Sonny & Carly Tape 12

November 6, 2001 - January 14, 2002

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Nov 6, 2001


Carly discovers that Sonny does not want to sign the divorce papers, and Carly stresses to a torn  Sonny that she needs him to accept her as his wife on all occasions if they have any hope of salvaging their marriage. Carly simplifies Sonny's decision making process by agreeing to let him adopt Michael regardless of the outcome of their troubled marriage.


Nov 8, 2001


Sonny wakes to find his family already gone and on their way back to Port Charles.  He has the airport stall the plane and rushes to join them.  He is upset that he asked Carly for time and she couldn't give him 12 hours.  Carly says she was only trying to give him his space.  Sonny asks Carly to move back into his penthouse, but Carly notes that Sonny has maintained a wall between them. Carly declines his offer, and Sonny reacts with shock.


Nov 13, 2001


Carly declines Sonny's offer to move back into the penthouse in order to test the waters. Mike chastises Carly for not jumping at the opportunity, but Carly explains to Mike that she can no longer live in limbo and that Sonny must either take the whole package or lose her completely.  Sonny crashes the party and rushes to Alexis' side after he learns that she was kidnapped. Ned, Jax, and Stefan react unfavorably to Sonny's presence, but Kristina does her best to make Sonny feel welcome.


Nov 15, 2001


Carly walks in on Sonny and Alexis sharing an awkwardly close moment, and Carly attempts to walk the high road and focus on her new life sans Sonny. However, Carly still fantasizes about losing the menacing Alexis and winning Sonny back, and Carly reels when Alexis points out that Carly's plans to buy back Deception hinge upon fictitious Lucien and the now deceased Stavros. Distraught, Carly runs to Jax for financial support, and she ends up collapsing in his arms. Back at Alexis' penthouse, Sonny contemplates his choices regarding Carly, and he questions Alexis when she suggests that Sonny should not give Carly another chance.


Nov 16, 2001


Carly alerts Jax to Alexis and Sonny's growing relationship. Sonny asks Alexis why he should not give Carly another shot, and Alexis avoids expressing her feelings for Sonny and badmouths Carly instead. Jax arrives upon the scene, and Alexis feels compelled to explain the situation. Sonny encourages her to keep quiet, and he exchanges barbs with Jax. Sonny exits to his newly remodeled and unfamiliar home, and he reluctantly thinks about Carly as he studies his final divorce papers. AJ successfully riles Carly in public about Sonny's relationship with Alexis, and Zander attempts to keep Carly from falling into AJ's trap.


Nov 19, 2001


Zander advises Carly against attacking AJ in public and providing ammunition for AJ in the custody battle over Michael, and she follows Zander's words of wisdom. Zander scolds AJ for riling Carly, and he accuses AJ of breaking Emily's heart with his lies.  Bobbie coaches Sonny on how to forgive and how to regain trust in a relationship. Consequently, Sonny approaches Carly and rekindles her hope that the couple will work through their problems. Sonny invites Carly back to his penthouse, and he eventually asks her to stay the night.


Nov 20, 2001


Sonny and Carly move close to reconciling, but Alexis brings the estranged couple back to reality when she storms in and accuses Carly of riling Jax. Sonny instinctively believes Alexis, and Carly points out that Sonny will never trust her again and that they therefore have no future. Carly decides to go, leaving Sonny to contemplate his divorce papers.


Nov 21, 2001


Sonny informs Alexis that he signed the divorce papers, and Alexis fears that Sonny's decision resulted from Alexis' latest altercation with Carly. Alexis urges Sonny to open up to her, and Sonny admits that he appears unable to regain his trust in Carly. Sonny assures Alexis that his relationship with Carly is over, and he also suggests that Alexis has kept things from him.  Carly confides in Bobbie that she feels ready to move on with her life, and she hints at big plans ahead. Carly visits Jax and proposes that they open a club together, and a furious Skye runs to AJ with fears that Carly has begun making a play for Jax's affections.


Nov 22, 2001


Sonny catches Carly at Jax's penthouse, and he offers to put up the money for Carly's new club in order to get her away from Jax. Sonny admits to signing the divorce papers, and Carly refuses to accept Sonny's offer. Skye, jealous, accuses Jax of hoping to seduce Carly in order to torture Sonny, and Jax suspects Carly of using him to manipulate Sonny. As a result, Jax backs away from Carly's business proposal, but Carly stubbornly presses on. Sonny shares a Thanksgiving dinner with Mike, and Mike begins to confess past sins until Sonny overrides him with his own admissions.


Nov 27, 2001


Edward approaches Sonny for help and points out to Sonny that Skye intends to gain control of ELQ. Sonny agrees to handle Janine in return for Edward's voting shares.  Alexis accepts Sonny's invitation to Puerto Rico for a business trip after he rescues her from a mouse.


Nov 28, 2001


Carly reminds Jax that she does not intend to destroy Sonny. Carly mentions Brenda, and Jax almost backs out of his deal with Carly. Sonny hires Zander to watch over Carly, and Zander approaches Carly under the guise of needing advice regarding Emily.


Nov 29, 2001


Suspicious, Carly questions Zander about Sonny, but he covers. Carly ultimately agrees to take Zander under her wing. Consequently, Zander reports back to Sonny and shares his victory.


Dec 3, 2001


At Jake's, Carly encourages Zander to approach Kristina, unaware that she is Alexis' sister. Zander complies, but lets Kristina know that he isn't seriously flirting with her. Matters become more complicated when Ned introduces them and Carly learns about the connection between Kristina and Alexis. Carly is also devastated to learn that Alexis went with Sonny to Puerto Rico.


Dec 4, 2001


Carly goes on the hunt for Sonny and Alexis in Puerto Rico. Mike points out that Carly appears to want Sonny back and Carly admits that she does still love him, but that she could never agree to live by his terms. As a result, Carly and Zander vow to help each other get over their lost loves.


Dec 5, 2001


Carly gets a call from her attorney regarding her divorce from Sonny. Jax worries that Carly will throw her future away on Sonny and he refocuses her by taking her into his arms and dancing with her in their soon-to- be nightclub. Skye walks in and spies Carly and Jax's closeness, which causes her insecurities to reemerge.


Dec 6, 2001


Unaware of Skye's brief presence, Carly and Jax continue to talk business and Jax informs Carly that she will not have free reign of his bank account. Later, Skye approaches Carly and warns her that Jax has only partnered with Carly to get back at Sonny.


Dec 7, 2001


Carly informs Zander that she will not help Jax destroy Sonny and Zander reveals that AJ tried to con Zander into betraying Sonny. AJ further angers Carly when she overhears him trying to blackmail Mike. Mike pleads with Carly to help him prevent AJ from destroying Mike's relationship with Sonny.        


Dec 10, 2001


Carly accuses Jax of partnering with her to get at Sonny. Jax realizes that Skye planted the seed in Carly's head and he offers her the opportunity to nullify their business deal. Carly comes around and promises to have a revised expense report ready for Jax's review shortly.


Dec 11, 2001


Carly agrees to help Mike find Janine in order to preserve Sonny's relationship with his father. Zander interrupts Alexis and Sonny's getaway and Sonny decides that they must return home after learning that Carly and Mike have apparently joined forces. Carly and Mike search Sonny's penthouse for clues and later she burns with anger when she runs into a jovial Sonny and Alexis.


Dec 12, 2001


Carly pretends to have come to see Sonny about their divorce, but Sonny sees through Carly's lie and questions her true intentions. Sonny suspects Carly of falling under Jax's influence, but her denial turns his thoughts to Mike. Again, Carly evades Sonny's probing and she lashes out when she learns that Alexis and Sonny spent time together in the casino. Sonny stops Alexis from defending herself, explaining that his relationship with Alexis is no longer any of Carly's business. Hurt, Carly quickly signs the settlement papers and points out that Sonny also perpetrated unforgivable acts during their marriage. Alexis thanks Sonny for an evening to remember and he encourages her to let go more often. Sonny calls for Janine and questions her about her association with Mike. A devastated Zander learns that Emily has a new boyfriend. Zander lets off more steam at Jake's and Carly provides a shoulder for him to cry on. She is stunned when he kisses her.


Dec 13, 2001


Mike attempts to confess the truth to Sonny about his association with Janine, but Sonny remains unconvinced. Sonny instructs Zander to keep a close eye on Mike and Janine and praises him for his handiwork. Zander apologizes to Carly for his forward behavior and she admits that she falls prey to impulsive behavior as well. The two agree to stick by each other's side.


Dec 14, 2001


Jax wonders how Sonny appears to know so much about Carly's activities and her suggests to her that she's being tailed. When Carly confronts him, Sonny denies her suspicions and suggests that Carly has made an error in judgment by affiliating herself with Jax.   Carly asks Sonny if he still intends to adopt Michael in light of his growing relationship with Alexis. Sonny assures her that he and Alexis are only friends. However, he confides his worry to Alexis that their friendship will put the adoption in jeopardy, so Alexis prepares to visit Carly.


Dec 17, 2001


Alexis visits Carly and is shocked when she signs Michael's adoption papers without a fight. Carly announces that she will never use Michael as a bargaining chip in her relationship with Sonny.  Alexis admits she was wrong about Carly, but Carly says she is not wrong about Alexis.  Carly calls Alexis on her true feelings for Sonny which Alexis continues to deny and calls Carly paranoid.  Carly says she knows better and Alexis leaves.


Dec 18, 2001


After an ELQ board meeting in which Skye forces the company public, Alexis cheers Sonny  with the news that Carly signed the adoption papers.  Sonny dampens Alexis' mood when he refers to her as only a friend and he promptly heads off to see Carly.


Dec 19, 2001


Fearing that Carly signed the adoption papers hastily, Sonny gives her the opportunity to tear them up. People will always questions her decision to let a man like him be father to her child.  Carly assures Sonny that she wants him to be Michael's father. Jax interrupts Carly and Sonny's close moment and she demands that both men show more respect for her in the future.


December 20, 2001


Janine offers to spill the entire truth to Sonny in return for cold, hard cash, but he keeps her waiting for an answer. Sonny admits to Alexis that he can't stomach lies and Alexis offers her ear if he ever feels comfortable enough to talk about specific betrayals.


Dec 21, 2001


Sonny questions Courtney about Janine and she reveals that Janine is her mother. Janine arrives upon the scene and she attempts to prevent Courtney from spilling the rest of the truth.  Jax watches with admiration as Carly battles with zoning commissioner over their club. He praises an uncertain Carly for her vigorous defense afterward and admits he now sees their partnership with new eyes.


Dec 24, 2001


Sonny fumes when he learns that Mike is Courtney's father. Courtney lashes out at Janine when she discovers that her mother always knew that Mike was still alive. Jax surprises Carly with papers approving her office and the two toast to their future as business partners.  Carly and Michael arrive at the penthouse for Christmas celebrations.  Sonny leaves Mike and his other family to work out their problems - he will not disappoint his son.  AJ learns that Carly has set the wheels for Michael's adoption in motion.  By the end of the day, all gather at the memorial to remember those lost during the defining year and to share their hopes for a bright and blessed future.


Dec 26, 2001


The Corinthos' are spending some quality time together when Mike arrives, asking for Sonny's help to find Courtney and Carly urges Sonny to at least hear Mike's side of the story before condemning him. She wants Sonny to set a proper example for Michael instead of shutting down everytime his father shows up.  Sonny agrees to help in the search for Courtney and asks Mike to meet him back at the penthouse so they can talk.


Dec 27, 2001


Sonny blasts Mike over Courtney and his addiction to gambling. Janine arrives to add her two cents.  Zander convinces Courtney to return to the penthouse.  Upon her  arrival, Sonny asks for a moment of privacy with his sister and the two siblings contemplate their future.


Dec 31, 2001


Sonny asks Alexis for advice on how to incorporate Courtney into his life.  Zander meets Carly at the Port Charles Grille where she is waiting with a surprise for him:  a blind date named Mandy Cane.   Zandedr politely agrees to the date even though it is the last thing he wants to do.  An uncomfortable moment ensues when Sonny and Alexis arrive ostensibly to celebrate the new year together. 


Jan 2, 2002


Hiding her upset and jealousy, Carly quickly leaves after explaining she has set Zander up on a blind date for the evening.  Sonny asks if she can't take the night off and she says she can't if she wants the club to open on time.  Sonny tries to offer Zander money as a bonus for looking after Carly.  Zander refuses the money because he is Carly's friend now and doesn't want their relationship to be about the money.  Sonny insists.  Zander leaves and instead of keeping his blind date, he goes to Carly who is spending New Year's Eve alone at the club.  As the night progress, it is obvious that Zander's feeling go beyond friendship at this point. 


Jan 3, 2002


Carly grows suspicious of Sonny and wonders if he hired Zander to spy on her. However, Zander insists that he simply admires and likes to work for Carly.


Jan 8, 2002


Sonny takes Alexis out for a night on the town to keep his mind off of Courtney. Carly walks in on Mike trying to pressure Zander into revealing Courtney's whereabouts. Carly ends up convincing Zander to spend the evening with her.


Jan 9, 2002


Skye interrupts Sonny's evening with Alexis to blast him and Sonny starts to dismiss her when Jax comes to her rescue.  While Sonny works on improving security at the No Name, Rosco approaches Alexis and puts the moves on her. Sonny returns to Alexis and quickly dismisses Rosco, informing her of Rosco's evil nature and association with Sorel. Zander learns that Carly has set him up on another blind date. Zander makes Nicole swiftly disappear by sharing his fabricated unsavory past and then informs Carly that he is not ready to rejoin the dating world. Seeing AJ with a young girl, Carly chastises him for going after jailbait and warns the girl off of AJ - without knowing she is speaking to Sonny's sister.  Later, Rosco finds Carly and he informs suspicious Carly that he is her new best friend.


Jan 10, 2002


Alexis questions Sonny's relationship with Carly and wonders what he is doing with her if he really wants to move on.  Sonny says he has never had problems finding women and Alexis paints herself as the perfect woman for Sonny.  Sonny finds Courtney opening up to Mike, which sparks renewed conflict with his father. Sonny pushes Courtney away with his overbearing manner. Alexis asks Sonny to allow her to help him and she asks if he knows how she really feels about him. Carly informs Rosco that she does not need a new "best friend" because Sonny will protect her. Zander enters to defend Carly and Rosco later punishes Zander with a visit from his goons.


Jan 11, 2002


Carly breaks up Alexis and Sonny's close moment to inform Sonny that she needs his help. She recounts her unwelcome meeting with Rosco and expresses her fear that Zander plans to confront Rosco. Sonny rushes off and Alexis accuses Carly of intentionally getting into trouble to garner Sonny's attentions.  Sonny finds a subdued Rosco at the docks and takes over.  Zander takes care of Carly for Sonny.


Jan 14, 2002


Sonny puts Alexis at unease by continuing to save Carly from her messes.  Sonny reacts with displeasure when he finds Scott escorting Alexis back to her penthouse.  Zander's feelings for Carly appear to move beyond friendship, and an oblivious Carly adds fuel to the fire when she insists that Zander spend the night with her in order for her to tend to his injuries.

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