Sonny & Carly Tape 3

April 3, 2000 -June 19, 2000

After AJ comes after Sonny and Carly with a bottle, Sonny and him struggle.  When they get home, Sonny and Carly argue about her interference and the fact that she or the baby could have been hurt.  Later that night, Carly comforts Sonny after he's had a nightmare about Lily's death. They talk and Sonny says he's willing to give trusting Carly a second chance.


Carly yells at Bobbie about Roy’s being an undercover FBI agent sent to take Sonny down.  Bobbie is mad at Carly’s interference and says she’ll blame her if Roy gets sent back to prison.  Carly says she owes Sonny and that she doesn’t have to like him to do right by him.  Bobbie asks Carly to go to Sonny and ask him to help Roy.  Carly refuses since she’s promised Sonny to stay out of his business.


After Sonny and Carly put Michael down for the night, she invites him to her next doctor’s appointment.  He tells her that he’ll have to plan around it.  Plan what, she asks.  Our wedding, he replies.  Sonny has talked to the priest and has arranged for them to be married next week.  Carly objects and says the next time she marries it will be for love.  Sonny thinks she’s holding out for Jason and calls her on it.  Carly says that she doesn’t love him, never will, and because of that she won’t marry him.


After Father Coates arrives to give Sonny and Carly pre-marital counseling, Carly goes off on Sonny for calling in the priest behind her back.  Sonny insists they marry for the sake of the baby, and that what they want for themselves doesn’t matter.  Carly says that if he doesn’t let her be, she’ll take Michael and leave.  When he doesn’t drop the subject of marriage, Carly does just that.  Carly has a very bad day and is forced to come back to Sonny.  Sonny let’s up on the subject of marriage and says that he still intends to marry Carly but it’s up to her.  Carly agrees to consider a life with him when he promises not to pressure her.


Bobbie asks Sonny to pull some strings for Roy who’s been sent back to prison.  Sonny tells Carly that they need to be careful because Agent Larkin’s dirty.  Sonny is upset when he learns Carly had a run-in with AJ at the park.  Sonny threatens to put AJ away in jail saying that he’d do anything to keep Carly safe.


When Carly learns it’s Sonny’s birthday, she plans some surprises for him.  The first is the baby’s coming home outfit.  Sonny admits he hates that they hurt Jason but that the baby is the best thing to ever happen to him. The second surprise is a night out at the Grille.  Unbeknownst to Carly, birthdays are hard for Sonny.  When the waiters sing him happy birthday, Sonny flashes back to his childhood and the abuse that he suffered then.  On their way out, the couple encounters the Quartermaines.  When Sonny is unresponsive, Carly takes matters into her own hands and goes off on the Q’s.  When Monica insults Carly, Sonny comes out of his reverie and defends her.  At home, Carly apologizes for ruining everything.  Sonny says that it wasn’t her fault, and explains how his stepfather Deke used to beat him and his mother and that his beatings started on his seventh or eighth birthday.  Carly thanks him for trusting her and gifts him with a “Win One Argument Against Carly Benson” gift certificate.


Carly and Sonny have a scare regarding the pregnancy but everything turns out all right.   Sonny and Carly give Juan and Emily “the big sex talk” during which the two reveal they hold similar beliefs about love and trust.   After an argument with Bobbie, Sonny kisses Carly after she defends him.  They decide to forego dinner at the “No Name” and make love instead.  Afterwards Sonny is called away on business.  While he’s away, Carly seriously considers marriage to Sonny.  When he returns, she says marriage to him is not the worst idea that she’s ever heard and they agree to marry for the sake of the baby.


Sonny offers Carly a ring as a sign of his commitment to her.  She says she can’t wear it because a ring means love and they don’t have that.  She asks for time to get over Jason before she puts his ring on and he agrees.  Luke barges in demanding answers about the situation with Roy.  He argues with both Sonny and Carly and finally leaves after Carly tells him what he wants to hear.  Sonny admits that he was wrong to call Carly names in the past and that he should have thrown Luke out for doing the same.Carly teases that he kind of likes her and he teases her back. They retire to Sonny’s bedroom and make love.


Carly tells a less than thrilled Bobbie about her plans to marry Sonny.  Sonny arrives at the hospital and they go in for Carly’s sonogram where they find out they’re having a boy.  While Sonny’s off on business, Carly stops by the Grille where she has a confrontation with AJ and Hannah.  Mike intercedes and takes her home where he tells her to be careful while she’s carrying Sonny’s child or she’ll regret it.  A worried Carly waits up for Sonny.  She tells him it’s good to have him home safe.  He tells her it’s good to come home to her.


Bobie and Sonny discuss his and Carly’s plans to marry.  Sonny says it’s the right thing to do and that they would like Bobbie’s support but they will get married regardless.  Sonny picks out a cradle for the baby.  Carly asks Bobbie to tell her what Sonny is up to with Roy.  Bobbie tells her to ask Sonny.  Carly tells Sonny that if he tells her what’s going on, she’ll wear his ring.  Sonny says he keeps her in the dark for her safety but promises if things ever go bad, he’ll give her fair warning.  She agrees to wear the ring and asks him to propose.  They have an impromptu ceremony where he proposes and she accepts.


Carly and Sonny’s perfect day at the park is disturbed when a drunken AJ shows up.

Sonny warns him off and tells him to keep his distance from Carly and Michael.  When Edward summons Sonny to the Quartermaine mansion, Carly accompanies him so she can visit with Lila.  Carly encounters AJ on the stairs where they argue.  AJ grabs Carly and she pulls away and falls.  At the hospital, Sonny is told the pregnancy is no longer viable and that it must be terminated before Carly bleeds to death.  Sonny says a tearful goodbye to their son.  He tells Carly to have one last dream about their boy.  The next day, Sonny tells a hysterical Carly that they lost their child.  At first she is in denial but when she finally accepts it she remarks that it’s unfair that they never got to hold him.


Sonny takes Carly home from the hospital and leaves her there with Michael.  He goes for a walk on the docks where he encounters AJ.  He tells AJ that although he killed his child, AJ will remained unharmed because of Michael.  At the penthouse, Carly is shocked to discover that Sonny’s had the nursery gutted.  He finds her crying on the nursery’s floor and unable to grieve together, they fight.  Carly apologizes to Sonny but realizes too late that he’s already left the room.


Sonny visits Lily’s grave on the anniversary of her death and asks her to care for his and Carly’s son.  At the penthouse, Carly gets visits from Emily who offers her condolences and Mike who blames her for the loss of the baby.  Sonny arrives as Carly tries to explain that she didn’t mean for the accident to happen.  Sonny kicks Mike out for upsetting her.  Carly asks Sonny if he blames her for their child’s death but before he can answer, the phone rings.  Sonny tells her she should get some rest. 

When she asks him where he went, he admits he went to visit Lily.  Carly says she made the day worse for him.  Sonny denies it and sends her to bed.


Carly has a rough day when she discovers a toy rabbit that belonged to the baby.  Bobbie comes over and they talk.  Carly wonders why she and Sonny can’t reach out to each other.  Bobbie encourages her to try and so she surprises Sonny when he comes home.  As Sonny goes to fix dinner, a delivery arrives for Carly.  It is the cradle Sonny ordered and had since forgotten about. They embrace but soon start fighting, each shouldering the blame for the loss of their child.


Mike comes over and apologizes to Sonny for upsetting Carly.  Sonny confesses he doesn’t know how to help her.  Mike tells him he can only be there for her and to stick around no matter how much she may turn him away.  Carly decides it is time to take down the nursery and asks for Sonny’s help.  When it turns out to be too much for them, they retire to the couch and talk about their son and how they miss him. 


Sonny makes a deal with the Feds that clears his record to date.  Carly expects Sonny to “take care” of AJ and thinks he’s just biding his time until he takes action.  When she realizes this isn’t the case, she decides to take matters into her own hands and plots to kill AJ at the Nurses Ball.

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