Sonny & Carly Tape 14

April 11, 2002 - June 26, 2002

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Apr 11, 2002


Luke overhears Carly hit on Roy.  He tells her she will never change and will continue to destroy her life and the people surrounding her. She storms out after finishes Luke blasting her for wasting her life. Zander finds Carly in tears.


Apr 12, 2002


Carly admits to Zander that Luke's accusations are right on the money, and Zander cheers when Carly declares that she will not chase after Sonny again.


Apr 23, 2002


Carly and Zander's relationship heats up when she gives him a gift for helping her beat her Sonny fixation. Zander inquires if Carly knows about Alexis and Sonny's developing romance.  Jax surprises Carly when he admits that he respects Sonny.  He tells her that AJ tried trading his new wife Courtney for Michael but that Sonny refused.  Later, Carly finds Sonny in bed with his attorney when she delivers a birthday card to Sonny from Michael.


Apr 24, 2002


Carly overlooks Michael's card falling to the floor after she sees Alexis and Sonny in bed together. Carly runs away to Zander's and finds him in bed. Zander welcomes her advances until he discovers that she just saw Alexis and Sonny in each other's arms. Zander orders Carly to leave and he breaks his new cue stick over his knee.


Apr 25, 2002


Zander hears news reports of a blue Lexus plunging into the lake, and rushes to tell Sonny that Carly may have driven off a cliff.  Thinking Carly doesn’t drive, Sonny is positive Carly is fine and denies she could be the victim of last night’s accident.  Zander corrects him, telling him not only does she drive, her car matches the description of the car that went into the lake and Carly was driving in the area – while very upset.  Sonny orders Zander to find Carly and to contact him as soon as he knows anything.



Apr 26, 2002


Jax finds Bobbie babysitting Michael and asks for Carly's whereabouts. An edgy Zander arrives and puts Bobbie on guard when he also asks if they've seen Carly. Wanting to spare Bobbie, Jax pulls Zander aside and Zander conveys the possibility that Carly might have driven herself off the cliff. Alexis sees Sonny's deep reaction to Zander's news, but Sonny remains in denial. Courtney visits Sonny for his birthday, unaware of the sea of emotions swirling around her. Sonny comes close to blowing when he accurately guesses AJ sent her to discuss Michael. Zander puts everything else on hold when he phones with the devastating news that the license plate of the car in the lake matches that on Carly's.


Apr 29, 2002


Sonny confuses Courtney when he instructs her to tell AJ that the "trade" will never take place. When Sonny leaves, an agitated Alexis fills Courtney in on Carly's accident and AJ's "trade." Scott learns about Carly's accident and takes on the unpleasant task of alerting Bobbie. Bobbie flares at Scott upon his arrival, thinking that he has come to discuss AJ's parental rights. However, Bobbie quickly sobers when a grim Sonny approaches and Scott breaks the bad news.



Apr 30, 2002


Sonny is furious when Zander admits that he taught Carly how to drive. A hush falls on the group when Carly's car comes up empty. Sonny insists that Carly is still alive, but a less optimistic Jax recalls Brenda's accident.


May 1, 2002


An upset Bobbie orders everyone out of her house and Luke does his best to comfort her. Later, Bobbie finds the back door open and Michael vanished, and she grows frantic.


May 2, 2002


Bobbie's friends spring into action to find Michael and to protect her from further emotional blows. On the brink of tears, Bobbie tells Sonny about Michael's disappearance, and Sonny decides to pay Courtney and AJ a surprise visit.  AJ milks Sonny's proposed hit on him to get Courtney back under his spell. Sonny arrives upon the scene, and warns AJ not to use Carly's accident as a way to get Michael. Courtney takes the opportunity to confront Sonny about the hit on AJ. A disgusted Courtney ultimately chooses to believe AJ over Sonny.   When a relieved Bobbie calls Sonny to inform him Michael has been found, Sonny leaves without another word.


May 3, 2002


Michael informs Bobbie and Sonny that he saw his mother in the back yard the night he wandered off alone.  Bobbie desperately clings to the belief that Carly is still alive. When Sonny takes Michael off to bed, Jax preaches realism. Sonny learns that Alexis followed up on one of Taggert's leads.



May 6, 2002


AJ manipulates Bobbie in order to get to Michael, but Scott stops AJ in his tracks and advises him to get a new attorney.  Bobbie asks Scott to leave when he remains doubtful about any miracles occurring for Carly.  Sonny believes Michael's story about seeing Carly, but Alexis fails to hide her doubts from an anguished Sonny. Alexis notes Sonny's withdrawal, and Alexis warns Sonny that he will lose her if he chooses to shut her out. Alexis and Sonny plan a search for Carly, and both reel when they find Michael's birthday card to Sonny.


May 7, 2002


Sonny and Alexis realize Carly saw them the night they were together – the night of the accident.  Sonny pays Zander a visit to question him about Carly, and Zander admits that he tossed Carly out of bed because she still wanted Sonny.  He confirms Sonny’s worst suspicions – Carly saw him with Alexis and that was why she was so upset that night. 


May 8, 2002


Zander stuns Alexis when he confirms that Carly saw she and Sonny in bed together. He reams her out for her treatment of Carly and tells her she can stop putting Carly down – she’s dead now.  Sonny refuses to believe that Carly died in the car accident, and he agonizes over Carly's feelings on the fateful night. Alexis finds Sonny at the site of the crash.


May 9, 2002


Alexis watches Sonny break down as he slowly realizes the horrible truth about Carly. When one of Carly's red shoes shows up at the site of the accident, Sonny appears to accept Carly's death.   Alexis is unable to console a grieving Sonny.


May 10, 2002


Sonny believes that Carly has returned when he hears footsteps and sees shadows in the cottage, but only Bobbie and Michael finally appear at the top of the stair. Sonny probes Michael about the night he saw Carly in Bobbie's backyard, and Sonny cautions a hopeful Bobbie. Bobbie accuses Sonny of desiring Carly's death, but then she apologizes after Sonny pours his heart out to her. Jax receives bad news, and he informs Bobbie that Carly's body has been found. Courtney meets Michael in the park.


May 13, 2002 


Questions arise about the identity of the body found at the site of Carly's car crash. Bobbie refuses to believe it is Carly.  Sonny has an uncharacteristic reaction after viewing the corpse and collapses in the hospital elevator. Bobbie finds Courtney and AJ in the park with Michael, and AJ inadvertently learns of Carly's demise as conflicts combust.


May 14, 2002


Scott and Luke irritate Bobbie with their forced behaviour as they await DNA test results. Luke finally comes back with the news. Sonny works out his emotions in the park, and he finds support from an unlikely source.


May 15, 2002


Confirmation of Carly's death blankets Port Charles with a broad range of emotions. Laura helps Bobbie accept the impossible.   The two go to Carly’s cottage where they undertake the daunting task of selecting a dress for the funeral service.  While there,  Bobbie finds a touching letter Carly had written her for Mother’s Day.  Mike offers his support to a guilt-ridden Sonny. Sonny takes a startling step, embracing his father and listening to his advice about forgiveness – for others but especially for himself.


May 16, 2002


Bobbie and Sonny make tough decisions regarding how to tell Michael about Carly, and Bobbie inadvertently wrenches Sonny's heart. Sonny tells Carly he loves her and makes her one last promise -  he won’t fail their son. AJ disregards his parents' wishes, and moves forward with his plans to torment Sonny with Edward's blessing.


May 17, 2002


Sonny reacts to AJ's arrival at the church. AJ asks for Skye's help and then upsets Courtney by confessing his sin. Meanwhile, all congregate after weighty discussions for Carly's funeral. Alexis surprises Sonny with her presence at the church.


May 23, 2002


Alexis and Sonny discuss the next step in their relationship.  Sonny informs her Carly does not remember what went on between the two of them but says he will have to tell her if she does not remember on her own.  Alexis seems surprised when Sonny admits he has never stopped loving his wife.  They agree they are friends, (and she is his attorney), but anything more is not in the cards.  AJ visits Carly in the hospital to remind her of his intentions to win back custody of Michael. Mike scares him off and promises not to tell Sonny about AJ's evening visit.  Carly gathers interesting information regarding Sonny from Jax and Mike. Carly decides to pay Sonny a visit as a result.


May 24, 2002


Carly visits Sonny seeking clarity about their relationship and his feelings for her, and sparks threaten to ignite between the estranged couple. When asked if he can forgive her, Sonny leaves to buy groceries to make her a meal and promises she will have all the answers she needs later.  Trouble looms when Alexis arrives upon the scene and faints in Sonny's arms.


May 27, 2002


Carly and Sonny discuss their past and lay it to rest.  Igniting sparks light Carly and Sonny's way to the bedroom. Jason receives a mysterious phone call, and Jason interrupts a tender moment between Carly and Sonny to share some news.


May 28, 2002


At Kelly’s, Sonny tells Alexis he is happy to be back with his wife, and Alexis shops for an unlikely purchase after offering her voice of friendship to Sonny. Jax accuses Carly of faking the accident and her death and she is upset that he would accuse her of such.  She explains what it was like for her, trapped in the sinking car and asks if he would like to hear one of her nightmares too?  He apologizes and says he is only trying to be a friend to her.  Carly dances around Sonny's direct questions about the night of the accident, and expertly turns the spotlight onto Sonny instead – she admits she recalls seeing him and Alexis in bed together.


May 29, 2002


Carly and Sonny revisit old issues (the separation, divorce and Alexis).  Carly says their night together has done some good – it has allowed to walk away free and clear.  Sonny strives to end the heated conversation on a positive note and tells her he will not give up on them a second time. Carly feigns disinterest in Sonny's affairs, and Carly encourages Bobbie to invite Alexis and Sonny to her special party.


May 30, 2002


Jason confronts Carly.  He tells her he knows she faked her death.  She denies it, explaining what happened to her after the accident and admits to staying away a day longer in order to punish Sonny for the hurt he caused her.  Jason tells her she must come clean with Sonny or he will tell Sonny himself.  Carly agrees but has a hard time telling Sonny the truth.  Sonny grows suspicious of Alexis' odd behavior.


May 31, 2002


Jason presses Carly to spill the truth to Sonny, but she sharpens her skills of manipulation and tests them on Sonny instead. Sonny asks Jason to investigate Carly's story, but Jason appears reluctant to comply. Carly warns Alexis off of Sonny and tells Alexis there is nothing she can give Sonny that Carly cannot give him herself.  Alexis’ quiet response “I wouldn’t be so sure of that,” is overheard by a departing Carly who demands to know what Alexis means. 


June 3, 2002


Alexis enlists Kristina and Ned to escort Alexis to the hospital in the aftermath of her altercation with Carly, fearing the health of her unborn child. Carly digs a deeper hole for herself as Sonny attempts to give Carly the benefit of the doubt, but Sonny gives Jason further instructions to find out more about where she was during her disappearance.


June 5, 2002


Sonny expresses his lingering doubts about Carly to Jason, and Jason chooses his words wisely when Sonny presses him for information about Carly's whereabouts around the time of her accident. However, Carly appears destined to destroy any hopes of a happy ending with Sonny when Zander spies her in a seemingly compromising position.


June 6, 2002


Secrets surround Sonny as he questions Alexis about her unease and Zander fights with Carly and Jason just outside of the door. Mike throws another curveball in Sonny's direction when he arrives on Sonny's doorstep with a special request – help for AJ and Courtney who have been thrown out of the Quartermaine mansion.  Sonny  touches Alexis with his intentions to assist Courtney. Sonny hurts Zander when he chooses to believe Jason over Zander, and Jason cautions Carly about Zander's fragile mental state.


June 7, 2002


On the verge of spilling the truth to Sonny, Alexis barges in on Sonny at an inconvenient moment, unaware that an eavesdropper stands poised to hear Alexis' grand news. Jason informs Sonny that an old threat, Roscoe, has returned to town.


June 10, 2002


Alexis debates about whether or not to tell Sonny about the baby. Jason informs Sonny of his latest mole (Zander), and Sonny instructs Jason to handle the situation.


June 11, 2002


Carly exchanges more barbs with Alexis, and Carly works to extinguish Alexis's ties to Sonny's life. Alexis revisits the issue of informing Sonny about her pregnancy, but breaking news about Zander interrupts her train of thought.  Carly anticipates a great future, while celebrating dinner with her family, but Taggert threatens to prove otherwise.


June 12, 2002


After Zander’s beating, Taggert fails to uncover any nefarious dealings from those gathered around Sonny's table. Carly sees the truth when Taggert turns his attention to injured Zander.  Carly apologizes to Zander when she mistakenly thinks Sonny had him beaten for wanting her.  Carly gives Sonny a response after he reveals his side of the story and the real reason Zander was hurt.


June 13, 2002


Sonny confronts Alexis when he learns that she intends to move. Sonny turns his attention to Carly when he senses words remain unspoken. Carly makes and admits she encourage Alexis to move to Sonny, and Sonny has an uncharacteristic reaction – he is not angry with her. Carly runs to Jason with news of her future plans with Sonny.


June 14, 2002


Sonny approves when he finds Alexis and Ned in a seemingly intimate moment. Things heat up when Sonny returns home to Carly. However, a phone call threatens all of Carly's glorious plans – Dr meadows informs her she cannot conceive a child.


June 17, 2002


Carly grapples with news from her doctor, and later chooses to lie to Sonny. Carly shocks Sonny with her odd reaction to his surprise – he has had the divorce proceedings halted.  Upset, Carly runs upstairs and when he follows, she tells him she will keep running because she doesn’t know how to be happy.  Sonny tells her they will learn to be happy together, they deserve it.


June 19, 2002


Carly shares her fears with Jason – AJ cost her and Sonny their first child together and he may have cost her their future children as well.  Jason tells her she needs to share what the doctor told her with Sonny, but she refuses to heed his advice.  She plans to fix things before Sonny ever knows there was a problem.


June 20, 2002


Sonny surprises Carly with a request to renew their wedding vows, but a call from Carly's doctor puts Sonny's plans in jeopardy. Alexis spies Carly at the hospital. Alexis inadvertently sets the stage for disaster when she neglects to keep the privileged information to herself and informs Sonny of Carly’s whereabouts.  Sonny surprises Carly by showing up at the hospital where she has been admitted for fertility tests.


June 21, 2002


Sonny presses Carly to trust him, and Dr. Bonds threatens to rock the boat after Carly reluctantly makes a decision. Carly spies Dr. Bonds with Alexis, and her curiosity gets the best of her.


June 24, 2002


Carly hustles to keep her true reason for visiting the hospital a secret from Sonny. Carly reels when she discovers that Alexis is pregnant. Sonny remains wary of Carly, and he finds Alexis' attendance at the hospital suspicious as well.


June 26, 2002


Carly hides in the shadows and listens as Doctor Bonds urges Alexis to notify the father of her unborn child, confirming Carly's suspicions. Sonny catches Carly encouraging Alexis to make a fresh start in another town. Sonny orchestrates Zander and Jason's release from Taggert's clutches, and the three men work together to retrieve Elizabeth.

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