she comes out, Carly accuses her for being responsible for the arrest although she has no proof.  Carly soon gets a call that Bobbie was in a car accident and leaves to be with her mother in the hospital.


Carly tells Jason she broke into Hannah’s room and that she has a gun.  She tries to convince him Hannah is not what she seems and that she has an agenda.  Jason asks her to leave it alone an give her pursuit of Hannah up.


Jason visits Sonny and jail and the two try to figure out why he was arrested.  The feds have nothing against him and arrested him premature without evidence.  They suspect they might have a plant in their organization and try to determine who it is.


Carly confronts Hannah outside of Kelly’s and Hannah shoves her again.  Jason steps in and tells her to back off of Carly.  Carly is upset that the takeout she order for Bobbie has been ruined and she says everything she touches ends up that way.  She wonders why she makes everything so complicated.  She knows she loves Bobbie but she doesn’t understand why she can’t say the words to her.  Jason tells her to go spend some time with her mother.  She promises to, just as soon as he promises he won’t trust Hannah.  Jason promises.


AJ shows Carly his crane and gives her yet another piece of jewelry.  Jason watches the exchange from the background.  AJ leaves.  Carly worries about Sonny in jail and Jason is touched that she is concerned.  She knows what being locked up can do to a person, how crazy it makes you and how scared you get.  She tells Jason if he is brought in on charges she can blame her and she is crazy – a legal known fact. Carly tells him AJ treats the crane as if it were her – a shiny, new thing that belongs to him.  Before she leaves, Carly gives Jason a newer picture of her and Michael together and tells him that they miss her.


Carly is all dressed up to go to court.  She wants to go to support Sonny at his arraignment.  She tells Jason she is scared for him and that she wants to be there for him too in case something were to happen and he is arrested.  He convinces her everything will be fine and that she needs to stay away – to prevent AJ from finding out if anything.  She agrees as long as he tells her what happens.


Carly is worried about Sonny now that he is out on bail.  She is worried he will breakdown again if he learns Hannah betrayed him.  She knows Sonny takes what other people do and turns it in upon himself.  She doesn’t want to see that happen again – especially over Hannah.  Jason tells her it is not her job to protect Sonny.  He tells her you cannot warn someone off someone they care about.


Against Jason’s advise, Carly tells Sonny Hannah is using him.  She tells him about finding Hannah cozying up to her ex in an alleyway.  He tells her he doesn’t want to hear her garbage and that her helping him does not give her free license to ruin his life.  He grabs her about to throw her out.  Jason comes in and they almost come to blows over how Sonny is treating her.  Sonny announces that Hannah left him today and it is all Carly’s fault.  He tells Jason she ruined his life and he is not about to let her ruin his.  Jason tells Sonny he owes Carly for staying with him when nobody was around and that she is going to be where she is going to be and Sonny cannot control that.  Sonny leaves and Jason tells Carly she has made things worse now.  She has made Hannah someone Sonny HAS to defend in order for her to be wrong about her.


Jason meets Mike at Kelly’s and is dismayed when he learns Hannah told Mike Sonny took her to the island.  He wonders if she has told anyone else and worries because the location of the island is supposed to be secret and a safe hide away in case Sonny needs to flea the country.  Jason is worried because being with Hannah has made Sonny sloppy and he is making too many mistakes.  Jason says he would die before being disloyal to Sonny but he doesn’t see why it should ever come to that.  Sonny promises to be more careful but that Hannah is important to him, too important to loose.


Carly flies to San Diego and learns that the man Hannah is seeing secretly behind Sonny’s back is not Prof. Bradburn, as she claims it is.  Carly finds out the professor is on a sabbatical and tears a picture of him out of a university yearbook.  She now has her proof that Hannah is a liar but when she tries to tell Jason about it (twice), he tells her he doesn’t want to know about it.


Alexis informs Sonny and Jason that the charges against him were a gamble that the feds took and lost.  They have been dropped and Sonny is free to resume business as usual.


Carly tails Hannah to a meeting with Larkin.  After Hannah leaves, Carly confronts Larkin.  She accuses them of running a scam on Sonny, trying to fleece him for money.  She gets him to admit he is Prof. Bradburn and catches him in the lie.


Carly follows Hannah on her way to a meeting with Larkin but gets stopped by two thugs in an alleyway.  They mug her, stealing her jewellery, and leave her there alone.  She calls Jason to come get and he picks her up and brings her “home.”  Home turns out to be his place and not the Quartermaine mansion.  He cleans her cuts and bandages them for her.  She goes upstairs to shower but comes down in his shirt, wanting to know if Jason has better shampoo than what she can find in his bathroom.  Jason is not alone however and his guests, Sonny and Hannah, clearly assume they are interrupting an afternoon tryst between lovers.  Carly tries to explain that things are not what they appear to be but Hannah doesn’t believe it.  Jason jumps in and tells them Carly was mugged.  Sonny shows immediate concern for Carly wondering if she was all right and if she was hurt.  Hannah accuses her of lying and making up the mugging to get Jason and Sonny on her side.  Sonny hauls Hannah out of there quickly before a fight ensues.  Carly defends herself saying she did not fake the mugging.  Jason believes her and admits Carly is right:  Hannah is a liar.  Jason replaces Carly’s stolen jewellery including her wedding rings.  She asks him to put the rings on her, knowing how significant the gesture is even if he doesn’t.  Jason will begin looking for evidence of Hannah’s duplicity but makes Carly promise she won’t do any more investigating on her own.


Carly shows up at the warehouse and is admiring her new rings as Jason comes in.  She tells him she is so happy that they came from him and not AJ.  She shows him the picture of Prof. Bradburn and tells him this is not the same guy that Hannah has been meeting.  He hopes there is a simple explanation for Hannah’s lies or else things could get real bad for Sonny.


Jason meets Hannah on the docks and asks her about the night Sonny was arrested.  She maintains there were feds all over the place, emergency vehicles and everything.  Carly says there were no emergency vehicles and no agents surrounding the building except for the 2 agents that grabbed her on her way to the penthouse.  Carly is overjoyed Jason caught Hannah in a lie.  Jason says it is too soon to go to Sonny with what the know/suspect.  They need proof.  Carly takes a gun out of her pocket and gives it to Jason saying they got proof.  It is Hannah’s gun, stolen from her apartment over Kelly’s.  After berating her for her crazy stunt, Jason takes down the serial number and they go to return the gun to Hannah’s room.  They learn from Mike who is sitting outside Kelly’s that Sonny is with her and most likely spending the night.  They agree to meet the next morning so Jason can return the gun before Hannah notices it is missing.  While he is in Hannah’s room, Carly acts as a decoy, preventing Sonny and Hannah from detecting Jason in the apartment.  She gives them a pair of opera tickets AJ gave her to hang on to as an apology and piece offering.  On the docks, Jason thanks her for her quick thinking and tells her he found a cell phone and hit the redial button.  A man answered and asked for Hannah by name.  Carly says this is getting creepy – Hannah and “Bradburn”have phones they only speak to each other on.  In a great moment, Carly asks Jason if he knows what she is thinking.  Jason says, “Yes, I do.”  She says he doesn’t and that she will bet him money on it.  She starts to say, “I was thinking,” and he finishes with her, “we should have phones like that.”  They laugh and then go their separate ways.


Sonny thanks Jason for getting Carly to apologize and make nice to him and Hannah.  Sonny makes a crack, “Only Carly would think of an opera where the gypsy gets stabbed and dies as a piece offering.”  Carly desperately tries to get a replacement set of tickets for the opera but cannot.  She convinces AJ she would rather spend the evening alone with him and he agrees.  Sonny and Hannah decide to forego the opera and Jason gets the tickets back and gives them to Carly.


Sonny teases Jason about arriving late to the warehouse.  Jason tells him he was with a friend and Sonny is surprised to hear he has a friend other than Sonny.  When Jason won’t tell him who he was with, Sonny jokes that it is a sad day when his best friend is keeping secrets from him.  Jason feels bad because he is keeping secrets from Sonny about Hannah and is not yet able to tell him about it.  Jason tells Carly the trace on the gun has been completed and it is registered to the FBI.  They speculate that “Bradburn’ is fed but are unsure about Hannah.  Carly says if anyone knows “Bradburn” isn’t Bradburn, it’s Hannah and that whatever is going on, she is deep in the middle of it.  Jason arranges with Benny to halt everything associated with the business.  They cannot take the risk until they know what the feds know.


Carly goes home and AJ interrogates her on her activities for the day.  He has been checking up on her and implies he knows she as been seeing Jason behind his back, calling her actions suspicious and telling.  Carly says when they married she didn’t agree to give up being her own person and that if she feels like sharing her day with him she will.  If he makes it a requirement of their marriage, she declares it will be the first rule that she breaks.  AJ says he just wants a normal marriage with trust and consideration between them.  She spends the evening alone on the veranda and has a heartfelt talk with Lila.  She compares her and Jason to Lila and Edward and says Edward never meant to hurt her.  Just that because he knew she could understand the things that he did he thought she would be strong enough to forgive them.  She asks if Lila could be content with the house, the jewels and the possibility that she was doing the right thing by her child.  Lila cannot answer her question because she married the man she loved while Carly did not. 


Carly plays decoy while Jason breaks into “Bradburn’s” apartment in search of proof of Hannah’s duplicity.  Back at his penthouse, they sit in shock as they listen to Hannah’s own voice incriminating herself.  “Sonny Corinthos is my mark and when he goes to prison he’s going to know I’m the one who put him there.”  Carly wants Jason to run Hannah out of town without telling Sonny the truth, sparing him the hurt of this betrayal.  Jason appreciates she is looking out for Sonny but says Sonny has to know the truth.  Jason breaks the news to Sonny who is disbelieving at first, before he hears the tape.  He thanks Jason for telling him and asks to be alone.  Hannah later arrives and tells Sonny she is ready to tell him something that will change everything:  she is ready to move in with him.  Sonny agrees.


The next morning, Jason informs Sonny of the changes he has made regarding the business to protect him.  Sonny appreciates it and says he would have like think he would have believed Jason without the proof but doesn’t think that would have been the case.  He tells Jason Hannah is moving in.  Jason is understandably surprised by the revelation and Sonny explains he wants to use her to feed false information to the feds.  As long as they are coming at him through Hannah, they won’t try through any other avenues.  “For how long?” Jason asks.  “As long as I need,” replies Sonny.


Carly hears Sonny is letting Hannah move in with him and thinks he is loosing his mind.  Jason says he is not and explains that Sonny wants to use Hannah to get to the feds.  She doesn’t think he can pull it off.  It is a difficult thing to live with someone and pretend you love them, especially when you hate them.  She should know. 


Sonny continues to allow Hannah believe he loves and wants her while she is with him in the penthouse.  She leaves and takes a meeting with her contact whose real name is Larkin.  Sonny discusses plans on using Hannah to feed information to the FBI about Moreno’s operation with Jason.  Jason wants Sonny to end this now, before it is too late.  Sonny insists he is going to do things his way – it’s payback.  When Hannah returns home, she lies about where she went and what she was doing.  They start to make love but Sonny breaks it off.  They talk for a bit and then Sonny forces himself to be with her.  He leaves her alone afterwards and watches while she sneaks a look at some files on his desk.  Sonny tells Jason that Hannah took that bait and their plan is set in motion.


AJ stops Carly from leaving the house, demanding to know where she is going.  They argue about how she spends her days, their marriage and Michael.  Carly leaves before the argument is really over and goes in search of Jason.  She finds him on the docks speaking with Elizabeth.  She is jealous but she doesn’t say anything, opting instead to ask about Sonny and how he is doing.  She is worried about him because you can’t fool someone 24 hours a day.  You can’t live with someone you hate and call it love and not have it affect you.   Jason insists Sonny is fine.  The rest of their conversation is halted when AJ appears, jealous to find his wife with his brother.  Jason says he agreed to give up Michael not Carly and if he wants to see her he will whenever he or Carly wants to.  AJ tells Carly she can come home with him now or not come home at all.  She says all she ever wanted was what is best fro Michael.  Jason understands and watches as she leaves with AJ.  Back at the mansion they argue about Jason and AJ’s unspoken suspicion that he and Carly are having an affair.  Carly refuses to give up her life to please AJ.


Jason tells Sonny the FBI did not arrest Moreno.  Hannah did not give them the information Sonny fed her.  Sonny asks Jason to trust that he can handle Hannah.  He still wants to use her to get Moreno busted.


Carly shows up at the penthouse wanting to see Sonny.  She wants to know why Sonny hasn’t kicked Hannah out yet.  Sonny says he will give her one “I told you so,” but just the one.  She says she’s not happy about this.  He explains his plan to use Hannah to get back at the feds even though he doesn’t owe her any explanations.  She doesn’t buy his line and thinks this is all about Sonny’s pride, plain and simple.  Hannah used him and now he wants to use her back.  If Sonny wants to go to prison, it’s his purgative, but he is not taking Jason with him, she says.  He asks if Jason would appreciate her going behind his back.  She says in this case that is what must be done because Jason loves him so much.  He would allow Sonny to sell him up the river if he wanted to.  But Carly won’t.  Carly gives him her ultimatum:  either he gets rid of Hannah or she will.  Carly warns him that if anything happens to Jason because of Sonny’s plan, it will all be on Sonny’s head.


AJ and Carly have another disagreement about their marriage.  She is playing the perfect little Quartermaine wife in public and she can’t see why he can’t be happy with that.


Sonny and Jason set another trap for Hannah.  They discuss an incoming shipping hoping she will take the details straight to the feds.  Sonny tells Jason about Carly’s visit the day before.  Jason tells him she is worried about Sonny too but he doesn’t believe him.  He asks Jason to keep Carly away from him when she comes knocking on the door.  Carly wants Sonny to stop his plan now.  She doesn’t understand why Sonny is willing on sending them both to jail.  Sonny wants her out of his business now.  He says if anything goes wrong, he will know she’s to blame.  Jason defends Carly saying she will not betray Sonny.  Sonny disagrees.  He gets that Hannah is a liar and that she betrayed him but says that Carly is no better or worse – look what she did to Jason.  Sonny and Jason argue about Carly and her loyalty.  Jason tells Sonny he owes her and much as he does, for the time when she stayed with him and for discovering the truth about Hannah.  Sonny denies it and Jason and Carly leave together.  Later on the docks, Carly thanks Jason for defending her like that – no one ever has before.


The day Moreno’s shipment is due in, Sonny tells Jason Hannah asked him to take her away again.  To the island, anywhere he wants.  Sonny thinks she may be trying to prevent him from being present at the time of the bust.  Jason says they will know the truth about her by morning.  On the docks, she tried to convince Jason to join her and Sonny for dinner. He declines because he has business to take care of.  She is insistent so he finally agrees.  Her and Sonny move off towards the penthouse but Jason does not follow.  She wants to know why he is not coming.  He explains he has business tonight but that he will come to dinner another night.  Reluctantly she lets it go and her and Sonny depart.


Jason allows Carly to follow him to a room he has rented to watch the bust from.  He explains tonight everything ends because once Moreno is busted, Sonny will get rid of Hannah.  While they are waiting, they talk about their past together and their relationship.  The first night she met him, and slept with him, she knew he would be the only person who ever knew her.  She thinks she ruined his life but he says it’s not true.  He learned a lot from her and he liked that she never knew about the accident.  She always treated him like he was normal.  And she gave him Michael to love and he will never forget that.  The arrest goes down and Carly is shaken, thinking that that could have been Jason and Sonny.  It would kill her if he ever went to prison. But he’s not, he answers, all because of her.  She saved him and Sonny. 


Hannah is nervous about something but she won’t tell Sonny what it is.  Sonny gets the call from Jason who informs him the bust went down as planned.  When he tells Hannah everything is fine, she relaxes visibly but makes Sonny promise not to leave while she is showering.


AJ is awaiting Carly in her room after her late night out.  She wants to fight another time but AJ wont’ leave.  She says she has a life and if he doesn’t like it, too bad.  Looming over her on the bed he tells her she is his wife and for once she will act like it.  She bounds off the bed to show him the door threatening to scream and wake the entire household.  He doesn’t care.  She wants him to leave.  He wants to know what is going on in between them.  He is angry because she turns it on and off only when it suits her.  It’s not enough for him anymore.  She promises to be his wife in public, to raise Michael in the house and defend him to his family but she won’t sleep with him on demand.  He says he will allow her to do those things, continue to pay off the credit cards but if she tries to leave, he will never let her near Michael again.


Jason and Sonny put on another show for Hannah.  They pretend Moreno took over their shipment and think they have a leak in their organization.  They expect her to take this information to her superiors and keep her on the Corinthos case as long as she can still be effective.  For the first time, Jason questions Sonny outright and asks if he is going to allow Hannah to bring them down.  Sonny says he is not ready to let her go yet – he says he needs to hate her more first, to know there is no hope.  He will wake up one morning look at her and think, “what the hell are you still doing here,” and then he will know he will be clear of her.


AJ and Carly have yet another disagreement about their marriage.  They reiterate the terms they have drawn out for each other and AJ is amazed that she can turn on the “perfect wife” routine so easily.  She is only fulfilling her part of the bargain.  She said she would be the perfect wife in public if not private.  AJ says she has so much more to give, only not to him.


Carly arrives at Jason’s penthouse and tells him Jerry Jax was arrested by the FBI at his wedding to Bobbie. She is stunned when Jason reveals he knows Jerry is guilty.  She feels betrayed that he knew and didn't tell her or Bobbie.  He explains he was just keeping his word, like he kept her secrets although they hurt a lot of people. She forgives him.  Jason kisses her and for the first time, he is the one to reach out to her.  She tells him she is in love with him and knows that he loves her too – not because he has said the words but by the things he says and does. She wants to come home to him.  Before he can respond, Sonny interrupts them. Carly leaves. Sonny tells Jason that Luke wants Sonny to meet him on the pier.  Jason tells Sonny about Jerry’s arrest.  Back at the mansion, Carly apologizes to AJ for the way she has treated him and says she really does appreciate the life he is trying to give her.


Sonny and Jason are in the penthouse when flowers arrive from Mike. Sonny says he is dreading Thanksgiving dinner with Hannah and his father.  Carly arrives to speak to Jason. She asks him if he's sorry (referring to the kiss), he say no, she says she isn't either and departs. Sonny asks, "What's that about" and Jason replies "Probably total disaster".


Carly is home with Michael, telling him in a low voice that they'll be "going home to Daddy real soon". AJ enters, and she covers with some story about how all she meant was that AJ didn't have much time for them, what with all his business affairs. AJ tells her about vacation plans he is making, but she interrupts, saying they need to talk: she isn't happy, and feels they should spend sometime apart.  She wants them to separate.  Carly says that he deserves more from a` marriage that she is willing to give to him. AJ states that he's sorry she's unhappy, but this is the life that she wanted, she's his wife, and "that's the way it's going to be". He threatens her with permanent loss of Michael and a return to Ferncliff, insisting "You're my wife and that's how it's going to stay!" "When hell freezes over", Carly quietly replies.


Carly is with Michael in the nursery and she tells him they will be going home to daddy real soon.  They play a wonder montage of all the Jason/Carly scenes from when the first met, to Michael being born up until the last kiss they shared yesterday.


Carly is jealous when she see Liz give Jason a hug on the docks. After Liz leaves, Carly says they have moved to a new place now that they’ve kissed.  He tells her that he trust's her not to hurt him but she cannot take chances that will end up hurting Michael.  She says she will be patient and then tries to kiss him and he says with a smile that that is not thinking.  She goes home packs Michael and some of her things and leaves AJ a note saying they are leaving.  AJ comes in just as she is almost through the door and stops her.  They fight and he tells her she can leave but not with Michael.  Michael stays where he is.  She tells him he won’t keep her child hostage and she will be back.


She goes in search of Jason and finds him slow dancing with Elizabeth in the middle of Kelly’s.  she goes to Sonny for the truth about Jason and Liz’s relationship and he tells her Jason has moved to something better.  She wants to know if Jase is cheating on her.  “What? With you married to his brother and all?” is Sonny’s response.  Sonny tells her he hopes it’s true and that Jason has moved on, then he can be rid of her.  She says Sonny would love that because then he can stop holding himself back – he can finally get what he’s always wanted:  her.  She says she’s always known that he wanted her from the moment he first laid eyes on her.  It’s too bad Jason trusted him.  All the while he was wondering what his best friend’s girl would look like undressed.  She unbuttons her shirt button seductively and Sonny can’t help but follow her movements.  He moves in for a kiss and sensually explores her mouth with his own.  He repeats the kiss and she kisses him back fervently.  They grab hold of each other and are soon upstairs in his bedroom.


Scenes of Sonny and Carly in bed are interspersed with scenes of Jason taking a meeting with Moreno.  The meeting goes sour and turns into a hit.  Jason is shot at and almost killed.  At the last moment, he pulls a gun on Moreno and escapes, gunfire in his wake.  Back at the penthouse, Sonny is cruel and cold to Carly after their explosive romp in the sack.  He tells her she can leave anytime and goes downstairs for a drink.  Jason comes in and tries to explain the meeting was a hit.  Sonny does not seem very interested in what he is saying and cannot turn and face Jason.  Carly comes bounding down the stairs in Sonny’s shirt demanding to know where she can find the clean towels.  She tries to explain what happened to Jason but he leaves without saying a word.  She yells at Sonny for letting him leave like that, the pain in his eyes.  Sonny says Jason knows what she is now, does she?  She goes upstairs to change and when she comes back down she says she has changed the sheets and everything is back to the way it was before.  He asks if she wants to make it official and points to his desk drawer where he keeps the money.  She tells him he better keep his money – it’s all he’s got.  She leaves and spends the night at the PC Hotel.  Sonny cannot stand Hannah’s touch when she comes home he spends the night downstairs working on business.  Jason wanders around collapses and passes out in the cold night.


The next day Benny arrives to talk business and this is the first clue that Sonny has that the meeting went seriously wrong.  Moreno is missing and Sorel is acting like he is in charge.  Benny advises Sonny not to cut Hannah loose until thing settle.


Carly enters the house via the side door and Edward immediately swoops down upon her demanding explanations.  AJ covers saying she spent the night with Bobbie.  When Edward leaves satisfied, AJ tells her the servants told Edward she tried to leave with Michael the night before.  He didn’t bother telling him she was with Jason.  She denies being with Jason and tells him she spent the night in the hotel.  He guesses that Jason didn’t want her without her son in tow.  She says Jason would never treat her that way.  He doesn’t care and only wants to know if she is back now.  She says she is.  Later she tries to call Jason to explain but he is not answering her phone.  She tells Michael she knows she promised they would be going home to daddy soon but she messed up and it’s going to take longer than she planned.  But, she knows Jason will forgive her – he has too.


Elizabeth arrives at Sonny’s penthouse and tells him she found Jason and that he has been shot.  He tells he she cannot speak of this to anyone and immediately rushes to Jason aid.  Sonny arrives at the boxcar and asks Jason why he tell him he was shot.  Jason asks when was he supposed to mention it.  Jason doesn’t want to go with Sonny or any of his help.  Sonny wants to know if he would rather die than to accept help from him.  Sonny tells Jason he doesn’t have to hate him because he already hates himself enough for the both of them.  Jason says, “never speak to me about this again.  Bobbie arrives with Elizabeth and treats Jason’s wounds.  Jason makes Bobbie promise not to tell Carly he was shot.  Sonny leaves with Bobbie and Liz promising to be back to transport Jason to a safe house.  Before he can return, Jason attempts to leave the boxcar and almost collapses again.  Liz comes back and tells him she can take him to someplace safe.  She leads him to her studio.


Carly goes to Sonny in search of Jason.  She says she needs to find him so she can explain, or at least try.  She knows he has seen him but he won’t admit it.  He says it would hurt Jason more to look at her now.  Does she want to hurt him so she can feel better?  They are not supposed to feel good about what they did. Hannah walks in and Carly tells her it’s all her fault, Federal Agent Scott.  Sonny says, “leave!” and Carly mistakenly thinks he is talking to Hannah.  She is surprised when Sonny tells her to leave again but she does anyway.  Hannah is surprised that her cover is blown but thinks Sonny is giving her the chance to explain.  She is sadly mistaken.  He takes out the tape and plays it for her.  He tells her she has known she was a fed for months and that all this time he has been using her.  She tries to explain she was protecting him all this time, but he does not believe her and makes short work of kicking her out.


Johnny comes in saying Jason was not at the boxcar and he can’t find him anywhere.  Later, Liz comes by asking of the medication Sonny has got for Jason.  Sonny asks her where Jason is but she tells him Jason asked her not to tell him.  Sonny abides by Jason’s wishes, handing over the medication, and tells her to ask if she needs anything.  And, if things get bad and she thinks Jason needs a doctor, forget what Jason said and come to him.


Carly confronts Hannah at Kelly’s.  After they fight, she overhears Tammy on the phone.  Elizabeth is calling in sick for the second day in a row.  Carly surmises that Jason is with her and shows up at her studio just as she is leaving.  She lets herself in and wakes Jason who was quietly resting on the couch.  When he realizes it is her and not Liz, he gets angry and asks her to leave.  They argue, he winces and she sees that he’s been hurt.  Realizing he’s been shot she tries to help but he won’t let her. He asks her to leave him alone but she says she can’t, she loves him.  She tries to explain about her and Sonny but he doesn’t want to hear it.  It’s been done.  He finally admits that he loves her too but it doesn’t matter now.  If she had loved Sonny he could have understood but she thought of the one thing she knew would hurt him and she did it.  She tries to explain it wasn’t like that, she wasn’t thinking at all.  He continues saying she will do it again, if he lets her, so he won’t.  They are over.  She argues things will never be over between them.  He asks her to leave and she does.


She encounters Elizabeth on the docks.  Liz tells her not to come back to her studio, she is not welcome there.  If Carly tries to hurt Jason again, Liz says she will have to deal with her too and she is nobody’s angel.


Sonny visits Lily’s grave and tells her what he’s done.  He says she was the only who could stand him when he couldn’t stand himself.  He says he tried to hurt Hannah they way she hurt him but instead he turned his anger on someone else.  Jason never wronged him.  He was his brother.  The one person who would never betray him.  The one who picked up the pieces when he wrecked his life.  And he betrayed him.  Whatever honour he had left is now gone.


Jason is out on the docks after Carly has pulled the fire alarm in Liz’s building.  She wants to take care of him but he won’t let her.  She says she will take him to bobbies and leave the moment he gets through the door.  He knows she set off the alarm and tells her she has put him in more danger by forcing him out in the open.    He wants her to stay the hell away from him – he’s not going anywhere with her.  Finally she gets it and leaves.


Carly gets into it with Hannah on the docks.  She tells her that while she was with Sonny, he was onto better things on the side.  Hannah does not believe Sonny would cheat on her but Carly does not reveal anymore to her.  Hannah attacks Carly and Taggert breaks them up threatening to through Carly in jail if she doesn’t move along.  She is mad because Hannah threw the first punch but goes nonetheless.


She goes to the hospital and talks with Bobbie.  Bobbie reveals she broke things off with Jerry Jax amd that things are over between them.  She couldn’t take any more of his lies.  She sees that Carly is miserable and asks her what’s wrong.  Carly tells her she messed up – big time.  She did something so horrible that Jason will never be able to forgive her.  Bobbie says she doubts that because Jason loves her, he even told Bobbie that.  Carly asks when and Bobbie tells her it was the day after her wedding when he came to explain about Jerry.  Carly says that was “before”  although she doesn’t elaborate on “before what.”


Carly is sitting alone on the docks when Sonny happens by.  He tells her Jason is never going to forgive her.  She says he’s wrong.  Jason is hurt and angry but he doesn’t store these things and use them to wreck the people he loves.  Sonny says, “you mean he ‘s not like us?”  Carly denies being like him.  She says she wants to fix things, try to work back to what they had whereas Sonny would rather wallow in whatever he’s destroyed because he thinks he deservers it.  And she says he’s right, he does deserve it.

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