Sonny & Carly Tape 08

March 12, 2001 – May 22, 2001

6-hour Edit

Carly returns to the penthouse where Sonny confronts her about her actions at the Deception photo shoot.  He is upset that she promised to work with Laura last night but has seemingly gone and done the opposite.   He also does not want her work following her into their home as it has these past two nights. Carly assures him that she and Laura have reached new ground and have made a new truce to cooperate for the good of the company.  Sonny seems unconvinced and moves to leave.  She asks him if they are fighting and he says that is what they are trying to avoid.  Sonny leaves with no word as to where he is going while Carly watches, uncertainty clouding her face.


Carly calls Gia and arranges to meet her at Jake’s.  There they discuss Carly’s plan to make Gia the new Face of Deception.  Jason arrives and Carly makes her introductions.  She explains they discussing business and Jason accuses her of lying.  Gia leaves and Jason gets on Carly’s case about how she treated Elizabeth earlier.  She defends herself and says Elizabeth has no business being a model and that she is doing it for Laura and Lucky.  He tells her to back off.  She tells him she is afraid for him and not to fall in love with Elizabeth:  she will hurt him if he lets her.


Sonny visits the studio where the photo shoot was held.  He enters just as Laura and Scotty are on the brink of an intimate moment.  Understanding dawns and he sees the reason for Scotty’s earlier attempt to buy Deception from him.  Sonny counters Scotty’s offer: he will buy Laura out if she can no longer work with Carly and wants out of the company.  Laura says she will find a way to work with Carly and Sonny leaves.


Jason escorts Carly home and waits for Sonny to return.  He asks Sonny to get Carly to back off Liz.  Sonny says he will do what he can.  After Jason leaves, Carly explains what went on with Liz was business and that he should stay out of it.  Sonny seems a bit jealous that Carly cares so much what happens in Jason’s personal life.  She tells him that Jason is their best friend and that she will always care about who he is with and Elizabeth is just not good enough and will only break his heart and go back to Lucky after she’s used him.


Carly comes home with a package delivered to her via the doorman.  Carly assumes it was from Sonny but it was not.  As she opens it, he tears it away from her afraid of what might be inside.  Sonny warns her never to open anything unless Johnny opens it.  Carly reads the card and it is from a French perfume house congratulating her on the rebirth of Deception.  After she leaves, Sonny finds a card from Sorel among the pop pourri reading, “BOOM! Zander Smith doesn’t testify.”


Sonny summons Jason and they discuss Sorel’s threat.  Sonny tells Alexis to get Sorel’s trial date moved up.  Alexis says that will be very difficult since she’s not official involved in the prosecution.  She is Zander’s lawyer.  He tells her it is in everyone’s best interest if the trial was moved up.  She’ll do what she can she says.  Sonny asks Jason’s opinion on Zander’s safety, snapping at him after Jason says Zander could be a liability on the stand.  Jason promises Sonny to handle Zander’s protect.


Carly goes to Jake’s in search of Jason.  She wants to know what’s the matter with her husband.  Jason refuses to get involved between Carly and Sonny.  Carly presses the issue and Jason yells at her.  She guess that he is angry about Liz and tells him he needs to stay clear of her.  She will use him and spit him up when she is done with him.


Sonny tests Zander on his readiness to take the stand and he fails.  He looses his temper and snaps at Sonny.  Sonny says Zander has no respect in him that he has no patience and that he does not know his place.


Sonny is upset when Carly comes home late.  Carly demands the truth from him when it is obvious he thought the package was a bomb.  Carly guesses that Sorel has sent Sonny another message.  He evades and tells her everything is under control and she is not to worry.  He tells her he will handle things.  She is not satisfied with his (non) explanation.  He assures her her life is not in danger.  Carly asks him not to shut her out – she can handle anything as long as he lets her in.  He insists she is not in danger.


Jason comes over upset that Liz saw him fighting with Lucky after Lucky pulls a knife on him.  Sonny is preoccupied with Sorel and the threat to his family – he wants Jason concentrating on business.  He needs his head clear.  Sonny leaves on business.  Jason is worried about Sonny’s seemingly irrational behaviour.  His worries are not unfounded when Sonny makes an unofficial visit to Sorel in prison.   When Sorel taunts Sonny about his recent present to Carly, Sonny looses it attacking Sorel through the cell bars. 


It is time to make some new arrangements.  Zander is kidnapped from Alexis’ apartment.  She is upset and wants to call the police.  Sonny dissuades her, insisting the police will make matters worse.  She acquiesces.    It is latter revealed that Zander was kidnapped by Jason – on Sonny’s order.  Emily arrives and they both assure her Zander will be ok.


At the hospital, Carly asks Bobbie why she is no good at the marriage thing.  She thinks she is an afterthought to her own husband - no matter where she turns, Alexis always seems to show up in the middle of her marriage.  Alexis is the one he goes to for advice and he never listens to Carly’s advice on anything.  Bobbie says Alexis is his lawyer and that she needs to trust Sonny. 


Carly asks Sonny out to dinner and he declines saying he is taking care of business.  She returns home to find him there with Alexis.  She is upset that that was the business he was talking about.  She says the penthouse is her home and she is not going upstairs so if they have more business to discuss they can take it elsewhere.  Alexis leaves.  Carly asks him what happened and he refuses to tell her.  She is upset that Alexis gets to know his business but she doesn’t.  They argue about his relationship with his attorney and Sonny is mad that she thinks he would betray her a month after he married her before a priest.  She knows that he is lying and if it is not about him and Alexis then it is about them – he can’t keep them safe.  She asks him how long it will be before her and Michael jump into a car and it explodes. He yells at her, telling her to “shut up” and then leaves. 


Sonny goes to visit Zander and Jason in the safe house.  He tells Zander he is staying in hiding until the trial and that’s his final decision. Alone he speaks with Jason about his fight with Carly.  Jason agrees Sonny is right to protect Carly from the truth.  Sonny knows Carly is afraid that he can’t protect her and he knowing that she is afraid makes him crazy.  Carly and him fight but never like they did tonight.  He says he feels like he is loosing his mind again and he is worried that he can’t keep her safe.  He asks Jason to tell him if he sees something wrong with him.  He needs Jason to back him.  Jason tells him he is all right and he will look out for him and Carly.


Sonny surprises Carly at the office with a boquet of flowers and an apology.  They discuss they fight they had and promise to do better in the future.  Sonny says when he gets mad he may have to walk away and Carly says that’s fine – as long as he always comes back to her. 


They make plans to meet in the park later but first Carly has to take care of Deception business.  Her plans of making Gia the new Face of Deception are quickly falling apart when her secret add campaign falls into Laura’s lap and Gia decides to pull out at the last minute.


In the park, Sonny is playing with Michael in the sandbox.  He tells him he would like to teach him everything he knows – but only the good stuff. Alexis arrives and wants to discuss Zander and the case against Sorel with Sonny.  They move away from the sandbox and while there backs are turned, Michael disappears.  They search frantically for the little boy but Sonny thinks it is too late, Sorel already has his son and it’s his fault.  On the other side of the park, AJ has found the wondering Mikey and tells him he is his daddy.  A confused Michael tells him he already has a daddy and AJ seems crushed to hear this.  He returns Mikey to Sonny who accuses him of taking him.  AJ tells him he turned his back on Michael and the toddler walked away.  He accuses him of negligence with his son but Sonny still believes AJ took him.


At home, Sonny promises Michael that he will never let anyone hurt him – ever.  Michael is sent up to bed with Leticia and Carly comes home and asks Sonny how his afternoon was with Michael.  Sonny avoids her questions and it is not until Carly goes to say goodnight to her son that she finds out he met a strange man in the park today.  Sonny admits it was AJ and Carly goes off in him for allowing AJ to get near their son.  Sonny promises it won’t happen again but she doesn’t believe him.  He can’t promise that AJ will never get near Michael just like he can’t promise he can keep them safe.  Later she apologizes to him for going off on him and says she realizes he’s under a lot of pressure and stress.  He denies it but she knows it true and promises to help him as best she can.


The day of Sorel’s trial appears and Roy reveals he has tracked Zander down to Sonny’s safe house.  Roy condemns Sonny for his treatment of Alexis and his allowing her to worry like she is.  Sonny is angry that Roy won’t stay out of his business and demands recompense for the favour Roy owes him for saving his life.  He will allow Roy to rescue Zander for Alexis and make sure he gets to the trial on time.  Roy agrees and Zander makes it to court just in time to testify and put Sorel away. 


The ruse however does not fool Alexis and she interrupts a private moment between Sonny and his wife as they are preparing to leave for the Deception party.  She slaps Sonny and when Carly calls her on her presumptuous behaviour Sonny stops her and tries to makes nice with his attorney.  Carly is dumfounded by his behaviour and they fight horribly.  Carly leaves for and attends the Deception party alone.  Surprisingly, Laura announces Gia as the new Face of Deception and admits that Carly’s instincts were right all along.  Carly’s victory is bittersweet however because she did it all to make Sonny proud of her and he is not there to share in it with her.


Carly leaves the Deception party early and encounters Sonny outside the club in the rain.  She tells him she gives up and that obviously she is not the wife for him  - all she wants to do is love him but he won’t let her in.  She runs away and Sonny chases after her.  He tells her he sorry and that he wants her.  The go back to the penthouse where they make love after a nice hot bath.  Sonny surprises Carly with the other %1 percent of Deception which makes her an equal partner with Laura and her independent of Sonny.  She tells him she wants to give him something too – not as payback but because she wants to give him something special:  a baby.  Sonny seems pleased to hear this and they start trying to make their family larger.


The next day, Carly and Laura discuss the mistakes they have both made regarding Deception and their power struggle over it.  Luara admits Carly was right about Gia and that her ad campaign really is fabulous.  Carly tells her they are equal partners now and they have to start acting like it. The both agree and come to a new level of understanding with one another.


Sorel is found guilty of Dead Ted’s killing.  Sonny arranges to have a word alone with him and tells him his big mistake was his going after his wife and her son while Carly overhears.  He wants Sorel to remember his mistakes at the moment of his death and realize things could have turned out differently if he had let things alone.


Sonny overhears Carly telling Michael he may have a little baby brother or sister soon.  He is unhappy to hear this and tells Carly she shouldn’t make Mikye believe in something that may not happen.  She asks him point blank if he wants to have another child with her and he says no.   She is hurt and angry over this and they argue over whether or not they should have any more children.  She thinks the problem is her and that Sonny doesn’t want her to be the mother of his child.  He denies it but she leaves, upset with nothing resolved between the two of them.


Carly asks Jason if he thinks she is a good mother.  Absolutely he tells her with no hesitation.  She says that Sonny doesn’t and he refutes that emphatically.  She wants to know why Sonny doesn’t want another child with her.  Jason explains that Sonny is probably scared after all he has been through and suggests she give him time to adjust to the idea.  Carly says when she got pregnant the last time, Sonny didn’t have to think – he wanted the baby right away with no reservations.  She thinks if she got pregnant again it would be the same way.  Jason warns her against getting pregnant without discussing it with Sonny, it will only make him angry in the end.  She invites him to Sonny’s birthday party later that evening and Jason says he will definitely attend.


Sonny tells Mike that Carly wants another baby but that he doesn’t want to.  Mike says he should stop punishing himself and take the opportunity to be happy – this is what he as always wanted, a family of his own.  Mike tells him he would make a wonderful father and leaves.


Carly’s little birthday party turns into a disaster when it is discovered that her present to Sonny contains a bomb.  Johnny rushes Carly and Michael out of the penthouse, leaving Sonny alone with the deadly package.  Jason arrives to the party late and helps Sonny diffuse the bomb.  Sonny orders Jason to take care of the remaining me in Sorel’s organization.  Jason says he will need to disappear after the job is done.  Sonny agrees and says it cannot be helped.


Carly and Michael return to the penthouse and are relieved to find Sonny safe and sound.  After Mikey is upstairs getting ready for bed, Carly confronts Sonny about the real reason he does not want to have a baby:  the dangers of his life and his fear that he can’t protect them.  Sonny doesn’t deny it and says that if they cannot decide together to have a child then they shouldn’t have one.  Carly reluctantly agrees and heads up to kiss Michael goodnight.  When she comes back down, she is in a sexy black nightgown and she does her best to seduce her husband – his birthday is not over and she still wants to celebrate.  Sonny see through her ploy and tells her she is not getting pregnant and that’s his final decision. They argue some more, and Sonny angrily stalks out leaving Carly looking after him.  [This is the last scene where we see Sarah Brown’s portrayal of Carly.]


Carly disappears taking Michael with her.  While she is away, Sonny offers Zander a job in the warehouse that Alexis opposes.  She wants more for Zander than a life in the business.  The point is moot as Zander disappears for parts unknown when he is lead to believe Emily does not love him anymore.


It has been several days since Carly has been gone and she comes back.  She tells Sonny she left Michael in Niagra Falls with Leticia and that she needed the time to think.  She has a plan that will fix everything.  She wants Sonny to quit the business and to leave with her and Michael.  He tells her he loves her but this is the life he leads and he is not giving it up for anything – even her.  She can stay or she can go, it’s up to her but he is not giving up his power and position.


Unhappy with Sonny’s answer, Carly devises a plan to save her family herself.  She wants to turn Sonny into the Feds and she wants Roy to help her do it.  At first Roy is reluctant but he quickly agrees after she tells him about the latest bomb threat and that her and Michael could have been killed.  He brokers a deal with Ford whereby Sonny enters the witness protection program in exchange for rolling over on all his connections.  While Sonny is interrogating the man responsible for the bomb in his home, the FBI bursts in and he is arrested.  At the PCPD, they offer him the deal but he refuses it.  Carly begs him to take the deal but he won’t hear of it.  He wants out so he can uncover the mole in his operation.  He knows he was set up and is hell bent of finding the person responsible.


AJ threatens to go after sole custody of Michael again after Sonny’s latest arrest.  Sonny promises he will see AJ in the jail cell next to his before he would ever let him lay a hand on Michael. 


After Carly unsuccessfully tries to lay the blame at other feet, Sonny realizes the guilty party is none other than his loving wife.  Sonny agrees to take the deal so he can get out of jail, even though he has no intention of actually following through with it.  Back at home, he makes love to his wife and in the aftermath confesses he knows she is the one that turned him in.  Carly denies it but he knows better and tells her to pack all her things she is leaving tonight.  He as Leticia pack Michael’s things and has Johnny escort them out of the penthouse.  Carly dresses in her wedding dress trying to remind him of all they mean to each other.  She finally admits she set him up but explains she was trying to save him and their family.  Sonny does not care what her intentions were and sees only her betrayal.  He has Johnny drag her out of the penthouse (in her wedding dress) and place her in a cab.


Alexis comes over and guesses that Carly was the one to turn Sonny into the FBI.  He tells her Carly is gone and she’s not coming back.  A desperate Carly finds Roy at the hospital and tells him everything went wrong at that Sonny knows the truth.  He tries to help but she leaves saying she knows what she has to do.  She goes back to the penthouse but can’t get in as Sonny has already had the locks changed.  Inside, Sonny listens as she pounds on the door, begging to be let in and that he forgive her.  She tells him that she loves and that she did everything for him.  He still won’t let her in and it is Alexis who comes out of her own apartment to stop Carly.  She tells her Sonny is facing major prison time and if he does go to jail, she has no one to blame but herself. 


Roy arrives at the penthouse and Johnny tells him Sonny has been expecting him.  Roy enters demanding to know where Carly is.  She has disappeared and no one has seen or heard from her.  He calls Roy on his part of the set up and accuses him of knowing which side he is on.  Once a rat always a rat.  He says Hannah was nothing to him but Carly was his wife.  Roy should have stayed out of it.  Roy tells him Carly was terrified and she asked Sonny to protect her.  Instead he refused and picked the business over her and the life of her child.  Once again, Roy demands to know where Carly is and Sonny tells him she no longer exists.  He doesn’t know where Carly is and he doesn’t care.


Roy leaves and Sonny is left alone with only his scotch to soothe him.  He takes a gun out of his des drawer and aims it at the mirror by the door.  Carly appears there and asks for his forgiveness, knowing he wants to grant it but doesn’t know how.  She begs him to allow her to come back home, to let him give in to his heart and forgive her so they can be happy again.  Sonny shoots her image in the mirror and it shatters.


The next morning, Alexis comes by to check up on him.  Johnny is nowhere to be seen and he is keeping the door open – for the circulation he says.  She wants to know where Carly is and he doesn’t answer.  She asks what happened to the mirror and he tells her he didn’t like it.  Mike comes by wanting to check up on Sonny as well.  Sonny tells him things are different since the last time he saw him.  Taggert and Ford arrive angrily accusing Sonny of witness tampering.  The man he had tied to the chair and was about to execute will not testify against him.  Without his testimony, the case against Sonny has disintegrated.  The officers leave and Mike wants to know where Carly is so they can celebrate.  Sonny asks, “who?” making Mike repeat “Carly.”  Sonny tells him he should leave now without offering up any explanation.  In the hallway, Alexis explains to Mike that Carly was the one to turn Sonny into the FBI.  Mike is incredulous and worried about Carly.


Sonny sits alone in the apartment and is reminded of Carly when he finds one of the ruby earrings he gave her on the couch.  Bobbie arrives in search of her daughter and Sonny informs her that Carly is gone.  She turned him into the Feds and if she wants to know more about it, she should ask Roy.  He’s the one who fixed everything.  He tells her Roy wanted revenge on him and he used Carly to do it.  Bobbie wants to know where her daughter is and Sonny tells her as far as he is concerned, Carly is as good as dead.


AJ arrives wanting to see his son.  Sonny informs him that Michael is gone, along with his mother and that if he wants to see Michael, he will need to deal with her.


Sonny gets a call from Jason but they end it abruptly when they realize the phone has been tapped.  Sonny leaves to continue the conversation elsewhere on his cell phone.


At the Deception offices, Sonny tells Laura that Carly is gone, that their marriage is over and offers her Carly’s shares of the company for $1.  At first Laura is reluctant to take him up on his offer but she agrees when he makes it clear he will sell them to someone else for the same amount.

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