Sonny & Carly Tape 06

November 1, 2000 - January 11, 2001

6-hour Edit

Carly comes home after the Halloween party at Bobbie’s to find Mike lurking about.  Mike, afraid to speak to Sonny, leaves.  Carly follows him.  After Tammy hassles Sonny about Mike, he comes home to get more of the same from Carly.  She wants him to track Mike down to see how he’s doing.  Sonny refuses and demands that Carly drop the subject.


Laura approaches Sonny again about backing Deception.  He’ll agree as long as Carly’s involved. Carly stops two thugs from beating up Mike when he’s late paying his gambling debts.  Sonny brings Carly flowers as an apology for being so hard on her when she brought up Mike.  He tells her about his meeting with Laura and promises that he’ll get her what she wants (meaning Deception).  Carly tells Sonny that for the first time in her life she’s not desperate for anything because she has him.


Carly gets herself appointed Alexis’ matron of honour by being at the right place at the wrong time.  Carly and Elton meet.  Carly goes to Lila for help with the bridal shower and advice about Sonny and Mike.


Carly encourages Sonny to tack down Mike.  He refuses, saying Mike will show up when he needs money.  Carly runs into Mike on the docks.  Mike asks for money proving Sonny right.  Carly gives him enough to live on, but not enough to gamble.  Carly arranges for Mike and Tammy to meet.  While Tammy is thanking her in Kelly’s, Michael wanders off.  Sonny and Sorel meet.  Sorel demands that Sonny take care of Zander and remove Alexis from the case against him.  Sonny goes to see Roy at the club.  Laura arrives and they discuss Deception but she still refuses Sonny’s conditions.  After she leaves, Sonny and Luke have a confrontation.  A frantic Carly searches for Michael only to find him by the docks, safe with Laura.  Upset, Carly begs Laura not to tell Sonny she lost Michael, thinking he won’t forgive her.  Back at the penthouse, Sonny demands that Carly tell him what has her so distressed.  After Carly tells him the truth, a very understanding and supportive Sonny comforts his wife.


Carly thanks Laura for saving Michael and for giving her the good advice to tell Sonny the truth.  She offers to ask Sonny to back Deception without the condition of her involvement. Tammy tells Sonny that Mike’s in town and that Carly’s the one that told her.  Sonny has Carly followed to her next meeting with Mike where he overhears her giving Mike money.  Later, Sonny confronts Carly about her helping his father against his wishes.  She says she’s doing it for him and that she hopes he respects her enough to let her keep doing it.


Carly throws Alexis a disastrous bridal shower.  After the guests leave Alexis tells Carly the fiasco wasn’t her fault and that she appreciated her efforts.  After Emily begs him to, Sonny sees Zander in jail and convinces him to testify against Sorel.  Laura finally agrees to Sonny’s terms and asks him to back Deception.  When he tells Carly, she is ecstatic and vows to make him proud of her.


Carly is upset when Bobbie invites everyone who hates her and Sonny to Thanksgiving dinner.  Carly tells Bobbie that her and her family will stay home for the holiday.  Florence recognizes Sonny and calls him Deke’s son.  Later, Sonny comforts Carly who reveals she had hoped that her mother would put her first for once.  Sorel’s men attack Carly after having gone to Jake’s to seek out Mike.  Sonny arrives before any serious harm can be done.  He arranges for Mike to be taken care of and brings Carly home.  Carly denies the men were Sorel’s.  Sonny is angry that she put herself in danger again and admits that he needs her and can’t loose her.  She says she needs him too and that she’s not going anywhere.  The next day, the Corinthos’ spend their first Thanksgiving Day as a family.


The paperwork for Deception is signed and Carly and Laura officially become partners.  Sonny tells Carly that his backing Deception is an investment in her. Michael has a bad day at school.  Sonny overreacts and wants to remove him from school altogether.  After a long talk, Carly convinces him otherwise.


Carly sets up a meeting for Sonny and Mike in the park.  Sonny, upset at the ambush, asks her not to do it again.  She agrees and suggests they go out to celebrate her promise.  On their way out to dinner, they encounter Sorel who threatens Sonny.  Sonny reassures Carly that as long as she’s safe, he’s safe.


Because the situation with Sorel is intensifying, Sonny ensures that Carly doesn’t leave the penthouse without her guard, and also warns Mike to be careful.  Carly overhears Benny saying that Sorel will try to kill Sonny because he’s protecting Zander.  The two men make light of the conversation for Carly’s benefit.  Carly asks Sonny to tell her that he’s not in danger.  He does.  She then tries to finagle Sonny’s 1% away but he refuses.  When Carly reveals her jealousy of Elizabeth, Sonny tells her that she is unique, defies categories and that he’s proud that she’s his wife.


After a perfect day getting the penthouse decorated for Christmas, Sonny tells Carly that he has to go Puerto Rico on business.  Carly reluctantly says goodbye with a promise from Sonny to be back by Christmas. 


Carly springs Gia on Laura as her choice for the “Face of Deception.” Laura is not pleased and the two argue.  When Laura learns how worried Carly is about Sonny’s business trip, the two bond over their similar circumstances.  Emily asks Carly to get Sonny back into own because Sorel is threatening Zander in jail. Alexis makes the same request after Sorel threatens her in the park.


After spending a week in Puerto Rico, Sonny surprises Carly when he arrives home just in time for Christmas.  As she is about to express her true feelings to him, Alexis barges in and asks him to bail Zander out of jail.  Carly and Michael go ahead to the GH Christmas party and wait for Sonny to join them.  Carly talks with Bobbie about how well things are going for her and Sonny and that she doesn’t want to jinx it by telling him she loves him.  At the PCPD, Sorel has a different kind of Christmas surprise in store for Sonny: a hit.  Both Sonny and Zander are shot.  Before he loses consciousness, Sonny asks Alexis to tell Carly that he loves her.  After Alexis conveys the message, Carly spends the night by Sonny’s beside where she tells him that she loves him too but that he must wake up so that she can tell him to his face. 


Even though Sonny survived surgery, his condition is very unstable.  After a visit from Mike, Sonny goes into cardiac arrest as Carly talks to him.  While his heart is stopped, Sonny sees Lily and his children in heaven but can’t stay with them because he doesn’t want to leave Carly.  After the crisis, Sonny wakes and tells Carly that he came back for her.  The two finally express their love for each other after a disagreement about Carly’s trying to get involved in his business.


Out of ICU, Sonny is back to giving orders and discussing business.  Him and Alexis talk about the shooting and she thanks him for saving her life.  The two admit that despite the odds against it, they are truly fond of each other.  As they are discussing Alexis’ and Ned relationship, Carly walks in and tells Alexis they should skip the therapy sessions for that day.  Mike comes by for a visit and tells Sonny he’s been worried and that glad he’s alive.  After Mike leaves, Carly spins a fantasy about what life will be like for them once Sonny comes home.  Since neither of them are going anywhere, they’ll have the rest of their lives to drive each other crazy.

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