Sonny & Carly Tape 11

August 29, 2001 - November 5, 2001

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Carly welcomes Michael home from Martinique.  He wants her to call Sonny over but she asks him to wait until they are settled in.  Behind her back, Michael calls Sonny over by himself.  Sonny accuses Carly of putting Michael up to it and it is only when Mikey dials Mike’s number on his own that he believes.  They spend the afternoon together, Sonny teaching Mikey how to ride a bike.  Afterwards, they explain to him that his parents are not together any more and that Sonny will not be living with them.  After Michael says goodnight (even though it’s day) Sonny tells Carly he is filing for divorce.  She says she will fight him in this to which he responds, “you always do.”


The same evening, Carly goes to Angel’s lake house looking for evidence against her.  Sonny and Angel are at the No Name enjoying drinks when he offers to escort her home.  When they arrive at the lake house Angel realizes someone has been there.  When she figures out it was Carly, and that Carly was still there, she invited Sonny to spend the night.  He declines but offers to send some men out for her protection.  She tells him that won’t be necessary.  After he leaves, Angel calls Carly out and the two have an argument over Sonny.   Carly soon leaves but not before pocketing a roll of film she has stolen from Angel.


Sonny visits Zander in the hospital.  Zander wants to follow Sonny’s footsteps into the business.  Sonny dissuades him, telling him things he has done because of “the life.”  When Zander assures Sonny that he has thought about it and that he is sure, Sonny agrees.


At the funeral home, Sonny and Angel (now sporting red) discuss Sorel.  They both need to see him put in the ground.  Angel says she is ready to live again.  She tells Sonny she is aware that her father’s organization is crumbling and knows he is the cause of it.


At the cabin, Bobbie praises Carly for finally moving on with her life.  Carly says her and Sonny are the real thing and that she is not giving up on him.  A package arrives and it is the developed roll of film.  Inside she finds a picture of someone she never expected:  Jax.


At the funeral home, Carly overhears Jax pay his last respects to Chloe.  She offers comfort and an olive branch:  she could use all the friends she could get.  She mentions a new friend she has recently met – Angel Elis.  She thinks Jax might know her.


Sonny taunts Jax about his inability to save Chloe – that’s two in a row isn’t it, he asks.  The two almost come to blows but they are stopped by the Quartermaines.  Sonny ignores Carly’s request to speak with her and leaves.  She follows Angel to her father’s casket and proceeds to fill her in on the history between Sonny and Jax.  Angel warns Carly to stay away from her and if she doesn’t she will be forced to tell the police what she knows Carly did the night her father was killed.


Mac and Taggert confront Carly about Angel’s accusation (they bugged Sorel’s casket) but she denies knowing anything about Sorel’s death.  Whatever Angel said, she is lying.  They tell her it wasn’t Angel who gave her up.  Realizing the culprit is AJ, Carly disturbs Chloe’s memorial and argues with him about his statement to the police.  He tells her he can conveniently forget everything if she gives him custody of Michael.  She tells him that would never happen – Sonny would never let it.


Angel goes to Sonny at the warehouse and tells him she has to tell him about Carly.  Taggert interrupts and begins to question her about her threats to Carly.  She tells him about the parking garage episode and Carly’s driving without a license.  When Taggert leaves, she tells Sonny Carly was the one to break into her lake house.  The two are sharing a close moment when Carly walks in and warns Angel to stay away from him.  Carly wants to speak with Sonny alone.  Again he refuses her.  She says fine, she will handle AJ on her own.  He calls her back and asks Angel to leave.  She tells him AJ told the cops she killed Sorel – that he overheard her tell Mike she pulled the plug the first time.  He tells her to ignore AJ and that he’s bluffing.  She is not happy with this because what AJ says she did she really did do: she killed Joseph Sorel.  Sonny tells her to keep her mouth shut.  He tells her Sorel was already dead by the time she pulled the plug.  She wonders how he knows this but he won’t say.


Sonny has AJ kidnapped so they could have a little “discussion.”  He is not pleased that AJ upset Carly and tried to put Michael’s mother in jail.  AJ’s only choice is to sign over his full parental rights to Michael and stay out of his life forever.


Taggert questions Carly about Angel’s threats in the funeral home.  He tries to bluff his way through a confession but Angel shows up and foils his plan.  After Taggert leaves, Angel accuses Carly of using Michael to hang on to Carly.  She tells her Michael looks like her last hope. Mike arrives and Angel leaves, but not without a threat to tell Taggert what Carly really did to Sorel.  Carly tells Mike Angel is threatening to tell the cops she saw Carly pull the plug the night of the murder.  Mike says Angel is bluffing because that would also implicate Angel because she did nothing to stop it.


Carly goes to the lake house to get more dirt on Angel.  She finds Angel has a house guest (Kristina) and learns she also knows Jax.  She delves deeper to learn the specifics of Jax’s and Angel’s relationship. 


At the warehouse, Alexis asks Sonny for a bodyguard to help protect someone.  She reveals that that woman’s name is Kristina and that she is her sister. 


With her newfound information, Carly goes to the warehouse and informs Sonny that Angel and Jax were lovers.  The news surprises him, but he also wonders why he should care.  Carly does her best to seduce him but he resists.  She continues her argument that Jax has had Angel in the most intimate of ways – why would Sonny want Jax’s leftovers? 


Carly leaves after making her point and goes to the PC Grille where she encounters Jax.  She tells him that Angel is after Sonny hoping to get a reaction out of him.  She does although Jax does not reveal it.  Angel barges into Sonny’s office complaining that Carly went to her home again – unwelcome and uninvited.  He asks her about her affair with Jax and she does not deny it.  She maintains that it is her business and none of his, unless he is willing to change the nature of their relationship?  He’s not.  She leaves and he gets another unexpected visitor:  Jax.  In full protector mode, Jax warns him to stay away from Angel.  If Sonny doesn’t he may just have to take action that Sonny will not like.


At the PC Grille, Angel and Carly get into an argument and Taggert subsequently drags them downtown for “distrurbing the peace.”  The use the opportunity to question them about Sorel’s murder and Angel’s veiled threats against Carly.  Neither woman offers any further information and they are both soon free to go.


When Carly arrives back at home, she finds Sonny already there having just put Michael to bed.  He is there to deliver the divorce papers.  He won’t play her games anymore and she needs to accept that it is over between them.  Carly refuses to believe that and says that Sonny is trying to convince himself there is nothing left between them.  He tells her it’s over, he’s done and that she needs to sign the papers.  He is not in a position to forgive her because of the code he lives by.  He tells her they need to stop before they keep destroying each until there is nothing left.  She destroys the papers after he leaves her.


The next day, Carly dumps the shredded divorce papers on Sonny’s desk, telling him she will fight for their marriage even if he won’t.  Her lawyer, Asher Wilder, will stall the proceedings as long as possible.  He says he will agree to anything she wants.  She wants her company back.  Not possible, he says.  Until she gets Deception back, they are not discussing a divorce. 


Alexis reassures Sonny she will handle the divorce and AJ’s fight for custody of Michael.  She then turns the conversation to her and Kristina and her inability to trust Ned.  She wonders why she is so annoying?  Don’t we all?  He gives her “the code” speech and talks about how he is divorcing Carly because she broke it.  She comments that his reasons for the divorce keep shifting and asks if he is sure he wants the divorce at all.  He says he cannot trust Carly and cannot get past what she did.


At the Deception offices, Carly finds Gia and Stavros (posing as Lucien Cain) in a close moment.  She calls him a creep and warns Gia off of him.  Stavros apologizes for the way he treated her the 4th of July and explains it was because his heart was breaking over a woman he loved.  It is no excuse he admits and apologizes again for her behaviour.  When Carly learns he is a financial investor, she asks him what he knows about takeovers.  She asks him what it would take to get her company back.  He tells her that in order to acquire what she wants she will need to destroy it first.


Mike shows up at the warehouse feeling guilty about something.  Skye interrupts and demands to know what Sonny has done with AJ.  He denies knowledge of AJ’s whereabouts and Ned and Alan arrive and inform her AJ was spotted on a drinking binge.  After they leave, Mike asks what really happened to AJ.  Sonny doesn’t answer.


Sonny goes to the cabin when Michael has a bad dream.  Sonny says coming over was difficult because of the way they are fighting over the divorce.  He doesn’t want Mikey to suffer because of what is going on between them.  He wants Michael to know Sonny loves him and will never abandon him.  She tells him they are family and they will always be – Michael knows that.  She does her best to get Sonny to spend the night but he resists her advances and leaves.


In the abandoned meat locker, Zander tells AJ he needs to sign the papers – Sonny has already arranged for his permanent disappearance.  Sonny explains to Zander his reasons for using such drastic measures with AJ.  It is no good when a child grows up in a home where the parents hate each other.  He does not want Mikey to learn how to treat his mother from AJ.  Left the choices of signing the papers or being left alone with 2 bottles of vodka, AJ signs the papers.


Carly comes home from grocery shopping to find Lucien waiting for her.  He offers to help get her company back.  Sonny arrives wanting to discuss the divorce.  Sonny’s little green monster rears its ugly head and the man gets a bit territorial.  Lucien does not want to leave Carly alone with Sonny.  She says she will be fine and that they can discuss business later.  Lucien leaves and Sonny begins to interrogate her about her relationship with Lucien.  She tells him who she is seeing, working with or sleeping with is none of his business.  He tells her to sign the papers and they can be done with this.


Sonny offers to protect Alexis against the latest Cassadine threat even when she won’t tell him precisely what it is about.  They agree they are friends, that they care about each other and that they will always tell each other the truth.


Sonny goes back to the cabin and tells Carly he want to make a commitment to Michael.   He informs her AJ has signed away full parental custody of Michael and that he wants to adopt him and officially become his father.  He wants Michael to know that he will never leave him.  Carly is surprised by the gesture but is not sure if this is best for Michael.  She does not see the sense in Sonny’s divorcing her but adopting her child.  Sonny says it is best for Michael.  Carly argue that what is best for Michael is to have both his parent living together in a home and what Sonny is suggesting is really best for him.  She tells him she needs more time to think about the adoption.  She calls Mike over and asks for his advice.  He says it is big that Sonny wants to adopt Mikey – it ties Sonny permanently to Carly for the rest of their lives.  She agrees and thinks maybe the adoption is a way to keep her family together.  She goes to Alexis’ to proceed with the adoption and finds Sonny there.  He tells her he is spending the night there.  This upsets Carly who thinks there is more to the situation and their relationship than the two are letting on.  She tells him he can have what he wants (the adoption) if she can have what she wants (no divorce).  He says no deal.  She leaves without agreeing to the adoption.  Alexis does question he motives behind the adoption and wonder why he would insist on both the divorce and the adoption that would bind him to Carly forever. 


Carly tells Bobbie that that Sonny want to adopt Michael.  Bobbie is not so sure this is the best thing for Michael.  Carly tells her Sonny is spending the night with Alexis and maybe she should just sign the divorce papers then and there.  Bobbie advises her not to rush into anything out of spite.  While they are talking, a police officer arrives requesting their presence at a meeting Mac has arranged.


At Alexis’ apartment, Sonny is staring out the window thinking about his wife and what went on between them.  Upstairs in bed, Alexis has a fantasy about him in which he kisses her and tells her he loves.  She wakes suddenly and is surprised to see Sonny at the side of her bed.  Concerned for Alexis’s health Sonny tries to help her.  While they are talking, an officer arrives requesting Sonny’s presence at Mac’s meeting as well.


Mac’s meeting turns out to be a gathering of all the suspects of Sorel’s murder – in Sorel’s old mansion no less.  Before the real business at hand begins, AJ reveals Sonny kidnapped him and forced him to sign away full rights to Michael.  AJ implores Zander to Back up his story but Zander denies any knowledge of the event in question.  The good citizens of Port Charles are shocked and dismayed at what they hear but without proof, the police can do nothing about his accusations. 


Back to the murder mystery:  One by one, almost everyone’s involvement in the murder is revealed.  Melissa was the one to connect Sorel’s leads to a heartbeat simulator.  He woke up while she was there and she could not turn the respirator off.  Zander had drugged the police officers coffee but was not strong enough to do more than that.  Carly is accused of pulling the plug on the respirator machine.  She does not admit to anything and Mike confesses to killing Sorel before she can.  He admits to suffocating Sorel with a pillow.  But that was not the cause of death.  Angel says she knew her father was dead before those things happened.  After Melissa rigged the machinery but before Carly pulled the plug and Mike suffocated a dead man, someone else came in and turned the respirator off.  22 minutes later someone turned it back on.  That was Roy.  This leaves the Drs Quartermaine, AJ (who put himself at the scene of the crime by fingering Carly as the killing) and Bobbie as suspects.  Without a confession, Mac’s murder mystery who dun it comes to a halt and everyone is allowed to leave. 


At the lake house, Sonny shows up and reveals that he knows Angel killed her father.  He has known since the night of the murder – Max, Sonny’s hit man, saw her do it.  Angel says she couldn’t let her father kill Sonny – not when she could stop it.  She is worried to cops are closing in.  Sonny tells her not to look guilty – don’t show up at the police lab asking about their new evidence and don’t leave town.  Jax arrives and says he knows she killed her father as well.  Carly arrives just in time to hear Angel admit it.  Carly wants to hand Angel over to the police but Jax and Sonny want to help her.  When Carly realizes Angel will never be able to return to the United States, she is more than willing to aid and abet this criminal’s escape.  She devises a plan allowing Jax to smuggle Angel past Taggert and Mac who are awaiting a warrant for Angel’s arrest just on the edge of her property. 


Sonny and Carly play decoys for the escaping couple and share some intimate scenes.  When the warrant arrives, Taggert and Mac bust in, ruining their fun.  They accuse the couple of abetting Angel’s escape and they deny it profusely.  Angel lent them her lake house for their second honeymoon.  Unable to lay charges, the officers leave Carly and Sonny to their business.  Sonny tells her it would have been a mistake if they had made love.  Carly disagrees.  Sonny says she can’t live in his world but he can’t live any other way.  End of story.  He wants to end they way they turn against each other and thinks the divorce is the only to do it.  He says he wants to keep the good stuff between them (Michael and the adoption) but let go of the rest.  Carly says this is what she is trying to do but if he can’t see that then she is just wasting her time.


After the late night, Carly goes home to find Lucien waiting for her.  He is upset and in need of a friend.  They talk and Lucien asks Carly if she would allow him to spend the afternoon with her and her son.  It would help him deal with all the times he missed with his own child.  After Michael gives the go ahead, Carly agrees.


Weighing Carly’s words heavily, Sonny begins to reconsider his stance on the divorce and asks Alexis for her opinion.  She gives it.  Sonny decides it is probably best if he discuss his and Carly’s marriage with Carly.  He goes to the cabin in search of her and finds she has gone out with Lucien and Michael.  Sonny tracks them down to a video arcade where he finds them having a great time.  Jealous he asks Lucien to leave.  Lucien thanks Carly for their time together and leaves.  Sonny and Carly start in on each other over the games they play and the ways they find to hurt each other.  They agree it’s time to “end the whole damn thing” and decide they will end the way the started:  in Martinique.  They hop a plane for the Caribbean with plans of ending their marriage.


In Martinique Sonny has booked the same suite as when they were married.  He is expecting her to use it to her advantage, to seduce him, lure him back to her and convince him to renew their wedding vows.  He is expecting her to play games and she doesn’t want to – she wants to stop.  He is surprised when Carly says she is not going to do that even though she admits the thought did occur to her on the plane down.  She thought Sonny would remember what they were like together and that he still loved her.  Sonny and Carly have an in depth discussion about their marriage.  Carly tells him that she will always love him but she wonders if she ever really had him?  Was there love what it was supposed to be or did they sell themselves short along the way.  He wants to know what was so wrong with what they had.  They discussed their marriage and they ways that they went wrong – Sonny for shutting her out and Carly for betraying him to the FBI.  He would rather push her away and shut her out to keep her safe rather than share his fears with her.  Carly says she wants and needs more than he can give her.  She needs to be valued and wanted, not tolerated.    She understands that she needs to let him go, move on with her life and start feeling free again.  Sonny tells her he doesn’t want to let her go.  He wants to know if there is a way for them to remember and get back to what they had.   He tells her understand what she did even though he still hates it.  She still matters to him and maybe he can learn to bend a little bit.  Carly tells him she would have done anything to hear those words weeks ago.  Carly realizes that Sonny will never forgive her for her betrayal, not because he is being spiteful or mean but because forgiveness is just not in him.  He is incapable of it.  He says he still loves her, he tried to stop but he couldn’t.  She doesn’t want to hear it because without his forgiveness it would never be enough.  Carly cannot go back to him without forgiveness, knowing what they had and that they will never have it again. Sonny says he is doing the best he can, but for her it is not enough.  Carly admits she has to deal with the consequences of her actions. Carly signs the divorce papers.  She hands the signed papers telling him to sign them and then it will be over.  He accuses her of rushing into things and that he wants to step back and discuss things some more.  Carly says from now on she will call the shots on what goes on in her life.  She cannot live her life tiptoeing around Sonny knowing she will make mistakes in the future but he won’t support.  She has made her decision and feels relieved.  She loves and always will but he needs to sign the papers.  She leaves him alone to sign the papers but he can’t do it.  He doesn’t want to.   Carly enters to see him brooding over the still unsigned divorce papers.

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