Sonny & Carly Tape 13

January 17, 2002 - April 8, 2002

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Jan 17, 2002


Sonny brings Courtney to Kelly's where they run into Elizabeth on a date with Lucky. Sonny supports Courtney when she admits that she stole money from Gia. Carly arrives to learn that Courtney is Sonny's sister and Carly warns him that she spied Courtney with AJ at Luke's. At the same time, Courtney comes across AJ in the park.


Jan 18, 2002


Carly asks Sonny to allow her to help him protect AJ from Courtney.  Sonny does not want her involved because he does not want AJ to hurt her again.  He agrees to let her help search for Courtney and the two separate in search of his sibling.  Sonny arrives at the Quartermaine's looking for AJ and Jax rushes to Skye's defense when Sonny retaliates for her brazen words. Carly alerts Sonny to AJ's whereabouts in the park with Courtney and he arrives to find Courtney developing a relationship with his nemesis.


Jan 21, 2002


Courtney causes Sonny grief when she appears unwilling to leave AJ's side, and Carly makes matters worse when she throws in her two cents. Sonny thanks Carly for her help, and later an angry Carly corners AJ in the park as he waits for Courtney. Sonny manages to convince Courtney to talk things through with him at dinner, but she appears to have ulterior motives when she arranges for Mike to meet them at the Port Charles Grill.


Jan 22, 2002


Sonny's emotions reach a boiling point at dinner when Mike opens old wounds while discussing abandonment issues with Courtney. Sonny informs Mike that he cannot make up for his past wrongs. Sonny later chastises Courtney for forcing him into a less than comfortable situation.  Carly is caught physically assaulting AJ, but AJ chooses not to press charges. Zander applauds Carly for demonstrating her loyalty to Sonny. Carly asks Zander to help Sonny by using his charm to turn Courtney's affections away from AJ.


Jan 23, 2002


Alexis urges Sonny to open up to Courtney in order to develop a healthy relationship with her.


Jan 24, 2002


Courtney asks Sonny if they can start over, and the siblings make strides toward developing a relationship. However, Courtney upsets Sonny when she questions him about his childhood abuse. Sonny tears into Alexis' penthouse and interrupts her about to share her feelings for him with Kristina. Sonny accuses Alexis of betraying his confidence.  AJ works on gaining Courtney's favor by explaining why Sonny hates him.


Jan 25, 2002


AJ traps Sonny by pointing out to Courtney that Sonny hung AJ in a meat locker until AJ signed over parental rights of his son. Courtney confronts Sonny, but Sonny remains silent and only assures Courtney that AJ meant to set him up. Mike enters the scene after Sonny loses his temper and smashes a glass and Courtney decides that she wants to move in with Mike. Sonny provides an embarrassed Mike with the cash to get a larger place and Mike warns Sonny to never take out his anger on Courtney. Alexis does her best to comfort a conflicted Sonny and she attempts to share her feelings for him. Carly continues pressing Zander to date Courtney, but Zander remains opposed to the idea and ultimately admits that Sonny instructed him to befriend Carly in order to keep an eye on her.


Jan 28, 2002


Carly's blood boils after Zander reveals she was right -- Sonny hired him to watch over her and she urges a conflicted Zander not to tell Sonny that he told her the truth. Zander interrupts as Alexis is about to reveal her true feelings about him. Zander admits he told Carly the truth. Sonny fumes and fires Zander and Alexis ends up blasting Sonny for his behavior. Carly threatens to burn down her club in order to get Jax's attention and Jax offers to handle Sonny after learning that he continues to bother her as well as Skye. However, Carly assures Jax that she can and will handle Sonny on her own.


Jan 29, 2002


Zander informs Carly that Sonny fired him after confessing the truth, and Carly suggests that he work for her at the club. A wary Zander shares his deeper feelings for Carly, but she appears oblivious.


Jan 30, 2002


Sonny makes amends with Carly and Zander, and Carly cheers when Sonny offers to give Zander his old job back. Zander accepts and decides against declaring his true feelings after noting Carly and Sonny's continued closeness.


*Feb 1, 2002


Sonny and AJ feign civility, but AJ sends Sonny to new levels of fury when he reveals to that Courtney lives in his same building. Sonny interrupts Courtney trying to orchestrate a peaceful meeting with her parents to blast Mike about putting his sister up in AJ's hotel. Janine joins the fight between Sonny and Mike and an upset Courtney runs away from the scene with Mike's car keys.


*Feb 4, 2002


Mac reveals to Sonny that Jax has had Sonny's warehouse condemned. Skye interrupts a potentially explosive moment between Sonny and Jax. Sonny notes Skye's suspicious behavior as she runs to Jax's side and Jax questions Skye when she uses the truth to further her plans.


Feb 7, 2002


Zander gives a nervous Carly a driving lesson, but an oncoming highway accident shatters her new found driving confidence and brings back bad memories.  Carly tells Zander about the accident that killed her best friend Carly Roberts.  Zander finds himself continuing to fall for her.


Feb 8, 2002


Zander wants to share his feelings for Carly with her, but he ultimately focuses on boosting Carly's self-confidence instead by pushing her to drive the car.  Carly takes another stab at conquering her fears and gets behing the wheel again.


*Feb 11, 2002


Sonny feuds with Mike over Courtney's decision to disappear, and Sonny ignores Alexis' advice and remains determined to search for Courtney. Janine berates Mike and Sonny for "losing" Courtney and she decides to look for Courtney herself.


Feb 12, 2002


Carly overhears Jax tempting Zander with a five million dollar proposition that would allow Zander to get back at Sonny. Carly threatens to tell Sonny and Zander tells her she will have to beat him to it. He says he would never go against Sonny but letting Jax thinks he will is the best way to allow Sonny to flush out other potential traitors.


Feb 13, 2002


Zander squelches a passionate moment with Carly when he accuses her of still having feelings for Sonny. Sonny alerts Alexis to Jax's intentions to shut him down due to his relationship with her. Alexis and Sonny remember the good times that they had on their first trip to Puerto Rico. Sonny sends Alexis white gardenias as a reminder.


Feb 15, 2002


Carly interrupts a sweet moment between Alexis and Sonny with her divorce papers in hand.  She is angry and wants to know where in the divorce papers it states that she is his property.  Sonny says she isn't and she wants to know why he can move on and she can't.  She plants jealousy in Sonny's mind, telling him a great guy kissed her and she kissed him back.  She wonders if that is allowed.  Sonny is cruel to her, masking his real feelings and Carly angrily leaves.


Feb 18, 2002


Sonny goes to Jax convinced he is the man who dared to lay hands on his wife.  Sonny issues the unveiled threat, if Jax doesn't keep his hands off his wife, life for Jerry will become very uncomfortable, if not over.  Carly goes to Zander's above Jake's and extends an invitation to celebrate her divorce and freedom from Sonny.  Zander declines and she leaves.   Zander then gets an unexpected visit from Sonny who wants an explanation of how Jax was able to get so close to Carly.  Zander confesses it wasn't Jax who kissed Carly.  Sonny demands to know, who it was.


Feb 19, 2002


Carly saves Zander from the wrath of Sonny by preventing him from confessing to kissing her. Carly questions why Sonny cares who kissed her and she tells Sonny that she simply met a guy at a bar. Zander realizes that Carly has used him as a tool to make Sonny jealous and he throws her out.


Feb 21, 2002


Sonny pays AJ a visit, and a frightened Courtney hurriedly tries to picks up her scarf and hide. Sonny puts some pressure on AJ and scans the apartment. Sonny takes out his frustration on Mike afterward. Mike warns Sonny against pushing away the people he cares about.  He wonders how long before they stop coming back.  After receiving word of a supposed Courtney sighting on the docks, Sonny and Mike venture over and find a conniving AJ with a person resembling Courtney


Feb 22, 2002


Carly tells Jax about her upset regarding the animosity that has sprouted between him and Sonny. Zander prods Sonny to keep after Jax and ends up rouses Sonny's suspicions further. Sonny acknowledges Zander's loyalty to him, stirring Zander to admit that he has something to confess.


Feb 25, 2002


Carly denies having any romantic entanglement with Zander, but Kristina presses the issue and reveals that Zander told Kristina of his feelings for Carly. At the same time, Sonny pressures Zander for details about who kissed Carly. Carly tries to thank Zander for lying to Sonny for her, but Zander angrily shrugs off Carly's thanks.


Feb 26, 2002


Carly confides to Bobbie that she tried to get back at Sonny and that Zander got hurt in the process. Bobbie offers Carly a difficult plan of action in return.


Mar 1, 2002


Carly tells Jax about AJ's intentions to use Courtney as payback against Sonny. Carly horrifies Skye when she informs her that Jax is going to nail AJ. Carly and Skye get embroiled in a catfight when Skye tries to leave. Zander catches Sonny off guard when he quits, but Sonny offers Zander another chance to prove his loyalty. Jax surprises Sonny when he arrives and informs Sonny that AJ has Courtney.  



Mar 4, 2002


AJ puts Courtney in a disguise for their trip to New York, but Skye, Carly, and Zander's arrival delays their plan. AJ throws them off the scent by leaving with Skye, while Courtney stays hidden. Skye informs AJ that he needs to get Courtney out of his place. Alexis convinces Sonny that Jax told the truth about Courtney's whereabouts and a determined Sonny heads for AJ's. Alexis and Jax follow him. Sonny arrives at AJ's and he kicks down the door.


Mar 5, 2002


Carly forces Zander to accept her apology and to stop dancing around the subject of their kiss, because she knows that they share a mutual attraction. Zander shocks Carly when he asks for two tickets to her opening and announces that he intends to bring a date. AJ faces Sonny's cold fury and denies he has Courtney.  Sonny calls AJ a pimp, a  man who hides behind women and uses little girls.  He dares AJ to shoot him. When AJ stands frozen, Sonny accuses him of not being a man. Janine interrupts the standoff with a call revealing that Courtney's with her. Sonny leaves to reunite with Courtney.


*Mar 6, 2002


Courtney slaps Sonny with the fact that AJ believes in her innocence regarding the accident, while Sonny doesn't.


Mar 7, 2002


Alexis gives Carly a nasty reception at Sonny's and Sonny rubs salt in Carly's wounds when he asks her to leave so that he can talk with Alexis. Carly is forced to invite Sonny to her club opening with an unwanted audiece and then leaves.  (*Sonny confides to Alexis that he believes Courtney and he asks for Alexis' advice. Sonny apologizes to Courtney for not believing her.)  Carly returns to her club to prepare for a stupendous opening night.


Mar 8, 2002


*(Sonny invites Courtney to join him at Carly's club opening.)   Fearful of another gaffe, Sonny requests that Alexis stand by his side at the event. Alexis gladly obliges, but she questions why Sonny wants to attend at all.  Sonny explains that it is Carly's big night and if he doesn't show up, that would be taking something away from her.  He says Carly wants to prove to everyone what she is capable of doing on her own.  Carly nervously prepares for her big night and makes ready to open the club with her partner Jax.


Mar 11, 2002


Alexis attempts to digest Ned's latest news and wants to talk with Sonny before entering Carly's Club. Carly grows upset watching Zander dance suggestively with his hot date, while she waits for Sonny to make an appearance.


Mar 12, 2002


Alexis tries to stammer out her true feelings to a perplexed Sonny.  Carly tries to play it cool when Sonny enters the club and Zander comes to her rescue. Sonny happens upon Gia and tells her that he believes Courtney's version of the accident. Courtney agrees to AJ's plan and they shock everyone, especially Sonny, when they enter Carly's club together.


Mar 13, 2002


Sonny's anger mounts in reaction to seeing AJ with Courtney, but Alexis helps him control his temper. Sonny grows further frustrated after Courtney refuses his dance request. Observing the tense moment, Ned suspects that AJ has signed a death warrant for taunting Sonny.  Carly, Alexis, and Bobbie corner Courtney in the Ladies Room to warn her about AJ's manipulating ways, but AJ counters by giving her a passionate kiss.


Mar 14, 2002


Sonny fumes when he watches AJ kiss Courtney, but his mood brightens quickly when Zander suddenly tackles AJ to the ground. While Taggert realizes AJ's devious intentions, Sonny almost convinces Courtney that AJ means to cause trouble. Courtney ends up staying by AJ's side when he fakes a collapse. *(AJ gets Alan to admit him to the hospital for the night and ) Sonny enlists Mike's help to stop AJ.


Mar 15, 2002


Carly focuses on punishing AJ for all of his past misdeeds and she informs Edward that Skye aided and abetted AJ in his evil plans.  Janine shocks Sonny with the news that AJ intends to marry Courtney. Sonny storms off to confront AJ. Mike shares Sonny's sentiments regarding the AJ and Courtney fiasco. Sonny warns Mike that they must enlist wisdom and good planning in their attacks against AJ. However, Mike sets off with his own plan in the hopes of gaining Sonny's approval. AJ hatches a new scheme to get at Sonny.  Mike arrives upon the scene to talk to Courtney, leaving AJ unsettled.


Mar 18, 2002


Trying to gain Courtney's trust, Mike admits Sonny encouraged him to get her away from AJ.   Sonny threatens AJ about marrying Courtney. Carly breaks in to keep Sonny from doing something foolish, but AJ taunts her until she lunges at him. AJ (pretends to?)  find vodka in his water pitcher, and Alan angrily accuses Carly and Sonny of planting it.  Outside, Carly insists AJ set the whole thing up and Sonny admits he never suspected her.  . Courtney believes Carly and Sonny set AJ up, and Courtney agrees to go away with a jubilant AJ.


Mar 19, 2002


Sonny believes Carly's explanation for the vodka and they agree to work as a team to expose AJ.  Sonny's anger toward Mike flares because his father has chosen now to be honest with Courtney.  Sonny explains to Courtney that he only wants to protect her because he loves her.   He explains how he and Carly lost their child and says he does not want AJ to ever hurt her like he has hurt them.  Sonny stations henchmen around the hospital when Alan insists Carly, Sonny and Mike leave the hospital.


Mar 20, 2002


Carly and Sonny find themselves drawn closer together as they join forces against AJ.  Alexis interrupts their renewed closeness and comes close to suggesting that Sonny and Carly should consider letting AJ have access to Michael if they want to protect Courtney from him.   Sonny and Carly put an immediate stop to her train of thought and are adamant that AJ gets to be nowhere near their son.  While Sonny is upstairs taking care of business,  Carly and Alexis come across an envelope delivered to Sonny from AJ.


Mar 21, 2002


Sonny's dark response to AJ's note alarms Carly and Alexis and Sonny declares war on AJ.  Sonny pays Skye a surprise visit as Skye wraps up a business deal.      


Mar 22, 2002


Carly tells Zander to put the squeeze on Skye to get AJ's attention, but Zander tells Carly to show Sonny some respect and to let him handle the situation in his own way. Zander realizes how much Carly loves Sonny. Sonny presents Skye with AJ's note and he makes her an offer she can't refuse. Sonny promises not to harm AJ if she can orchestrate Courtney's return. Jax arrives upon the scene and tells Sonny to back off. After Sonny departs however, Jax advises Skye to take Sonny's offer and Skye lashes out at him. Later, Skye visits Carly's Club in a search of Jax, and Carly catches Skye off guard when she extends a warm welcome.



Mar 25, 2002


Carly warns Skye not to mess with Sonny and Carly storms off when Bobbie tries to talk sense into her. Afterward, Bobbie shares her concerns about Carly with Scott.  At the boathouse, Carly locks an oblivious Skye inside the boat shed.



Mar 26, 2002


Skye believes Sonny locked her in the boathouse and Carly reinforces this by slipping a note under the door threatening AJ's life. Carly realizes that Jax has serious feelings for Skye. Bobbie forces Carly to come clean about what she did to Skye. Scott makes Carly nervous when he points out the legal ramifications.  Carly returns to the Quartermaine’s intent on freeing Skye.  She finds Alexis there instead.


Mar 27, 2002


Sonny enters a church to pray and he tries to bargain with God for Courtney's safe return. However, a priest advises Sonny to quit making deals with God and to start changing his life.  Carly and Alexis have words and then agree to split up to search the grounds for AJ and Courtney.  When Carly returns to the boatshed to let Skye loose, she believes someone else has set Skye free when she enters and finds Skye gone. Carly returns to Bobbie and informs her that Skye is no longer in the boat shed, but Bobbie continues to worry about Carly.


Mar 28, 2002


Carly finds Sonny with Michael sleeping on his lap and Sonny shocks Carly when he asks for her help. He tells Carly they have to leave Skye alone if they want her help. Later, Carly covers a sleeping Sonny with a blanket and watches him as he finds rest at last.


Mar 29, 2002


Carly enjoys Sonny's company, but Zander arrives and almost puts her back in the doghouse. Carly admits to Zander what she did to Skye and Zander suspects that her actions will eventually blow up in her face. Furthermore, Zander expresses his disappointment in learning that Carly still cares so much about Sonny.  When Sonny returns home, Alexis mentions that she saw Carly at the Quatermaine's, and a snitch from the phone company interrupts the scene to announce that AJ's hideaway has been found.


Apr 1, 2002


Sonny's plans to charge off to rescue Courtney from AJ's clutches when he arrives with Taggert and accuses Sonny of pulling a stunt on Skye. When Skye arrives to give her statement against Sonny, Alexis realizes Carly locked Skye in the shed and informs Sonny. Zander helps Carly prepare for her driving test.  After she has gotten her license, they rush to the police station when they hear a report on the radio about Sonny’s arrest. Skye tells Taggert that Sonny locked her in the shed, but Carly arrives in time to confess that she is the one responsible.


Apr 2, 2002


In an effort to keep Carly from admitting she kidnapped Skye, Sonny takes Carly into his arms, stunning the onlookers. Sonny suggests that Carly is protecting him. Taggert asks Alexis for verification of Sonny's story and Alexis goes along with Sonny's version of events. Taggert places Sonny in lockup for Skye’s kidnapping until the ADA Jensen arrives and is able to review the case. 


Apr 3, 2002


Carly and Jax exchange heated words about Sonny. Jax infuriates Carly with the admission that he knows Carly is telling the truth.  Carly implores Jax to be fair – if wants to take Sonny down, it should be with a crime he actually committed, not something she did.  Jax enrages Skye when he asks her to inform the police that Sonny didn't commit the crime. Sonny and Carly arrive just as Skye begins her statement to Dara. 


Apr 4, 2002


Skye refrains from lying about Sonny under Jax's watchful eye, but she goes ballistic when she sees that Sonny remains free to kill her brother.  Sonny leaves and Carly chases after him intent on explaning herself.  Sonny does not want to listen to anything she has to say and leaves.  Zander fails to keep Carly from follwing Sonny to finish what she started.


Apr 5, 2002


Carly confronts Sonny, but he turns the tables when he suggests that Carly's actions have put Michael in jeopardy. They conclude that they are even now and don’t owe each other anything.  They can both walk away, free and clear.  Carly interrupts Jax unloading his angst upon Kristina, and Carly suggests to Jax that he follow her lead and rid himself of Skye like she has rid herself of Sonny. Jax departs, but Carly appears less than alone when Skye emerges from the shadows.


Apr 8, 2002


Skye and Carly continue to spar, but Carly ultimately impresses Skye despite her continuing animosity.

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