Sonny & Carly Tape 09

May 23, 2001 - July 16, 2001

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While Carly is away, Sonny shows interest in the newest Quartermaine heir – Skye Chandler Quartermaine.   His interest soon wanes when he learns the cool beauty is after one thing:  revenge on her long lost family.  A drunken Bobbie confronts Sonny about her daughter’s whereabouts at the PC Grille.  Sonny tells her Carly took his money and left and that’s the end of it.  Later, Alexis encourages her client to seek out his wife – he still loves her, wants her and misses her.  Sonny denies all and insists there is no coming back from betrayal.  Alexis forgives Sonny for his betrayal regarding Zander and they resume their friendship.


A solitary Sonny broods in his lonely penthouse, visions of his wife haunting him, begging him to allow her to come home.  Taggert & Ford arrive with a warrant to search his apartment.  Tired of the harassment, Sonny goes to the PCPD to speak to the new police captain.  At the police station, he encounters Sorel who taunts him about his recent birthday present.  Meeting Captain Dalton, Sonny makes it clear that if the department does not back off its harassment of him, the new captain would find himself in a very uncomfortable situation – unemployed or possibly jailed for his former misconduct.  Sonny pays Sorel a surprise visit in jail with a package just like the one delivered for his birthday.  The bomb is fake but Sonny promises:  next time the bomb will be real.


Back at the penthouse, Alexis tries to get Sonny to face his feelings about Carly.  He says Carly is dead to him and that now things are back to they way they should be.  The price for the life he leads is being alone and doing without the things he always wanted.  Sonny offers Zander a job at the warehouse which Alexis thinks is not a good idea.  Alone in the penthouse once more, Sonny is again haunted by visions of his wife.


Still haunted by Carly in the penthouse, Sonny leaves and asks Alexis out to dinner to keep out of the penthouse.  Out to dinner,  Sonny flirts with an old aquaintance.  Alexis again tries to get him to open up about his feelings for Carly.  She advises that he should reconcile with Carly if he still loves her.  Taggert arrives informing them that Sorel has escaped from jail. Sonny refuses to get extra protection so Alexis calls Benny behind his back informing him he needs to look out for Sonny while he is not himself.


Returning home, Carly once again haunts her husband.  A knock at the door brings Sonny out of his reverie and it is Carly at the door.  She tells him she knows he still loves her.  She begs and pleads for his forgiveness that he cannot give – even though he admits he wants to.  But, when he looks at her now, all he sees is a liar, her betrayal and the things she took away from him: His family and his happiness.  She says if she has to prove her love by dying for him she will.  She says she can live his life now with no fear.  He doesn’t believe her.  She wonders if things would be different if she were pregnant and begs him to make a baby with her.  He says it would be so easy, like it never happened but pulls away from her.  She will do anything to make things right with him except leave.  Since she won’t leave, he gives her the key to the penthouse and makes ready to leave.  While he is not looking, she places an angel bought in Martinique and blessed by the priest that married them in his pocket.  He leaves her crying after him in the penthouse.


Learning that Carly is home, Bobbie rushes to the penthouse to see her daughter.  Carly admits the FBI betrayal was a mistake and vows she will do whatever it takes to win Sonny’s trust back again.  Bobbie tells Carly that she needs to build a life without Sonny – like she is now doing without Roy.  Carly defends Roy’s action in helping her but this does not change Bobbie’s mind.  She encourages her daughter to start a life away from Sonny and the dangers his life entails.

Sonny goes to Lily’s grave and asks her to show him how to forgive.  While at the cemetery, Sonny is attacked and stabbed by the escaped Sorel.  In the cemetery, a mysterious woman rescues a delirious Sonny and carries him away to safety.  At her cabin across the lake she begins to administers to his wounds.


Alexis berates Carly for her treatment of Sonny.  Taggert and Ford appear, attempting to persuade Carly to testify against her husband.  Carly declines.  When they leave, Alexis warns Carly that Sonny is not himself and has been taking stupid risks since she was gone.  Later, Carly asks Roy for his help in finding Sonny.  He declines.


At the lake in the woods, the mysterious woman introduces herself as Angel.  She informs him that he could have died from his wounds but a doctor she trusts fixed him up.  Sonny is suspicious of her motives but has no choice but to trust her for now.  When asked if she should call anyone, Sonny informs her his wife is dead.  Sonny attempts to leave the lake house under his own steam.  When it is obvious he does not have the strength, he realizes he has no choice but to stay until he is healed. 

Carly visits Lily’s grave where she finds Sonny’s empty briefcase and blood.  Sorel appears and she promises to do anything if he would just take her to her husband.  He leaves.  Back at the penthouse, Carly starts to call the police but is stopped by Alexis.  Carly knows that something is wrong and that Sonny is hurt but Alexis believes this to be a ruse to hide from Sorel.


Later, AJ barges into the apartment demanding to know where Michael is.  He congratulates her on managing to drive the mighty Sonny Corinthos out of his own home.  She informs AJ that he can leave because Michael is out of the country where he cannot get his hands on him.  Mike comes in and tells AJ to leave.  He tells Carly that Sonny may love her but that he does not think Sonny can forgive what she did.  Carly wants to hire a PI to find Sonny but Mike convinces her not too.  He convinces her the only thing she can do is wait.


Sonny tries to delve into Angel’s past but does not make much headway.  Delirious, he continues to dream about Carly, her betrayal and his inability to forgive her.  Angel asks Sonny what she should do with the figurine Carly gave to him.  He tells her to throw it out.  She says she cannot because it is her namesake.


Sonny and Angel share breakfast in the cabin.   After Angel leaves, Sonny calls the warehouse to speak to Benny.  Mike grabs the phone to speak to his son.  He learns he is ok and tells him he should call Carly.


Carly goes to Deception, apologizing for bailing on Laura.  Laura and Scot inform her she is no longer a part of the company.  Told that she no longer has a driver and that she must take a cab, Carly steals the keys to Sonny’s car and backs up into someone else’s:  Angel’s.  They argue, exchange information and then go their separate ways.  Back at the lake house, Angel tells Sonny she met his dead wife.  Sonny does not deny it and Angel informs that she did not give away his whereabouts.  The two enjoy a quiet night out by the lakeside.


Carly goes to Alexis wanting to sue Laura for her shares of the company, for help against AJ’s pursuit of Michael and wanting to sue Angel for their encounter in the parking garage.  Alexis declines on all accounts.  Mike arrives and informs them that Sonny is all right.  Carly is overjoyed to hear he is alive and says that is all that matters. 


Distraught, Carly finds herself at General Hospital where she is comforted by Melissa.  She tells Carly that the pain will get better in time and she will be able to stand on her own, even if she isn’t standing with him (Sonny) any longer.


The next day, Carly is served by AJ with papers to hand over Michael.  Alexis handles the papers saying that can be easily overturned.  Carly is then served with papers regarding the car accident in the parking garage.  Alexis says she will handle that too.  That is not enough for Carly who drags Mike to drive her on an errand.


Sonny and Angel wake up after having spent the night on the terrace.   The begin to talk and Angel is visibly upset when Sorel’s name is mentioned and Sonny speaks none too fondly of him.  Sonny wonders if he said something wrong and she answered that the things of his life have no place in the stillness by the lake. 


Alone, Sonny takes off his wedding ring.  He and Angel are soon surprised by an unexpected visitor who turns out to be Carly.  Sonny goes inside unseen, leaving the ring abandoned on the terrace railing.  Carly implores Angel not to sue because it will affect her custody of Michael if AJ got wind of it.  Angel agrees to drop the charges which she claims were filed by the parking attendant of the garage.  Carly confesses she does not have her license and that she is not herself since her husband left.  She is her best when he is with her and without him her world is falling apart.  Sonny listens to all of this behind a nearby door but remains in hiding.


On the porch, Mike arrives and finds Sonny’s ring on the railing.  He tells Carly he knows where Sonny is but hedges, not giving away his son’s presence.  Before they leave, Carly assures Angel that her husband is not the monster everyone says he is.


Angel says she can see that Carly loves Sonny very much.  He tells her his life was too dangerous for her and Michael and that she wanted something safe.  He asks her how you can live with someone you cannot trust.  She doesn’t answer but asks him if he could?  He leaves her question unanswered as well.  He admits that part of him wants to go back but the other part of him never wants to see Carly again.  The spend the rest of the evening in comfortable companionship.


Back at the penthouse, Carly questions Mike about Sonny’s whereabouts.  He hedges some more and tells her he was mistaken.  She asks how she can get Sonny back if she can’t speak with him.  Bobbie surprises them both when she answers, “You don’t.  You end this.  File for divorce.”  Bobbie spends the rest of her visit trying to convince Carly her life with Sonny is over and that she needs to build a life for her and Michael without him.  Mike disagrees and says his son is staying away, trying to find the courage to return to her.  Lonely, Carly asks Mike to spend the night in the penthouse with her to keep her company.


It’s the 4th of July and Alexis convinces Carly to go out to the park.  Against her better judgement, Carly agrees.  At the park, the run into the Quartermaines and Carly and AJ have yet another fight about Michael’s custody and their suitability as parents.  Carly leaves in a huff and is later approached by Stavros – Helena’s son, recently back from the dead.  He hits on Carly but she spurns his unwelcome advances.  Carly and Alexis return home after their disappointing day at the park.


Mike goes the cabin and tries to convince Sonny to go home to his wife.  He says Carly loves him and that he should give her a chance.  Sonny says he can’t go back to the way things were between them – he won’t let himself love Carly again.  Mike leaves.  Angel convinces Sonny to leave the country with her.  He wants to know why she is so insistent.  She says she is trying to keep him safe from the man who is after him – Sorel.  Sonny agrees to leave for Greece first thing in the morning.


At the penthouse, Mike tells Carly that Sonny needs time if he is ever going to come back to her.  He says Sonny will come back because is Sonny is anything, he is not like Mike.  He warns Carly that Sonny might divorce her but that he will always provide and protect her and Michael.  Mike tells her he loves her because of the way she loves his son.  Carly tells Mike that she loves him too.


After Mike leaves, Carly hears someone at the door and rushes to open it thinking it is Sonny.  Unfortunately, Sorel is her surprise visitor and he forces himself into the penthouse.  He tells her he is not leaving until Sonny shows up and they finish things between them once and for all.  She does her best to convince Sorel that Sonny won’t come because he no longer cares about her.  Carly attacks Sorel with a fire poker and when he is about to kill her,  she is saved by a knock at the door.  It turns out to be Taggert with a warning that Sorel is obviously after Sonny and that he won’t leave until he finds him.  Taggert leaves.  Carly spends the night in the penthouse with Sorel, biding her time before she can make a move.


The next morning Sonny tells Angel he can’t go away with her.  He feels something is wrong but he can’t quite put his finger on it.  He suspect Angel.  He wants to know her real connection to Sorel and she tells him that Sorel killed her husband.  She says she wants to keep him safe from Sorel.  Sonny is adamant that he has to leave and take care of people he has promised to protect.


At the penthouse, Carly moves to attack a sleeping Sorel but is stymied when he is awakened by his cell phone.  Sorel says he has to finish what he started in the cemetery.  When probed, Sorel admits he stabbed Sonny.  Carly hears this and tries to convince Sorel he succeeded, Sonny really is dead and that is why he has not come to her.  As Sorel is about to leave, AJ arrives angry about a personal edition of the PC Newspaper heralding his untimely demise.  Carly tries to convince him Sonny is dead but AJ doesn’t buy it.  He moves to leave and Carly calls after him.  Carly begs AJ for mercy and says she is in serious trouble.  She is scared, she says.  AJ calls her crazy and leaves.  She follows him out to the elevator but is caught before she can make her escape.


Johnny is in search of Sonny having learned that Sorel is keeping Carly hostage in the penthouse.  His business associates think it is better if Carly dies and hasn’t forgotten that she turned on Sonny.  When Sonny returns, they keep the truth from him when he asks about Sorel and Johnny.  They do admit to being responsible for AJ’s morning edition.  Later, Sonny runs into Alexis on the docks and she reams him out for not contacting her.   She tells him Carly has been a mess since she was gone.  She also informs him that Zander and Emily were injured in a bus accident in his absence.  He thinks that explains the bad feeling he woke up with.


Sorel tells Carly that once he takes care of Sonny, she will be his.  She tells him that will never happen.  He could never be the man that Sonny is.  Alexis arrives at the penthouse and Sorel makes her his second hostage.  He tells them unless Sonny shows, one of them will die in the next hour.


AJ arrives at the warehouse regarding custody of Michael.  He tells Sonny about Carly’s strange which tips Sonny off that something is wrong.  Sonny calls the penthouse and asks Carly if Sorel is there.  She denies it and tells him not to bother coming over – it’s too late for that.  After AJ is gone, Mike arrives telling Sonny that Sorel has Carly at the penthouse.  Sonny denies it and tells Mike that Carly is fine.  He tells Mike to stay clear and to leave Sonny alone.


On his way to PH2, Zander hears yelling in the neighbouring apartment and moves to rescue Alexis and Carly.  Carly tries to convince Sorel that Sonny will not come and that he needs to escape while he can.  She admits that she made sure Sonny would stay clear of the penthouse.  Zander sneaks in from the terrace but his presence is made known when the doors slam shut behind him.  A surprises Sorel shoots Zander.  When he is about to finish him off, Carly attacks him and they struggle for the gun.  Sorel wins the struggle and Carly offers to leave with him if he leaves the other two alone.  Sonny arrives with a belt of plastique around his waist.  As promised, this bomb is real.  He instructs Carly to get Alexis and Zander out of the penthouse so he can have it out alone with Sorel.  The hostages leave Sonny and Sorel to their business.  Sonny plays one of his famouse head trips on Sorel, convincing him he really doesn’t care if he dies one way or another.  Carly runs back in, trying to convince Sonny he still has a family and that he has something to live for.  He tells her if she wants him to trust her again she needs to leave. She does. 


Taggert arrives at PH2 and as Alexis informs him Sonny and Sorel are in a face off across a hall and that Sonny has a bomb, there is an explosion, knocking everyone unconscious.




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