Sonny & Carly Tape 10

July 17, 2001 - August 28, 2001

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Bobbie and Roy rush to the scene after hearing of the penthouse explosion.  In the ruins of PH4, Carly desperately searches for any sign of her husband.  Bobbie and Roy try to convince her to leave the scene, believing that Sonny is most likely dead.  Carly refuses and continues to search for her husband.  She finds Sorel instead.  Roy stops her from finishing what Sonny started when she tries to kill the man who held her hostage.  Sonny later emerges from the safety of the kitchen where he survived the blast.  He and Carly share some nice intimate moments.  Realizing Sorel hurt her, Sonny is protective of her while at the same time he pushes her away – this time for her safety. They argue and as Carly moves to leave the penthouse she faints.  They rush her to the hospital to make sure she is OK.  About to see Carly, Roy stops Sonny, blaming him for her injuries.  Sonny instead goes to check up on Zander and Alexis.  Outside Zander’s room, Sonny spots Angel sitting with Sorel in his hospital room.  Carly asks for Sonny from her hospital bed but Bobbie tells her he is not coming.  Carly says she knows he still loves her and vows not to give up on their love.


The next day, Carly wakes Zander from a nightmare and thanks him for saving her life.  Leaving his room, she spots Sorel and tries to get in his room.  Tony stops her and AJ intercedes on her behalf.  AJ makes her a deal:  he will back off of custody for Michael if she will leave Sonny.  All she has to do is bring Michael home.  Carly declines his offer.  They begin to argue and Skye makes her first appearance to Carly, in the guise as an ally against AJ.


Sonny visits Angel at the cottage wanting to know why she visited Sorel.  She says she wanted to know if she could see any of the man she used to know in the hospital bed before her.  She informs him Sorel is a stranger to her now and that he is nothing to her.  She asks if Sonny is going back to his wife.  He tells her no but he is going back to the business.  He gives her the angel figurine that Carly gave him. 


Carly and Sonny are separately brought into the PCPD to give their statements about the explosion.  Taggert accuses Sonny of starting a street war and moving into Sorel’s territory.  He wants to lay charges against Sonny for attempted murder of Joseph Sorel.  Carly says if Sonny is guilty, she is too.  She explains the ordeal she went through, how Sorel threatened her and how she repeatedly tried to kill him to save herself.  Taggert does not press charges against Carly and Dara informs him the PCPD could end up looking bad if they pursue the case against Sonny.  They are both free to go.  Sonny leaves without a word to Carly.


He visits Sorel in the hospital, and moves to kill him for terrorizing his wife.  Angel stops him imploring him not to kill Sorel.  A medical emergency brings the hospital staff to the room and they are forced to leave.  They discuss the move Sonny is making on Sorel’s territory and how people that she knew are dying.  Sonny invites her dinner but Angel takes a raincheck.


Bobbie brings Carly back to the brownstone to stay with her.  She tries to convince Carly they have no future together and that she needs to move on with her life.  She tells her she must put the safety of her child first.  Mike arrives and tells Carly Sonny’s pride and his trust may never let him forgive her.  Carly says things would have been different if their child had loved or if they had children.  Excited, she leaves in a rush, not telling then where she is going.  Mike warns Bobbie not to alienate her daughter:  if she does, Carly may not come to her when she needs her the most.


She goes to the warehouse where she excitedly tells Sonny she is pregnant.  He is visibly upset, thinking their child may have been hurt by the explosion.  Carly says she’s fine and that she must be pregnant because that explains the symptoms she is having.  Catching her phrasing, Sonny realizes she does not know for sure and accuses her of inventing a child to get him back.  They argue and Sonny tells her not to come back until she has taken a test.  Carly says she doesn’t have to:  she knows she is pregnant.


Carly buys a pregnancy test kit and fantasizes about having a child with Sonny.  Angel shows up the warehouse with dinner and her and Sonny enjoy a quiet meal together.  The evening is interrupted when Mike arrives announcing Carly’s pregnancy.  Angel understands that if Carly is pregnant, Sonny will go back to her because he will not turn his back on his child.


At the penthouse, Sonny encounters Carly who is looking for Michael’s old baby clothes.  He asks if she has taken the test yet.  She hasn’t.  She tells him she will today and that the answer will be Bobbie’s birthday present – proof that she will be a grandmother again.  Sonny pesters her about her eating habits.  She agrees to eat better and that she will take the test.


At the Brownstone, Skye appears and again offers to help Carly against AJ.  Carly tells her she is pregnant and that her and Sonny are reconciling.  When Bobbie arrives, she learns Carly has taken the test but that it was negative.  Carly denies the results of the test are correct and continues to believe she is pregnant.  Bobbie tries to convince her this is for the best – she has no permanent ties to Sonny and she can start her life without him.  Carly leaves to go to the hospital to get an official test.


Alexis confides in Sonny about her mother’s death and asks him to steal a necklace that was hers that Helena is selling.  Sonny offers to buy it for her but she says no.  Angel later arrives and tells Sonny that if Carly isn’t pregnant, she wants to pursue a relationship between them.


At the hospital, Carly runs into Angel and tells her she is pregnant and that her and her husband are getting back together.  Sonny arrives and Carly introduces him to Angel.  The two pretend not to know each other.  Sonny asks if she has taken the test and she says she is on her way to see Dr Meadows now.  After she leaves, Sonny accuses Angel of playing Carly.  She denies it and leaves.


Dr Meadows informs Carly she is not pregnant but she is concerned about Carly’s condition.  Upset, Carly leaves and finds Sonny watching the babies in the maternity ward.  She tries to tell him she is not pregnant but she can’t.  When he asks for a second time, it is Bobbie who answers telling him Carly is not pregnant and that she knows it.  Carly and Bobbie argue and Carly tells her to stay out of her life.  She goes after Sonny and they argue some more.  She pulls the plug on Sorel’s respirator trying to convince him that she loves him.  Angel covers for her saying she tripped on the cord.  Sonny and Carly fight some more.  Upset, Carly leaves and finagles and invitation to Angel’s cottage for the night.  Bobbie advises Sonny that if he wants to end things with Carly, he needs to forgive her and let her go. Otherwise, not forgiving her is a way of holding on to her.


Mike defends Carly to Sonny but he will hear none of it.  Mike tells him to get off his high horse and to admit he’s not as perfect as he would have everyone think.  Carly spends the morning at the lake house with Angel.  They talk and Carly tells Angel she should go after the man she wants, even if it’s complicated.  Carly does not realize the man in Angel’s life is Sonny.


Sonny arrives at the cabin, almost running into Carly.  He tells Angel to get rid of Carly, he needs to talk.  After Carly leaves, Sonny lets Angel know he knows who she is:  Sorel’s daughter.  She does not deny it.  Sonny is suspicious of her actions regarding him and she explains that she saved him by impulse – like she could not save her husband.


Carly invites Skye to her hotel room to discuss teaming up against AJ.  Instinctively, Carly backs out of the alliance but changes her mind again when AJ shows up and Skye agrees to testify that he is drinking again.  After Skye leaves, her and AJ meet in the hall and it is revealed that they are in on this together.


A frantic Bobbie calls Carly over to the brownstone to show Carly a message Sorel has left for her:  first the kid, then you.  At the warehouse, we learn Sorel has targeted Emily in her hospital room.  Sonny decides Sorel dies this night.  He is not the only one to come to this conclusion: one by one the citizens of Port Charles appear in Sorel’s room, telling him his days and hours are numbered.   First Zander in response to for Sorel’s attack on Emily.  Then Alan who assures Sorel his child will never spend another night in danger.  Next is Melissa who found pictures of Michael, Carly, Zander and Emily on one of his hit men.  She reveals to Sorel he is responsible for her brother Leo’s death.  She closes the valve on his respirator, suffocating him.  She explains that’s how Leo died – suffocating on his own blood due to the stab wounds.  Realizing what she has done, she turns the respirator back on and leaves.  Monica is Sorel’s next visitor and comments that there is something to be said about a victim that can’t run away. Max, Sonny’s hit man arrives on the scene and makes ready to get to work.  At the hospital, AJ overhears Carly tell Mike there is a hit on Michael and that she pulled the plug on him before.   A montage of Sorel’s murder and all the possible suspects:  Zander, Alan, Monica, AJ, Carly, Max (for Sonny), Roy, Melissa, Mike and Angel.


The next morning, Sonny wakes Carly who has fallen asleep in office at the warehouse.  She tells him she had to see him after last night.  He is upset she spent the night there unprotected.  She tells him about the pictures of Michael found on Sorel’s hit man.  He is upset that Carly was in the hospital last night where people could see her.  He tells her she should have gone to the hotel and let him handle things.  She says she couldn’t because he shut her out and wouldn’t tell her anything.  He wants to know what she did so he can fix it.  She tells him she can take care of Michael because he won’t.  She is a match for anyone she says, Sorel found out and so will Sonny.


At the hospital, Tony goes to check on Sorel and realizes he is dead.  Alan wants to put Sorel in the morgue and forget about him but Tony want to involve the authorities because the death looks suspicious.  Taggert is called in and he begins his investigation into the murder.


Sonny shows up at the Quartermaines where he encounters Jax for the first time since his return.  He pulls Skye aside and implies he will wreck her if she doesn’t stay away from Carly and Michael.  Later, he shows up at Jax’s and asks about Brenda.  He learns Jax was chasing a ghost and that Brenda is truly dead.


Carly goes to the hospital and learns that Sorel is dead.  She runs into Roy, Melissa and Angel and figures out that Angel was there about Sorel.  Taggert informs her Angel is Sorel’s daughter and Carly accuses her of playing games.  Taggert observes that Angel is not as emotional as she should be and wonders who in the long list of suspects killed Sorel.


Angel shows up at the warehouse and informs Sonny that her father is dead.  Sonny asks if she made peace with her father and she admits that at the end she hated him even more because he made her beg for Sonny’s life – and still denied her.


Carly rushes to Sonny’s office to warn him about Angel.  He tells her Angel is no threat to him  - he knows all he needs to about her.  Carly questions him and he admits he had her checked out.  Carly thinks it’s because he was looking out for her.  Sonny says he already knew about Angel and that the time she “introduced” them was not the first time they met.  Sonny tells Carly about the night with Sorel in the cemetery and that Angel was the one who saved him.  He goes on to tell her that all the time he was missing, he was with Angel at the lake house.  They argue and she leaves to confront Angel at the lake house.  She accuses Angel of wanting her husband and colluding with her father in her kidnapping.  Angel denies and Carly leaves – angry and out for revenge.


Carly goes to the police station demanding Angel be arrested for aiding her father in her kidnapping.  Taggert does not believe but is not too quick to dismiss her allegations – they give him an excuse to investigate Angel and his suspicions of her.


Sonny goes to the lake house to warn Angel that Carly knows he stayed with her after the stabbing.  Angel reveals that Carly was already there but insists she “handled her.”  They are interrupted when Taggert arrives to question Angel about Carly’s allegations.


At the station, Mike had almost convinced Carly to drop the charges against Angel but she pursues when the lady in question arrives at the police station with her husband.  Mac questions Carly and she believes her accusations are not far off the mark after all.  Could Angel have been the one to kill her father?  Alone with Carly in the interrogation room, Sonny tries to convince Carly to change her mind before it is too late.  Carly goes off on him and starts ranting about all the things she has done to protect him and their family.  Sonny tries to stop her but she insists on speaking her peace.  She asks him if he wants to know if she killed Sorel.  She admits she wanted to and that she’s glad he is dead but she wasn’t the one to do it.  She asks Sonny if he killed Sorel and he says, no he didn’t.  She wonders then, if she didn’t do it and Sonny didn’t do it, who did?  Mac and Taggert eavesdropping on their conversation realize that Carly is playing games and that her and Sonny know they are being monitored. 


Outside the interrogation room, Sonny convinces Carly to drop the charges against Angel – when proven false, Carly could be charged with perjury and he does not want that.  Carly admit she made a mistake and the charges are dropped.  They leave and Carly confronts Sonny on the steps of the PCPD.  She wants him to admit that he comes alive when they are together and that his protecting Angel wasn’t about him caring for her so much as it was about him trying not to care for Carly.  There connection is still there no matter how much he wants to deny it.  He says he bailed her out for Michael’s sake and his alone.  He tells her what he does is none of her business and the sooner she realizes it the better it will be for everyone. 


The next day, Sonny tells Alexis he wants to file for divorce.  She advises against it because she knows he is still in love with his wife.  He says he needs to get the divorce so that Carly understands they are over.  Alexis questions if the divorce is about Carly, or his relationship with Angel.  She berates Sonny for staying away for so long without contacting her.  She tells him she wants him to treat her with respect – he can’t treat her like his wife.


Carly is in her hotel suite making preparations for Michael’s return home.  Mike stops by for a visit and she tells him she is leaving.  When he shows concern, she clarifies she is not skipping town, she is moving out of the hotel.  She has her own place now and if it’s an independent woman Sonny wants, that’s what he’s going to get.  She is going to remind Sonny who he is dealing with.  Mike is happy she is not giving up on her marriage.  On her way out of the hotel, Carly runs into Jax and the two exchange words.  He accuses her of using Michael to hold on to Sonny and tells her she should stay away from him.  She warns him to stay away from Sonny and heads out.


Carly shows Mike her new cottage, and he comments it is a like the house Sonny always dreamt of growing up in.   That was before Mike left and Sonny’s dreams got burnt out of him, Mike says.  Carly tells him Sonny still has dreams – of the family he has always wanted and she is going to show him he can still have all that.  As Carly greets Michael, home from his summer in Martinique, AJ goes to the PCPD and confesses he knows who killed Joseph Sorel:  Carly Corinthos.

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