Sonny & Carly Tape 05

August 24, 2000 - October 31, 2000

6-hour Edit

Carly asks Sonny to forgive her for lying to him. Angry, Sonny tells her that she can ask him for money, protection, a roof over her head, anything, but she can forget about forgiveness.  Jason unexpectedly arrives at the penthouse to be met by Carly.  Carly tells him that she and Sonny lost their baby and about the mess she’s gotten Sonny in.  Alexis tells Sonny that in order to avoid jail, he must marry Carly to prevent her from testifying.  Sonny categorically refuses but reconsiders when he finds out that Jason’s returned and he sees him with Carly and Michael. 


Carly tells Sonny that now that Jason’s back everything will be ok because he steadies her.  Sonny appears angry that’s she already building her life around Jason and she wants to know why he’s not relieved that she isn’t his obligation anymore.  As Jason and Sonny talk, Jason realizes that Sonny has gotten used to Carly and that there is more to their relationship than Sonny is willing to admit.  Sonny tells Jason about Alexis’ idea that he and Carly marry.  Jason admits he expected them to already be married.  He wants both Sonny and Carly safe and says that their marriage wouldn’t hurt him if they went through with it.  Carly goes to Lila for advice and says she just wants everyone to be happy.  She thinks that for Sonny, that means being rid of her and that her, Jason and Michael can be a family again.


Carly tells Jason about the incident at the Nurses Ball and how Sonny took care of her on the island.  Jason realizes that Carly wants to be with Sonny.  Carly asks Jason to leave town with her and Michael.  He convinces her that it would be better to wait. Alexis tells Sonny he now has another option: he can have Jason take Carly and Michael permanently out of the country.  Carly tells Sonny that the perfect solution to their problems would be for her, Jason and Michael leave and become a family again.  He tells her that’s not going to happen because she’s going to marry him instead.  Carly tells Sonny that she won’t marry him because the next time she gets married, it will be for love.


Jason asks Sonny if he’s going to marry Carly after Alexis tells him he could take Carly and Michael out of the country.  Jason admits that he loves Carly and says that he’ll take them away if that’s what Sonny wants but that that’s not the life he wants for them.  Sonny finally allows Mike in to apologize and yells at him for putting Carly in danger.  Carly goes to Jakes and asks Jason to leave the country with her that night.  Jason refuses because of Sonny.  Given the choice of being with a man who doesn’t want her or, being with a man who wants to marry her to stay out of jail, Carly agrees to marry Sonny since he’s the one who’s in it for himself.


Carly tells Sonny she worries about him after he requests a meeting with Sorel to discuss Emily’s kidnapping.  She wants him to let Jason handle things.  Carly and Bobbie talk about her pending nuptials.  Bobbie tells her that she must decide who she wants to be with and let the other one go. Carly describes the marriage as a legal manoeuvre and nothing else.  Alexis arrives and informs Carly and Sonny that the marriage either takes place now or never.


Carly asks Sonny for reassurance that they were ok before and can be again.  Sonny admits that’s what he wants too.  Carly wears the dress Sonny bought her on the island for the ceremony.  Jason arrives and agrees to give Carly away and act as best man.  Carly panics during the ceremony, stops the proceedings and runs upstairs.  Jason convinces her that Sonny wants this marriage and bets her 20 bucks that the two of them will be happy together.  Sonny overhears Carly agree to marry him but she says she’ll do it for Jason.  When Carly and Jason return downstairs, the ceremony goes off without a hitch.  Afterwards, Jason tells Sonny that Carly is in love with him and that’s why she’s been acting so crazy.  When Jason and Alexis leave, Sonny makes Carly a wedding dinner and thanks her for saving his behind.


Carly and Sonny both make plans for a special evening together.  She surprises him with take out from the Grille as a thank you.  After a toast, they dance together for the first time.  Carly discovers a case in Sonny’s breast pocket and he reveals that it’s for her.  Carly is touched when she opens it to find a necklace with a ruby pendent.  She is shocked that he would buy her something like that and he wonders why since she is his wife.  They kiss passionately but stop when she drops the jewel case on her foot.  After dinner, they begin to make love but Carly stops them, unsure that it’s a good idea for them to become lovers again so soon.  Sonny says that he can wait and that she’s worth it.  He tells her that he’ll miss her and then they bid each other good night.


Mike gives Sonny and Carly a wedding present.  Sonny is upset when he reveals that he knows Mike borrowed ten thousand dollars from one of his loan sharks to pay for it.  They have a terrible argument that ends when Mike hits Sonny and Carly throws Mike out. Carly tries to help Sonny but he shuts her out.  Hurt at his rebuff, Carly goes to Jason and says that the marriage was a mistake because Sonny doesn’t need her like a man should need his wife.  Jason convinces her to give Sonny space and that he will come to her when he is ready.  Sonny vows to make things up to Carly and after a talk with Jason he thinks he knows just how.  At the penthouse, Carly admits to Bobbie that she’s in love with Sonny.  When he comes home, he tells her that they’re getting an annulment and that he’s asked Alexis to start the paper work.  Alexis however, tells them they have to remain married until the end of the trial.   Carly says they’ll work it out.  Sonny tells Carly that he wants her to be with a man that she loves because that’s what she deserves.  Carly says that she’s willing to wait.  Sonny tells her she’s a good person despite all the trouble she makes.


In order to change his mind about the annulment, Carly attempts to seduce Sonny.  She is unsuccessful when he resists her advances and goes up to bed alone.  Carly and Sonny plan a date out at the “No Name.”  Sonny jokes that he owes her at least one dinner before their marriage is over.  Alexis tells Carly that the charges against Sonny have been dropped and that they can end their marriage anytime.  Carly deliberately keeps this information from Sonny and goes with him when he announces that he’s going to the police station.  In the limo Carly tries to seduce Sonny again, and is successful this time.  She is upset when she learns Sonny knew the charges were dropped but didn’t say anything. After they argue, both admit they want to be together and that they want their marriage to work.  When Benny tells Sonny he has pressing matters in Puerto Rico to address, Sonny reluctantly agrees to send Jason in his stead. 


Carly and Sonny settle down into a comfortable married life.  When she sees that he’s still hurting over the incident with Mike she offers to help.  He confides in her that he was never bad enough for Mike to hit him before.  Carly wants to do something for him and offers to cook.  With trepidation, Sonny allows her into his kitchen.  Dinner is a disaster but Sonny doesn’t mind.  Her wanting to help him was enough. Carly is grateful that Sonny allowed her to help him. 


Carly helps a nervous Sonny through Michael’s first day of pre-school.  Carly tries to land herself a job in Sonny warehouse.  He is unenthusiastic about the idea.  Carly asks Bobbie for a job at Kelly’s.  Bobbie says no.  Carly says she wants to prove to Sonny that she’s with him because she wants to be, not because she’s dependent on him.  Sonny says she doesn’t have to prove anything to him.  Carly wants to anyways.  Carly asks Alexis if she needs an assistant.  Alexis says no and suggest that Carly check out the Classifieds.  Laura approaches Sonny to be a backer for Deception, a cosmetics company.  Sonny says he’ll back her as long as Carly’s involved.  Laura declines.  Carly is hurt that Laura rejected her without even knowing her.


Carly and Sonny take Michael to Bobbie’s for a Halloween party.  Sonny is called away on business.  When she returns home, Carly finds Mike lurking in the hallway outside the penthouse.

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