Sonny & Carly Tape 04

June 20, 2000 - August 23, 2000

6-hour Edit

The night of the Nurses Ball, Carly goes out to buy shoes to match her dress.  When she returns she finds Sonny telling Mike he would rather not go because the night is too painful for him.  Carly tries giving him an out but he decides it’s important to show up for Stone and the cause.  Before she dresses Carly tells Michael that she loves him and would do anything for him.  At the ball, Carly pulls a gun on AJ determined that he has to die in order for Michael to be safe.  Sonny talks her down and realizes that she needs to get away in order to heal. 


Sonny takes Carly to his island for some much needed R&R.  They bond over the loss of their child and finally become lovers again.  Unfortunately, Carly overhears a conversion between Sonny and Benny that leads her to believe that Sonny is only staying with her because he promised Jason he would look out for her and Michael.  Determined not to be an obligation to Sonny, Carly decides to leave him when they return to Port Charles.  Sonny, too stubborn to admit how he feels for her, allows her to move to the Brownstone.


When things don’t seem to be working out at the Brownstone, Carly seeks out Sonny to discuss her options.  She finds him comforting Elizabeth and (being Carly) naturally jumps to all the wrong conclusions.  AJ threatens to get back Michael now that Carly is no longer with Sonny.  Bobbie, finding her daughter camped out in her house upon her return from her vacation, tells Carly that she must find somewhere else to live. 


Carly picks a fight with Hannah at Luke’s, trying to get Sonny’s attention.  On her way out, she runs into AJ and gets into another fight.  Sonny intervenes and makes it clear that Carly and Michael are still under his protection. Bobbie tells Sonny she wants Carly out of her house.  Sonny agrees to find her a place. 


After more difficulties with her mother, Carly agrees to ask Sonny if she can move back in until she finds a place of her own.  As she waits for Sonny in the penthouse, she decides to surprise him with dinner. When she emerges from the kitchen she finds Sonny comforting Elizabeth again.  Carly loses it and she and Sony fight terribly.  An upset Carly goes to Lila for advice.  She thinks that Sonny has no use for her anymore and that he thinks she’s trash.  Lila tells her not to be so sure.  Sonny spends the evening alone eating the meal Carly had prepared for the two of them.


Carly asks Sonny to be Michael’s other responsible adult for his pre-school application.  Sonny agrees. He asks her about her wanting to move back in but she says it makes no sense if the move is just temporary.  Alexis warns Sonny about taking responsibility for Carly and Michael as a lifelong commitment.  Carly and Elizabeth have another fight at Kelly’s.  When Sonny finds out, he rips into Carly calling her a user and saying that Jason was smart to walk away from her.  Roy finds Carly in tears and comforts her as she confides in him.  Sonny comes back and apologizes to Carly for his treatment of her.  He takes her home to the Brownstone where they talk and Carly agrees to move into Jason’s penthouse.


Sonny leases Jason’s penthouse to Alexis in the hopes of forcing Carly to move back in with him.  When Carly realizes Sonny rented the place out from under her she gets angry.  She tries to make Sonny jealous by hitting on Roy at Luke’s club but only succeeds in making Bobbie angry.  Carly agrees to start looking at some houses.


Mike approaches Carly and asks her to borrow forty thousand dollars from Sonny (to cover a gambling debt to Sorel) but not to tell Sonny it’s for him.  Carly refuses.  She and Sonny discuss Mike and their past together.  Sonny thinks that his father has changed.  Carly realizes it will hurt Sonny if he finds out the truth about his father and reluctantly agrees to help Mike in order to spare Sonny any pain.


As Sonny is about to ask Carly to move back in, Carly lies and tells him she’s found a house and needs money for a down payment.  When it becomes clear that she doesn’t have the house picked out she tells him she needs the money to improve her credit rating.  Sonny agrees and gives her the money. 


Carly gives the money to Mike on the condition that he tells her the location of the meeting with Sorel.  Sonny, approached by Sorel, is informed of Mike’s debt and is told that he is the payment.  Carly calls an anonymous tip in to the police and gets trapped in the motel room before the meeting starts.  When Sonny arrives instead of Mike, Carly interrupts the meeting but not before Sonny incriminates himself on (her) tape and the police arrive.  They are arrested.  The police let Carly go but Sonny has to spend the night in lock-up.  After his arraignment the next day, an angry Sonny goes to Brownstone and tells her that she’s moving back in with him – he doesn’t trust her to be on her own.  Back at the penthouse Carly confesses her involvement in the scheme with Mike.  Sonny tells Carly that she will do exactly as she is told from now on.  When Carly asks why she should agree to such treatment, Sonny tells her because he is the only thing that is standing between AJ and her son.

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