Sonny & Carly Tape 21

July 16, 2003 - September 19, 2003

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July 16, 2003

At the hospital, Michael begins to pound Ric with his fists as he says he saw Ric kidnap Carly.

July 17, 2003

Michael is heartbroken when Sonny doesn't believe his claim that he saw Ric kidnap Carly. Sonny begins to trick Ric into thinking that he believes he is innocent of kidnapping Carly and later explains his ruse to Michael. Michael tells Sonny he remembers Ric saying "I'm taking you home" when he kidnapped his mother. Carly suffers through a case of Braxton-Hicks contractions. Courtney refuses to allow Faith into Sonny's penthouse and punches her. Sonny begins to suspect that Ric is keeping Carly hostage in a secret room in his house. Carly sees a mysterious intruder enter Ric's house.

July 18, 2003

Carly is unsettled as she watches the mysterious intruder work with the electronic equipment he brought in and then leave. Sonny realizes Ric is holding Carly hostage in a secret room in his house. Ric allows Carly to call Sonny. Carly tells Sonny that Ric is letting her go and asks him to come and get her. Ric explains to Carly that he is letting her go because of his love for Elizabeth. Elizabeth starts to remember seeing Carly in the panic room and tells the police that Ric kidnapped Carly.

July 21, 2003

On board Alcazar's private jet, Carly gets the upper hand and holds Alcazar at gunpoint, demanding they return to Port Charles but Alcazar soon regains control. Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason find Ric beaten. Ric confesses to Sonny that he had kidnapped Carly but that Alcazar must have grabbed her before Ric could make good on his plan to release her. Sonny wants to kill Ric but Jason points out that Ric may be able to help them determine where Alcazar has taken Carly. Dillon delivers Alcazar's letter to Sonny. Alcazar contacts Sonny and offers to return Carly in exchange for being able to move drugs through Sonny's territories.

July 22, 2003

Alcazar informs Carly that her fate is in Sonny's hands. Meanwhile, Alcazar's thug orders Dillon to call Sonny and inform him when Alcazar's drug shipment arrives at the docks. Alcazar admits to Carly he doesn't expect Sonny to become his business partner, which leads Carly to fear that Alcazar will kill Sonny. Jason fails to convince Sonny not to do cave to Alcazar's demands. Sonny remains determined to do whatever it takes to get Carly back home. Jason demands Ric tell him where Alcazar took Carly. Alcazar allows Carly to phone Sonny and both are desperate to be in each other's arms again. Scott realizes Alcazar is using Carly as a bargaining chip against Sonny. Jason threatens to lock Ric in the panic room to jog his memory. Alcazar meets with Sonny, explaining that if he doesn't get the call informing him that the drug shipment has arrived on Sonny's dock then Carly will be in danger. An unseen assailant knocks Dillon unconscious before he can make the call informing Alcazar and about the shipment. On the yacht, Carly begins to fake having labor pains.

July 23, 2003

Alcazar threatens to have Carly killed when the ship carrying his shipment of drugs explodes but Sonny convinces him otherwise when Alcazar admits this first shipment was merely a test of Sonny's word. Sonny promises Alcazar that he will arrange for the next shipment to arrive safely in exchange for being able to see Carly face to face. Courtney is alarmed when Sonny tells her he is going to see Carly alone. Meanwhile, Carly fails in her attempt to fake labor to escape from the yacht. Ric pleads his case with Jason and claims he can be useful in helping find Carly. Jason locks Ric in the panic room. Sonny arrives at the pier per Alcazar's instructions as he prepares to see Carly.

July 24, 2003

Alcazar orders Sonny to have Ric killed before he will allow Sonny to see Carly. Sonny calls Jason and orders him to kill Ric but Jason is suspicious and believes Alcazar is forcing Sonny's demand. Elizabeth is affected by Ric's words despite herself and contemplates allowing Ric to escape as Jason arrives. Elizabeth is horrified as she watches Jason shoot Ric via the monitor. Jason forcibly removes Elizabeth from Ric's house and takes her back to the penthouse. Elizabeth is later shocked when Ric arrives at the penthouse. Carly fails in another escape attempt. Carly is thrilled when Sonny arrives on the yacht and they go into each other's arms.

July 25, 2003

Sonny and Carly share an emotional reunion as he promises to bring her home safely. Sonny agrees to work with Alcazar before he is forced to leave Carly. Carly is surprised when Alcazar jumps to her defense after a guard treats her roughly. Jason explains to Sonny why he didn't kill Ric as ordered. Sonny believes Ric is useless and doesn't deserve to stay alive. Courtney warns Jason that Sonny will never forgive himself if Sonny ends up killing Ric. Courtney pleads with Jason to find Sonny and prevent him from killing Ric. Scott arrives at the penthouse to question Jason and Courtney about Ric's disappearance but Sonny has already taken Ric to the house on Martha's Vineyard.

July 28, 2003

Sonny stops himself from killing Ric as he makes it clear that he didn't push Elizabeth down the stairs and also swears he never raised a hand against their mother Adela. Ric points out some of Sonny's misdeeds as he waits for Sonny to kill him. Jason arrives at Martha's Vineyard to try to convince Sonny that they need Ric alive in order to get Carly back home. On the yacht, Carly fishes for information as she and Alcazar play backgammon. After winning the game, Carly playfully grabs for Alcazar's wallet hoping to retrieve information he received earlier but finds a photo of a young woman, which angers Alcazar.

July 29, 2003

Scott warns Sonny that it would be a mistake to kill Ric as Ric knows the details of Alcazar's compound in Venezuela. Sonny denies to Scott that he knows where Ric is as Jason holds Ric at gunpoint in the back of the house. Elizabeth defends her love for Ric as she has Faith thrown out of the penthouse. An emotional Elizabeth confronts Sonny, who admits that Ric is still alive. Elizabeth tries to convince Sonny that Ric loves him. Sonny and Jason have no choice but to allow Alcazar's drug shipment to arrive at their docks but make plans to have the drugs purchased by a front man in order to avoid them hitting the streets. Sonny takes Michael to Kelly's for ice cream. When Michael goes inside, Faith pulls a gun on Sonny and threatens to kill him. Carly questions Alcazar about the photo of the woman in his wallet. Alcazar opens up to Carly, telling her about a past love and how she had been murdered while doing human rights work when Alcazar was called away to help Luis. Alcazar claims that losing her made him the ruthless businessman he is today.

July 30, 2003

Sonny stops Faith from shooting him by telling her that Ric is alive. Sonny makes a deal with Faith and convinces her to pose as the front man to buy up Alcazar's drug shipment. Faith meets with Alcazar and convinces him she wants to get into the drug trade. Faith is later shocked when Sonny brings Scott in on their plan. Sonny and Carly share a loving moment on the phone.

July 31, 2003

At the safe house, a captive Ric struggles to recreate the floor plans for Alcazar's compound in Venezuela. Sonny holds up his end of the deal and has Alcazar's shipment unloaded on his pier. In return, Alcazar agrees to let Sonny see Carly again. Meanwhile, Carly catches one of the guards by surprise and knocks him unconscious. Before being caught and returning to her cabin, Carly manages to steal the nautical charts, which can be used to determine the location of the yacht. Alcazar retrieves the charts, knowing they couldn't have been useful to Carly anyway. Sonny and Carly share a loving reunion. Sonny secretly plants a tracking device in Carly's cabin. Alcazar listens as Sonny and Carly declare their love for each other and they grow passionate.

Aug 01, 2003

After listening to Sonny and Carly profess their love for one another, Alcazar cuts their visit short. Alcazar questions Carly about her and Sonny's relationship. Sonny returns and tells Jason to get ready to rescue Carly from the yacht. Sonny and Jason arrive on the yacht ready to whisk Carly away but find that Alcazar has left with her. Sonny and Jason find a bomb set go off on the yacht. Carly goes into premature labor while on Alcazar's jet.

Aug 04, 2003

Alcazar agrees to make an emergency landing and contact a doctor after Carly convinces him that she is in premature labor and that her baby will die if it is born this early. Alcazar warns Carly he will kill the doctor if she tries to alert him that she is being held hostage. The doctor insists that Carly be admitted to a hospital immediately. The doctor informs Alcazar and Carly that if he doesn't perform a c-section, then Carly will die but can't promise the baby will survive. Alcazar wants to go ahead with the c-section in order to save Carly's life but she begs him not to risk losing her baby. [Jason tells Courtney that he and Sonny are going to rescue Carly. Courtney fears for Jason's safety as he explains he would do anything to bring Carly home.]

Aug 5, 2003

Carly begs Alcazar not to let the doctors take her baby's life, even if it means saving her own life in the process. Although reluctant, Alcazar agrees to Carly's request as she assures him she and her baby will both survive. Carly and Alcazar form a new bond as he helps her through her crisis. Over Jason's objections, Sonny allows Ric to accompany him and Jason on their mission. Sonny learns that Carly isn't at Alcazar's compound and that she is in labor.

Aug 6, 2003

Sonny, Jason, and Ric prepare to rescue Carly but find themselves at the wrong medical clinic. Carly steals a cell phone from a nurse and manages to inform Courtney of her location. Alcazar catches Carly on the phone and covers his hurt over her betrayal with anger. Alcazar is furious with Sonny over the failed drug deal. Sonny contacts Faith and demands that she and Scott get Alcazar's money back.

Aug 7, 2003

Sonny accuses Ric of having lied to him when they don't find any sign of Carly at the clinic. Courtney arrives and informs Sonny that Carly is at a different clinic, confirming Ric's claim that he had been telling the truth. Carly suspects that Alcazar is developing feelings for her. Alcazar finds Courtney and demands she tell him where to find Sonny and Jason. Sonny, Jason, and Ric arrive at the clinic and rescue Carly. One of Alcazar's men takes aim at Jason.

Aug 8, 2003

Sonny, Ric, and Jason are ambushed as they take Carly out of the clinic. Ric takes a bullet meant for Sonny. A wounded Ric stays behind to fight off the gunmen and allow Sonny and Jason the chance to escape with Carly. Sonny and Carly make it safely back to the jet but soon learn Alcazar's armed men are on their way there. Jason returns to the hotel and finds a bound and gagged Courtney with Alcazar. Alcazar tells Jason to return Carly to him or he will hold Courtney in her place.

Aug 11, 2003

Sonny makes the painful decision to leave Jason and Courtney behind and fly back to Port Charles with Carly. Alcazar threatens to kill Courtney unless Jason returns Carly to him. Carly and Michael are reunited. Alcazar calls the penthouse wanting to speak to Carly.

Aug 12, 2003

When Elizabeth arrives at the penthouse blaming Sonny for Ric’s “death,” Carly unleashes her anger at her and points out all of Ric's crimes. Elizabeth is shaken by Carly's words.

Aug 13, 2003

Carly threatens to make Ric pay for what he did to her family for the rest of his life. Sonny enters and hopes Alcazar goes after Ric. Alcazar secretly watches Carly as she sits at Kelly's. Sonny plans on using Faith to help him lure out Alcazar.

Aug14, 2003

Alcazar has Krote, one of his minions, follow Carly. Sonny catches Krote, who admits Alcazar wanted him to tail Carly. Sonny and Jason arrange for Faith to meet with Alcazar. Alcazar takes Faith's briefcase full of money in which Jason had placed a tracking device. Jason is knocked unconscious as he attempts to follow Alcazar. Mike tells Carly that Courtney is pregnant but insists she not tell Jason or Sonny.

Aug 15, 2003

Sonny uses the tracking device to try and determine Alcazar's location. Sonny learns that Alcazar is at General Hospital. Carly goes to the hospital to see Emily. Carly's words give Emily renewed hope for the future. Alcazar confronts Carly at the hospital. Faith informs Sonny and Carly that Jason is missing.

Aug 18, 2003

Sonny refuses Alcazar's demand that he trade Carly for a hostage Courtney. Sonny is filled with rage as he listens to Carly recount her ordeal with Ric when she gives her statement to Mac. Faith prevents Alcazar from killing Ric as an arriving Sonny then stops Faith from killing Alcazar.

Aug 19, 2003

Sonny goes to kill Ric after hearing Carly recount the details of her ordeal. Carly makes an impassioned plea and stops Sonny from killing Ric.

Aug 20, 2003

Courtney doesn't tell Jason about her pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage as they return to Port Charles. Carly almost alerts Jason to the truth but she and Courtney quickly cover their tracks. Carly urges Sonny to let go of his hatred for Ric for the sake of their family.

Aug 21, 2003

Sonny doesn't buy Alcazar's claim that he wants a truce. Jason voices his fear to Sonny that he believes Alcazar raped Courtney. Courtney forces Carly to promise that she'll never tell Jason she was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. Jason confronts Alcazar with his suspicion that he harmed Courtney. Alcazar is poised to tell Jason the truth about Courtney's pregnancy.

Aug 22, 2003

Dillon's arrival prevents Jason from killing Alcazar, who doesn't tell Jason about Courtney's miscarriage. Carly assures Sonny that Alcazar didn't rape Courtney but does admits that something is troubling Courtney. Carly once again urges Courtney to tell Jason the truth. Alcazar catches Carly in his arms when she stumbles on the docks, which Sonny witnesses.

Aug 25, 2003

Alcazar tells Sonny that he is in love with Carly. Sonny catches Carly in a lie after she receives a delivery of flowers from Alcazar.

Aug 26, 2003

Carly explains to Sonny why she lied to him about Alcazar. Scott informs Sonny and Carly that he is dropping the kidnapping charges against Ric. Carly realizes Scott wants Sonny to kill Ric so that he can send Sonny to prison. Sonny warns Ric that he will get his revenge on him one day. Sonny assures Carly that he won't do anything to risk losing his family.

Aug 27, 2003

Courtney voices her fears about Jason to Carly, who later confronts Jason. Courtney overhears Jason telling Carly that he's angry Courtney didn't tell him about her pregnancy but doesn't hear Jason proclaim his undying love for her. Carly receives the gift of a backgammon board from Alcazar.

Aug 28, 2003

Courtney turns to Sonny for advice about Jason. Courtney confronts Jason about his true feelings over her miscarriage and runs off after accusing him of never being able to forgive her. Jason lets his anger show in front of Sonny while insisting he still loves Courtney. [Courtney is grabbed by Alcazar's men after inadvertently walking into the middle of their drug deal on the docks.] Dillon sees Courtney's predicament and races to tell Jason. Alcazar arrives at Sonny's penthouse.

Aug 29, 2003

Alcazar informs Sonny, Jason, and Carly that Courtney has been taken to the hospital. Courtney is given pills for her neck and back pain. Sonny bristles when Carly defends Alcazar, telling him how Alcazar saved her life and the life of their unborn baby.

Sept 02, 2003

Carly insists to Sonny that she hasn't developed any feelings for Alcazar. Scott accuses Sonny of having killed the men who attacked Courtney. Alone, Alcazar admits to Sonny that he ordered the deaths of the men who attacked Courtney. Sonny vows to remove Alcazar from his and Carly's lives.

Sept 03, 2003

Courtney tells Carly about seeing Jason with Elizabeth at the hospital. Carly warns Courtney to be honest with Jason and not to look for trouble where none exists.

Sept 04, 2003

Carly tries to give Courtney some much needed advice where Jason is concerned and later warns Elizabeth away from Jason. Carly makes it clear she wants no contact with Alcazar after he approaches her in the park.

Sept 05, 2003

Sonny questions Courtney's erratic behaviour while urging her not to push Jason away. Carly gets under Faith's skin by pointing out that Ric loves Elizabeth.

Sept 08, 2003

Sonny can't shake his fears that tragedy will strike his and Carly's unborn child.

Sept 10, 2003

Carly tries to dispel Sonny's fears about the future where their unborn child is concerned and arranges for them to attend a parenting class. Sonny learns that Alcazar called Carly wanting to meet her at The Cellar and later confronts him. Carly fears the worst after realizing that Sonny went to see Alcazar.

Sept 11, 2003

Sonny is astonished when Alcazar confidently claims that Carly will fall in love with him. Alcazar sends Carly a photograph of a dented car and asks her to meet him at the docks.

Sept 12, 2003

Sonny and Carly are witness to Jason and Courtney's renewed happiness. Courtney tells Sonny and Carly that her car was stolen and admits to her brief battle with pain pills. Carly meets with Alcazar, who claims he saw a drugged Courtney hit Elizabeth with her car. Carly's refuses help from Alcazar and later takes Courtney's car to a bluff with the intention of pushing it over the edge. In the process, Carly finds herself in danger when her coat gets caught in the car door.

Sept 15, 2003

Alcazar saves Carly from plunging to her death as she sends Courtney's car over a cliff. Carly goes home with Alcazar but doesn't make her presence known when Sonny arrives. After returning to the penthouse, Sonny questions Carly about her whereabouts.

Sept 16, 2003

Carly comes clean with Sonny, then Jason, and she explains Alcazar saw Courtney hit Elizabeth and tells them how she tried to destroy Courtney's car. Max tells them the police found the car. Jason then tells Courtney Alcazar claims to have seen her hit Elizabeth.

Sept 17, 2003

Carly and Sonny tell Jason and Courtney that the police have found Courtney's car and try to convince her she had nothing to do with the accident and that Alcazar is using her to get to Carly.

Sept 18, 2003

Carly angers Alcazar when she accuses him of helping Courtney in order to win Carly's favor. Alcazar later arrives at the police station and claims that he saw a male car thief run Elizabeth down. The charges against Courtney are dropped. Jason wants to know what Alcazar is up to.

Sept 19, 2003

Sonny is sickened when grave robbers vandalize Lily's grave and steal her corpse. Sonny sees this as a bad omen for his and Carly's unborn baby. Carly has a minor scare with the baby and is ordered to stay in the hospital overnight. Sonny returns home and is stunned to see the ghostly vision of a woman with a disfigured face.

NB: Braketed items may not be included on this tape.

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