Sonny & Carly Tape 02

December 1999 - April 2000

8-hour Edit

Outside Kelly’s Sonny asks Liz how Jason is doing.  She denies knowledge of Jason’s whereabouts but Sonny says he knows she is looking out for him.  Liz says Jason is healing but is hurting from something other than physical pain.  Sonny admits that something else did happen the night of the shooting but if she wants to know what it is, she should ask Jason.


On the docks, Mike tells Sonny he is worried about Jason – he seems to have disappeared.  Sonny tells him Jason is fine and not to worry.  Mike replies that he needs to look out for Jason – he’s the one that watches Sonny’s back.


At Kelly’s, Carly discretely tells Bobbie that Jason has been shot.  Bobbie says she already knew, she was the one to initially treat his wounds.  Carly is not happy to hear Bobbie kept this from her – even if it was at Jason’s request.  The two go to Liz’s studio so that Bobbie can check his wound.  As soon as she leaves, Jason tells Carly she can leave too – he doesn’t want to see her.  She tries to apologize and explain about her disastrous night with Sonny but he doesn’t want to hear it.  Elizabeth returns and she and Carly argue.  Angrily, Carly leaves after Jason insists he doesn’t want her there.


Carly heads straight over to Sonny where she appeals to him for his help.  She doesn’t want Jason in the care of some teenager in a drafty studio.    Sonny says he would do anything for Jason and in this case that means staying away – he won’t force help on him from someone that he hates.  Carly says Jason could never hate them even though he is angry and upset – he has every right to be.  Sonny tells her he would rather drop out of Jason’s life  than soften him up for Carly.


Hannah informs Sonny she will be staying in town as an FBI liason to the police.  He tells her from here on out, he doesn’t care what she does, who she’s with or if she lives or dies.


AJ realizes something happened between Carly and Jason.  He uses it to change the parameters of his and Carly’s marriage.  He insists she up her duties as a Quartermaine wife and threats that if she doesn’t she might find herself back in Ferncliffe.  She will be the wife he wants in public or she can say goodbye to Michael and hello to the psych ward in Ferncliffe.  Carly agrees to his terms.


Monica wants Carly out of AJ’s life and she is willing to work with Carly to accomplish that.  Neither have a plan as to what to do but Carly tells Monica she better hurry, she’s impatient and would have to destroy AJ to get her and Michael out of the house.


Carly runs into Sonny at the GH Christmas party.  She thinks Jason has been admitted to the hospital but he hasn’t.  Their next encounter on the docks, Carly says she knows Jason has forgiven Sonny but not her.  She accuses him of laying the blame for their night together solely at her feet.  Sonny says betrayal lasts forever and he is no more forgiven than she is.  He says Jason can find someone new to love – maybe he already has.


Carly spots Jason lurking on the Quartermaine veranda.  He has come to see if Michael is alright after have seen him fight with Nicholas that the GH party.   Carly thinks that he is leaving town and says he can’t.  She and Micahel love him and they need him.  She apologizes once again for what happened but he just leaves her standing there looking after him.


Monica tries to convince AJ to let Carly go.  He insists he will keep his wife and his son with him.  Carly is the wife that he wants.  His mother says he deserves better but will never get if he doesn’t let go. 


Jason tells Sonny he is returning to work.  Sonny asks him to select some men for a job saying he trusts whatever Jason decides upon.  He says you used to trust me, to which Jason responds, “Yes, I did.”  He leaves saying he will be at the warehouse tomorrow.


Knowing Jason can’t refuse Michael, Carly brings him over to see Jason as his birthday present.  Jason is not happy about this and accuses her of using her son to get to him.  She says she’ll leave but asks if Mikey can open his preset first.  He agrees and they help Michael unwrap the miniature motorcycle Jason has bought for him.  He escorts them to the elevator and Jason tells her to never again bring Michael to see him – all it does is confuse him.


At the Q’s, Carly tells AJ she brought Michael to see Jason for his birthday.  She says Michael should get to see all the people he loves on his special day.  They celebrate Micheal’s birthday with the rest of the family.


It’s New Years Eve and Sony finds his father romancing Gertrude at the PC Grille he has a bit of fun at his father’s expense but his mood goes downhill when he see Hannah enter with Taggert.  He leaves, catching the elevator doors just before they close.  When he turns around he sees who the other passenger is:  Carly.  The elevator gets stuck and the two are left with the pleasure of each other’s company for the evening.  They argue and Carly soon realizes Sonny is claustrophobic.  She comforts him as best she can until the elevator resumes moving.  Outside,  Carly nearly faints but is caught by Sonny as AJ looks on.  She thinks it is because there was so little air in the elevator and Sonny goes off on AJ about poor circulation.  They say their goodnights and head to their respective homes.  AJ wonders what Carly and Sonny could have possibly had to talk about in the elevator all that time.


Hannah arrives at the Penthouse again telling Sonny how much she loves him and that what they had was real.  They are interrupted when Jason and Roy appear with the news someone planted a boom in Elizabeth’s studio.  It has already been handled and Jason tells Sonny Roy was a stand up guy.  Sonny thinks he’s almost too good to be true.  He has Benny looking in to it.


AJ asks Carly why she is over seeing the plans for the ELQ party.  It’s not her job is her answer.  AJ explains the party is very important and that his future as CEO may depend on it.  He makes his usual threats about Michael and Ferncliffe.  Carly promises to play the perfect Quartermaine wife at the party.


In the foyer Carly finds Sonny waiting for Edward.  He tells her Jason is back working for him but that’s it – he is still not forgiven.  Carly says at least he gets to see him.  She spends all her time trapped in the Quartermaine’s house.  He says she’s a fighter and that she knows how to protect herself as good as anyone – she’s only a victim if she lets herself be.  She invites him to the ELQ party which upsetting Edward in the process.  He asks if she has something cooked up that will bore him to death and she thinks what she has planned will keep him quite entertained.


It’s the night of the ELQ party and Carly, dressed in a beautiful evening gown, assures AJ that not only is she planning on attending the entire evening, she will be the perfect Quartermaine wife he ordered.  The guests arrive including Sonny and they are surprised when Carlybabes makes her grand entrance.  As promised, Carly puts on a show clearing the room in record time.  AJ is mad because she has ruined his chances with the European investors and tells her she has burned her last bridge tonight.  She tells him she did it for Michael to get him out of the house.  He says after her performance no sane judge will give her custody of her son.  He thanks her for making things so easy on her and leaves to salvage his relationship with the foreign investors.  Sonny congratulates her on her performance but tells her all she managed was the make the Quartermaines mad.  They still won’t give her Michael. 


Hannah shows up at Jason’s begging him to intercede on her behalf to Sonny.  He says no and when Sonny arrives he makes it clear that Jason is the reason Sonny learned the truth about her in the first place.  He tells her it’s over and asks her to leave.  Him and Jason discuss business but things are strained and stilted between them as the betrayal still hangs over their heads.


AJ has spoken with a psychiatrist in the guise of getting help for Carly after her antics at the party.  He again tells her she is free to go but not without Michael.  She tells him he used Michael to get Edward’s backing and ELQ and that he was helping him stay in power but she is not going to stand by while he uses her son.


Carly brings Michael over to see Jason again even though he has asked her not to do this.  She says Mikey is not sleeping and that he needs Jason.  Jason reads to him and puts him to sleep.  While Michael is upstairs, Carly and Jason fight and he again accuses her of using her son to get to him and that all she is doing is hurting Michael.  She tells Jason that all HE has done has hurt Michael – walking away, pushing her towards AJ and giving up custody have all hurt him more than anything.  She asks for his help to free her and Michael from the Quartermaines.  He says all AJ wants is for her to stay away from him and he wants that too.  She says she can’t stay away because she loves him.


Carly meets Bobbie at Kelly’s for breakfast.  She has been feeling under the weather for the past few days and when the sight of food makes her ill and she sees a baby in a catalogue, she puts 2 and 2 together and realizes she may be pregnant.  On the docks, she runs into Jason and they have a touching conversation about their friendship.  She wonders if she ruined the way he was always there for her when she wrecked her life.  He says he can never see her in trouble and not do something to stop it. They will always be the best of friends but he cannot love her the way she needs him to – he never could.


At the Q mansion Carly takes a pregnancy test and is distraught when the result turns out positive.


Jason tells Sonny he is leaving town.  Sonny thinks it is because of what he did.  Jason denies it and forgives Sonny for the betrayal.  He asks that Sonny forgive himself but Sonny says he never learned how.  Jason asks Sonny to look out for Carly and Michael and not to be too hard on her – she is sorry too. She will want Sonny to search for Jason but Jason doesn’t want that – he only wants to be found if there is a problem with Michael and he needs him.  Sonny swears to look after him and says it is good that Jason is leaving – he finally has a chance to see what’s out there and to learn where he belongs.  It may be with him but at least now he is able to find out.


Carly goes to the penthouse in search of Jason.  Sonny tells her he is gone and that she is the reason he left.  She doesn’t believe him but when he keeps repeating it, she pleads with him to stop saying that to her.  They argue some more and he as she is about to leave, Sonny stops her saying he will give her this much:  she had a little help from him.  “Honey, you have no idea,” she answers as she stalks out.


Carly comes back from the clinic (where Tony confirmed her pregnancy), to be confronted by AJ.  He has learned of Jason’s departure and is willing to strike a new deal in their marriage.  Now that Jason is gone and no longer an issue, they can try to make things work between them.  Carly capitulates and agrees.


Mike asks Sonny about Jason’s disappearance.  Sonny tells Mike that Jason has left town and that he is not coming back.  He hints that something went wrong between them but does not go into the details of why Jason left.


Bobbie and Carly meet at the PC Grille where they discuss Jason and the fact that he’s gone.  Carly believes she has lost the only person who has ever backed her and was on her side.  Bobbie said she would do that for Carly to which Carly responds she doesn’t think Bobbie is up to the job.  Seriously she says she needs to fix her own problems and not look to anyone else to fix them for her.  As soon as she spots Sonny at the bar, she makes an excuse and leaves.


Carly and AJ agree to a truce in their marriage.  Secretly, she plots to make AJ believe the baby is his.  They almost make love but when AJ realizes she is forcing herself to be with him, he accuses her of wanting Jason and puts a halt to their love play.


Carly goes to Jason’s apartment, missing him and thinking of the life they could have had together.  Sonny appears and the two talk for a bit.  Before long, they are back to insulting each other and Sonny leaves.


Carly believing abortion o be her only option arranges for an appointment to get the procedure done.  Before she does, she visits Bobbie at GH and thanks her for having her when she could have easily aborted.  She finally understands now what it is like to decide someone’s life.  Bobbie realizing something is wrong, tracks Carly down at the abortion clinic but it appears to be too late when she sees her.  Before long, Carly corrects her saying she could not go through with it.  Bobbie thinking the baby is Jason’s says Sonny will track him down once he knows what’s happened.  Carly tells Bobbie she cannot tell Sonny because he is the baby’s father.  Carly resolves to make AJ believe the baby is his.  Bobbie thinks Sonny has a right to know the truth and wonders if Carly has ever learned from her past and reminds her of her mistakes with Michael. She suggests Carly makes no big decisions yet and that she goes home to “sleep on it.”


Carly is successful in her second attempt at seducing AJ but her plans are ruined when he confronts her – he knows she is already pregnant.  Lila has suspected as much and when he ransacked her room, he found the proof to confirm it.  AJ assumes the baby is Jason’s.  After his initial anger cools, he warms up to the idea of raising Jason’s child and allows to play along with Carly’s scheme, the only catch being she can never mention Jason’s name to Michael or the new baby.  Seeing it as the only way to keep her child, Carly agrees.


After seeing Sonny and Carly alone together in the park, Bobbie almost lets it slip to him that Carly is pregnant and he is the father of her baby.


Carly tells Bobbie about her deal with AJ and asks her not to ruin things for her.  Bobbie is angry Carly is deceiving the Quartermaines this way but can say nothing to change her mind.


AJ tells Sonny Carly is pregnant with his (AJ’s) child and asks that he convey the message to Jason.  Sonny says it’s a good thing Jason knows none of this as he remembers his passionate night with Carly.  He goes to the mansion to speak with Carly and Edward implies that he knows the baby is not AJ.  Just like everyone else, he thinks it is Jason’s.  Sonny says a child has a right to know who their father is and a father has a right to know who his child is.  He promises to return later when Carly is in residence.  Sonny heads straight to Bobbie for the truth which she confirms.  Carly is indeed pregnant with his child.  Armed with this knowledge, Sonny interrupts the Valentine’s celebrating at the Quartermaines and announces that the child is his.  Caught off guard, Carly is unable to deny it and admits the truth.  He tells her to take care of the child and tells her he’ll be back – she should be there.


Emily announces Carly’s pregnancy and the parentage of the baby at Kelly’s.  She reams Sonny out for hurting both of her brothers and refuses to listen to his apology when offered.  Having overheard their discussion in Kelly’s Mike goes to Sonny for the truth.  Sonny confirms Emily’s accusations but does not have an excuse for his actions.  Edward tried to make a deal with Sonny – he will agree to let Carly and her baby stay as long as Sonny stays out of his child’s life.  Sonny says no deal and shows him to the door.


Carly goes to Bobbie asking if she is responsible for her Valentine’s day surprise:  Sonny Corinthos announcing to the world that her baby was his.  Bobbie says he already knew and she only confirmed it.  Carly’s not listening to it, thanks her for ruining her life and tells her to stay out of her business from this point forward.


Lila asks Carly if the baby is Jason’s.  Carly tells her no, although she wishes it were true.  Lila tells her she has a chance to make a life for both her children.  After an argument between Carly, Monica, Alan and AJ, AJ says he will allow Carly to stay.  She agrees against the possibility of having to fight 2 different custody cases – one against Sonny and the other against the Quartermaines.


Sonny arrives at the mansion making it clear he will be a part of his child’s life.  His child and Michael do not belong with the Q’s and Carly knows it.  He asks Alexis what his parental rights and she is reluctant to take the case on.  Carly asks Bobbie for her opinion on what she should do.  Bobbie offers to let her move into the Brownstone with her.  Carly agrees but says AJ will never agree to shared custody.  Bobbie tells her to get some fresh air while she discusses her plan with Monica and AJ.


Carly is at the docks when Hannah comes on the scene.  She accuses Carly of trapping Sonny with a baby, saying at least Jason got away.  Poor Sonny is tied to her for life.  Hannah leaves and Sonny comes across Carly shivering alone in the dark.  Sonny tells her he is going for custody of his child.  Carly asks him not to take her baby away from her and he clarifies:  not from her, from the Quartermaines.  Carly is not happy to hear this because she knows he will win.


Alexis grills Sonny on his suitability as a parent, citing his past criminal behaviour (documented and undocumented), Lily’s and his first child’s death and the shooting at his prior residence.  She advises him that gaining custody in a custody suit with his past will be a very difficult and possibly long drawn out fight – especially if the Quartermaines are backing Carly.


Opening her mail, Edward learns Carly has been ordered to get a paternity test on the baby. He offers to escort her, hoping to curb any plans of tampering with the test results – he is still hoping that the child’s father is Jason.  Carly declines his offer and has Reggie take her to her appointment.  She learns that the baby is doing well and runs into Sonny as he alights from the elevator.  She greets him, “Hi Daddy,” and the two talk before Sonny goes in for his blood test.  He promises her he will never do anything to hurt their child and admits that although he has called her names in the past, it does not mean he meant them all.


Carly goes to Sonny at his penthouse for “peace of mind.”  She knows that it is laughable that she turned to him of all people for it but she doesn’t know what to do.  She is being pulled two different directions by him and the Quartermaines and she feels as if she has to choose which child she intends to keep.  Sonny tells her to relax and offers to cook her a decent meal.  They are making headway over dinner when Edward shows up with a restraining order against Sonny dictating he stays at least 50 feet from Carly at all times.  Edward implies he will have Carly declared a neglectful mother if she doesn’t leave with him.  She does.  On the way back to the mansion, they make a detour to Kelly’s where Edward proves he was not bluffing.  He has another court order waiting to be signed that declares Carly an unfit mother.  He is willing to use it if Carly does not follow his lead in dealing with Sonny.


Sonny asks Mike to back him in a custody case should the need arise.  If Deke is brought up, Mike agrees not to admit to any knowledge of Deke’s abuse of Sonny when he was a child.  Alexis congratulates Sonny on his impending fatherhood:  the test results are in and he is the father of Carly’s baby. 


Sonny tries to have Edward’s restraining order reversed but he cannot without a sworn statement from Carly saying it is not necessary.  He goes to the mansion trying to convince her to side with him.  When Edward enters, she makes it clear that he is in clear violation of the restraining order and asks him to leave.  He tells her she chose wrong before doing so.


Sonny gets an unexpected call from Jason that changes everything.  Jason has tracked down the arsonist AJ hired to torch the warehouse and he is willing to testify against AJ.  Sonny uses this information to have AJ agree to grant Carly a divorce and relinquish full custody of Michael.  AJ and the Quartermaines are distraught over the loss of his son.


Carly’s euphoria is short lived when she realizes she may have just traded one prison for another; Sonny is not taking her to Bobbie’s Brownstone, he is taking her and Michael back to the penthouse to live with him.  Carly rails against the idea but is seemingly powerless to stop it.  Not even exploding Michael’s toy bag in the living rom is enough to dissuade him.  What Sonny wants, Sonny gets.  He explains to Bobbie he and Carly need to learn to get along without arguing, and that their living together is the best way he knows of accomplishing this.  Understanding his reasoning, Bobbie doesn’t think it’s such a bad idea but gives her daughter a month to get herself kicked out nonetheless.  Carly knows Sonny does not trust her to manage her pregnancy by herself so no matter what she does, he will never turn her and Michael out.


Carly buys an ottoman for the living room that Sonny hates on sight.  He demands she get rid of it before he gets back home.  Bobbie comes over wanting answers (from Carly) about Sonny’s business and Roy’s involvement.  She asks Carly to let her into Sonny’s desk and Carly reluctantly agrees – this being the only thing Bobbie has ever asked of her.  Bobbie finds the location of a meeting Roy has in a warehouse with Sorel and makes plans to attend herself.


AJ comes over demanding Carly return her wedding rings since it is obvious she had no intentions of ever committing to him and she wasn’t willing to work at the marriage.  She tells him she left all her Quartermaine jewels at the mansion and that the rings she’s wearing are Jason’s.  She explains about the mugging and how Jason was always looking after her – is STILL looking after her in fact.  She tells him Jason was the one to track down the arsonist so that Sonny could her and Michael out of the house.  He is still losing to Jason and he always will.  He will always be a big fat loser.  Angry AJ grabs and starts to shake her.  Sonny walks in and he is not happy with what he sees.  He tells AJ to leave and warns him against approaching Carly or Michael ever again.  After he leaves, Carly thanks Sonny for the rescue and admits she got in AJ’s face.  Sonny says that is no excuse for him to grab her like that.  He asks if AJ has grabbed her before and Carly tells him AJ is harmless – he mostly tries to annoy her to death.  Sonny warns her to stay clear of AJ and to keep Johnny between her and AJ at all times.


The deliverymen arrive and Sonny agrees to let the ottoman stay.  After dinner, Sonny and Carly make a deal:  when the baby is with one of them, they promise not to badmouth the other to their baby.  Later, Sonny refuses to tell Carly where he is going saying they share a space but not a life.  She tells their child its old man is stubborn and selfish to the bone.  She remembers her pact with Sonny but says that doesn’t kick in until after the baby is born.  That gives her plenty of time to give their child an earful about its father.  When Sonny comes home, he wakes a sleeping Carly and informs her he is taking her on a trip to get her divorce in the morning.  She tells him she is not taking anyone’s marching orders anymore and so he asks her if she will accompany him on a trip to get her divorce from AJ.  She can definitely make time for that she agrees.


In the Dominican Republic, Sonny makes the arrangements so that Carly’s divorce from AJ goes as smooth as possible.  In one day, the biggest mistake she’s ever made is undone, just like that.  Carly thanks Sonny for making it possible and the two talk about their child and if it’s ok to tell a child they were an accident.  They both agree that it’s not and share some moments from their childhoods.


The next day, Sonny has taken Carly to his island for a little relaxation.  All rested up, Carly(babes) insists on a celebration and goes gambling in Sonny’s casino.  She is winning big when Sonny enters with teaching her a lesson in mind.  He arranges for her to loose are her hard won cash and gives her $1 to bet with.  When she wins that round at the roulette table he tells her to “let it ride.”  She does and she wins again.  Sonny tells her to cash out but she doesn’t want to.  He tries to tell her the lesson he is trying to teach her:  know when to walk away.  Carly realizes he was cheating and berates him for not letting her win more.  Carly explains the reason why she pushes so hard and fights so much for what she has; she would still be in some tract house in Florida if she didn’t.  They talk about their love of the ocean and the water, and think about bringing Michael and their child there one day.  The evening is ruined when Sonny gets a call from Benny:  Bobbie has been kidnapped by Sorel and is being held for ransom.  They return immediately to Port Charles.


Back in Port Charles, they anxiously await news of Bobbie.  Carly wants to call the police but Sonny says that will only get her mother killed.  Carly makes him promise that whatever happens, nothing happens to Bobbie and he will get her out of this – Cary needs her too much to loose her.  Sonny agrees.  Roy arrives and he fills them in on the details of Bobbie’s kidnapping.  It does not take Carly long to realize that the reason her mother is in danger is because she let her into Sonny’s desk.  Sonny, thinking he has a leak in his organization, moves to leave to flush out the mole.  Carly confesses that she is the one who is responsible and that she let Bobbie into his desk.  Sonny is angry and tells her she is stay out of things from here on out.  Her mother is in this mess but he is the one that has to fix it.  Sorel calls with his demand:  in exchange for Bobbie alive and well, he wants Sonny to transport a shipment of drugs for him.  Sonny says he’ll consider it. 


Sonny and Roy make plans for Bobbie’s rescue and they manage to turn the tables on Sorel, getting her back safely.  After Bobbie and Roy leave the penthouse, Sonny and Carly have a huge argument over her breach of his trust and he says he will know better than to trust her in the future.  She apologizes and says what she did does not compare to Hannah – she wasn’t purposefully spying on him with the intentions of bringing him down.  She wonders if this is how he will treat their child? Shut them out whenever they do anything wrong.  He says he will never turn his back on a child; mistakes are how they learn.  She on the other hand, is a different matter.  He will never forgive her for this or trust her again.


Mike brings over a rocking chair for Carly to use when she is nursing the baby.  As usual, Sonny tells Mike that his timing stinks and tells him about Carly’s betrayal.    Mike points out that letting her mother in his desk is not the same as spying for the FBI.  Sonny points out that she never broke the rules when she lived with Jason.  Mike says that she loved and Jason and Sonny guesses that is what made the difference in this case. 


Elizabeth arrives while neither Sonny, or Carly are home.  Carly arrives first and the two quickly get into an argument over Jason and Carly’s treatment of him.  Carly accuses Elizabeth of wanting Sonny now that Jason is gone.  Liz tells her bed hopping is what she does except she couldn’t wait for Jason to be gone before jumping into bed with his best friend.  Carly slaps Elizabeth just in time for Sonny to witness it. He takes Elizabeth into the hall, apologizes for Carly’s actions and tells her her need of a bodyguard is now over.  Back in the penthouse, him and Carly argue over the slap and she wonders what Elizabeth did for him to defend her like that.  He says Liz has never lied to him or betrayed him.  Carly says he should give the little twit some time on that one.  A delivery arrives and it is a desk that Carly has bought Sonny as means of apologizing.  It has a key and it locks – Sonny doesn’t have to worry about trusting her anymore.


Bobbie comes over to the penthouse to learn the repercussions of Carly letting her in Sonny’s desk.  Carly tells her Sonny has shut her out and is refusing to discuss things with her.  She shows her the desk she bought Sonny as a peace offering and tells her Sonny hates it and wants it gone.  She’s going to move to his study instead.  Carly and Bobbie discuss Bobbie’s and Roy’s relationship.  Carly tells her you only have a chance at the real deal once – she had her chance with Jason and she blew it.  She doesn’t want Bobbie to make the same mistake.


Sonny comes home and tells Carly he has a meeting at the PC Grille and he is doing damage control.  He explains he is meeting the same guy as he did the night he was last arrested.  Carly decides he needs her help and gets ready to join him for dinner.  He says no way.  This is something she really wants to do for him to make up for allowing Bobbie in his desk and when she makes it clear she is going with or without his permission, he allows her to accompany him.  The meeting goes well at the Grille but things take a sudden downturn when a drinking AJ attacks Sonny and Carly after their dinner partner leaves the restaurant.

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