Sonny & Carly Tape 15

June 27, 2002 - September 2, 2002

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June 27, 2002


Carly plots Alexis' departure from Port Charles by enlisting the help of Alexis' previous employer and cash from her club.  Sonny fears for Carly's safety as his business dealings grow more ominous. Sonny decides to give Carly the opportunity to walk away. Carly stands by her man, but she suffers from guilt when Sonny emphasizes the bonding power of honesty in a relationship.


June 28, 2002


Carly fears Alexis will reveal her deception to Sonny when she announces her intentions to take the job in New York City. Carly anticipates Sonny's wrath when she whole-heartedly supports Alexis' decision. Instead, Sonny surprises Carly with the perfect gift to complement their future together. Carly and Sonny begin to renew their vows as the darker side of Sonny's business unfolds around them.


July 1, 2002


Taggert interrupts Sonny's heartfelt vows to Carly with a search warrant, and flaring tempers lead to Carly and Sonny's arrest.  While they charges are dropped against Sonny, Taggert threatens to book Carly for the assault on a police officer.  Sonny asks Alexis to act as his wife’s attorney.  In the interrogation room, Alexis orchestrates Carly’s release – after almost increasing her sentence of community service.  Released, the lovers leave,  free to complete the renewal of their vows at the Queen of Angels.


July 3, 2002


At Club 101, Carly and Sonny re-enact the night of the club opening when Sonny told her he was proud of her for what she accomplished.  She tells him she really wanted to kiss him that night when she stumbled into him and finally does so, for all the club patrons to see.   Jax requests Carly's resignation after nailing her for skimming profits from the club.  As  she and Sonny leave, Carly takes a last regretful look at the club.   Alexis ruins Carly's day when she decides to stay in Port Charles. 


July 4, 2002


Carly tries masking her troubles at the club by informing Sonny that she quit to spend more time with him. Sonny remains convinced that Carly is keeping the truth from him. Sonny tries to enlist Alexis' help, and she stuns him when she reveals the conflict of interest is due to her new client, Jax. Sonny confronts Jax, and he spills the shocking truth of Carly’s embezzlement.


July 5, 2002


Carly cautions Jason against selling Sonny down the river in the process of recovering Elizabeth and Zander. Jason rushes off to save Elizabeth and Zander after managing to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Sonny confirms that Carly took the money from the club, and he warns Alexis against trusting Jax. Sonny confronts Carly, and she admits that she appears unable to conceive a child.


July 8, 2002


Carly opts to tell Sonny about her fertility treatments in an effort to explain why she embezzled the money from the club. Alexis threatens to stir the calming waters by alerting Sonny to Carly's plans to strike a deal with Alexis' old law firm. The tables are turned when Alexis discovers Carly has learned of her pregnancy and knows that Sonny is the father.  Carly and Alexis battle for control, but the two ladies put their ammunition away in the spirit of self-preservation.


July 10, 2002


Carly coaches Alexis on how to deceive Sonny in order to prevent him from discovering that he fathered Alexis' unborn child. Carly's worst nightmare appears about to become reality when Sonny arrives at the hospital where Doctor Bonds examines Alexis just beyond Carly's curtain.


July 11 2002


Sonny hears the beating of the baby’s heartbeat not knowing the child is his.  Seeing how much Carly is hurt by the memories the heartbeat stirs up, he finally agrees to leave with her before discovering it is Alexis with Doctor Bonds. After a consultation with the doctor, Sonny and Carly go home to make love – doctor’s orders.  Jason ruins Alexis' attempt to hide her pregnancy when he finds incriminating papers stating she is pregnant during a business meeting about Pier 52. He passes the information along to Sonny.


July 12, 2002


Sonny wants to know if the father was named on Alexis’ hospital paperwork.  Jason says “no” and Sonny is hopeful that the baby is anyone else’s but his.  Sonny admits to Carly that he knows about Alexis' pregnancy and that he could be the father of the baby. Sonny further frightens Carly when he determines to find out the truth from Alexis.  Carly warns him that she will not be there when he comes back.  He tells her he is coming back to her and leaves anyway.  Carly tries in vain to warn Alexis about Sonny's mission.  Sonny arrives at Alexis’ doorstep and demands to know if he is the father of her baby.


July 15, 2002


Sonny accuses Alexis of lying, but Ned comes to Alexis' defence, by saying that the baby is his. Alexis digests Ned's actions, and ultimately agrees to go along with Ned's lie despite the serious consequences.  Accepting the news, Sonny leaves and informs Jason the child is not his.  He admits that things are different when you are alone versus when you have a family.  If the baby had been his, it would have been a no win situation.  Carly makes good on her threat and Sonny returns home to find her gone.


July 17, 2002


Sonny receives good news about Carly from her doctor – they can conceive a child, but it appears to be a day late and a dollar short when Carly refuses to reconcile with Sonny. Instead, Carly reaches out to Jason for comfort, interrupting his attempts to help Elizabeth work through post-traumatic stress.


July 18, 2002


Sonny remains determined to win back Carly, and he argues with Jason over strategy. At the same time, Carly focuses on moving forward without Sonny in her life. Carly hatches a scheme for revenge after a visit from Bobbie. Kristina blames Sonny for Alexis and Ned's reunion and warns Sonny that his deeds will return to haunt him. Jason gives Sonny a status report on his investigation regarding Roy.


July 19, 2002


Jason gives Sonny reason for pause when he compares his mistakes to Carly's. Sonny fights back by pointing out Jason's own romantic shortcomings. Bobbie refuses to help Carly exact revenge upon Sonny. Carly fails to follow through with her planned vendetta to seduce Jason, unaware that Sonny has overheard her heart wrenching confession.


July 22, 2002


Carly fumes when she realizes that Sonny heard her confession meant for Jason. Sonny appears to recover some ground with Carly until Jason interrupts the passion with a phone call and pulls Sonny away. While Sonny and Jason discuss Sonny's waterfront business and mysterious adversary, Carly phones Scott with the intention of acquiring a restraining order against Sonny.


July 24, 2002


Sonny violates Carly's restraining order, but Jason prevents him from serving time behind bars. Alexis pays a visit to Taggert on behalf of Felicia and Roy. Sonny assumes she has come to the station to represent him. Ned fears Alexis will put her child in jeopardy, but she resents his developing role in her life.


July 27, 2002


Carly fends off Sonny's advances, but he successfully revs Carly's engine after she agrees to give him twenty-four hours to change her mind. He does his best to show her a romantic evening for two and she her best to spoil it.  He is finally successful in his seduction but leaves her high and dry at the last moment. 


July 26, 2002


Sonny admits to his past mistakes when Carly refuses to make love for fear of Sonny hurting her again. Sonny tempts Carly when he insists that he would not leave her for Alexis, even if Alexis' baby belonged to him.


July 29, 2002


Carly confesses to having knowledge of Alexis' pregnancy to Sonny long before his admission. Sonny says he had already pinpointed Carly's fears about Alexis' unborn child.  Sonny assures Carly that honesty will enable them to share a bright future, but Taggert dims the light by arresting Sonny.


July 30, 2002


Alexis bails Sonny out of jail and accuses Taggert of using Carly's retraining order as an excuse to fish in Sonny's personal business. Carly surprises Alexis and Sonny with her reaction to finding the two sharing a moment. Carly further throws Alexis with a request to tell Sonny the truth about her baby. Sonny assumes Roy hired Zander to do his dirty work, and surmises that Zander framed Jason.


July 31, 2002


Carly accuses Alexis of disguising her true reason for not telling Sonny about her pregnancy.  Sonny informs Elizabeth of Zander's betrayal. Jason finds himself in a pickle when Sonny orders him to retaliate.


Aug 1, 2002


Sonny warns Alexis to avoid stress for the sake of her baby. Sonny eases Carly's worries about not conceiving a child when he admits that he has deeper troubles. Kristina strikes new fear in Carly's heart by threatening to tell Sonny the truth after Alexis fails to come clean. Jason reinterprets Sonny's orders to get rid of Zander in order to protect Elizabeth.


Aug 2, 2002


Sonny warns Carly that war appears imminent and she reiterates that they should delay having children until the restoration of peace. Kristina remains determined to hunt Sonny down and tell him the truth. Elizabeth inadvertently puts Jason in the hot seat when she pleads with Sonny to give Zander another chance.


Aug 5, 2002


Mac takes Sonny in for questioning and a devastated Carly realizes Kristina was at the warehouse at the time of the explosion. At the hospital, Kristina momentarily regains consciousness and tells Alexis that Carly is responsible for her being at the warehouse. Alexis blames Carly for Kristina's plight and Sonny sees Alexis collapse in Carly's arms.


Aug 6, 2002


Carly tells Sonny a half-truth about why Kristina was at the warehouse.  In front of a relieved Alexis, Kristina keeps Alexis' secret to herself and keeping Sonny in the dark about the paternity of Alexis’ child. Alexis is devastated when Kristina dies. Alexis blames Sonny for Kristina's death and Carly refuses to let Sonny blame himself.


Aug 8, 2002


Ned and Jax are shocked to see Sonny, Jason, and Roy arrive at Kristina's memorial service, but they insist Alexis invited them personally. Alexis thanks everyone for coming to commemorate her sister's "murder." Alexis accuses Sonny, Jason, and Roy of having Kristina's blood on their hands. Sonny urges Roy to tell him what he knows about the explosion in order to protect Felicia. Carly refuses to let Sonny distance himself from her after Alexis's tirade.


Aug, 9, 2002


Carly's persuasive arguments convince Sonny to allow her and Michael to move back into the penthouse. Sonny's heart melts when Michael calls him "Dad." Sonny and Carly are as close as can be.


Aug 12, 2002


Unaware that Courtney is in police custody, AJ turns to Sonny for help to locate her. In the process, Sonny learns AJ told Michael that AJ is his father.  Jason gives Sonny Felicia's photos of Roy and Alcazar together.


Aug 14, 2002


Carly refuses when Alexis asks for Sonny's medical records, but she later provides the documents while making it clear she is doing it for the sake of the baby. Ned puts his name on Sonny's medical records.  Courtney refuses Sonny's offer of money.


Aug 16, 2002


Roy agrees to a meeting with Sonny and tells Jason it will take place at the Oasis. Sonny chills Roy with news about Alcazar's previous associates. After the meeting, Sonny sees Courtney onstage at the club. Carly advises Elizabeth to do as Jason asks and Carly later faces Jason's wrath.


Aug 19, 2002


Sonny finds Courtney stripping. Courtney explains her situation and begs Sonny not to tell AJ. Sonny agrees to keep Courtney's secret. Carly questions Jason about his feelings for Elizabeth. Sonny tells Carly and Jason about Courtney working as a stripper. Sonny finds comfort with Carly.


Aug 20, 2002


Sonny assigns Jason to watch over Courtney at the club. AJ confronts Sonny. Courtney fears the worst, but learns that Sonny kept her secret from AJ. Elizabeth informs Jason about Roy and Alcazar's meeting.


Aug 22, 2002


Sonny makes no progress in his meeting with Alcazar and orders Jason to uncover what Alcazar is hiding. Carly soothes Michael when his play date ends abruptly due to Sonny's reputation. Michael videotapes a loving message to Sonny. Sonny's threat against Alcazar is inadvertently caught on videotape. Michael watches the videotape of Sonny threatening to sink Alcazar’s to the bottom of the harbour with him in it.


Aug 23, 2002


Michael sneaks away from the penthouse and is found by AJ. Michael admits to AJ that he's trying to stop Sonny from hurting someone. The mystery woman calls Sonny's penthouse and hears Carly's voice on the phone. Sonny wants to see the face of Alcazar's mystery woman certain that she is the key to Alcazar’s unprovoked attack.


Aug 26, 2002


Sonny orders Jason to uncover the identity of the mystery woman on Alcazar's yacht. Sonny realizes why Michael ran away. AJ tells Michael the truth about Sonny. Jason finds AJ with Michael. Sonny and Carly are reunited with Michael who asks Sonny if he kills people.


Aug 27, 2002


Carly whisks Michael away from AJ. Sonny doesn't allow himself to kill AJ. At the penthouse, Sonny explains AJ's accusations to Michael as best he can. Carly urges Sonny to seek revenge against AJ. Sonny forces AJ into The Oasis. AJ is stunned to see Courtney working as a stripper.


Aug 28, 2002


AJ is stunned to see Courtney stripping at the club. Jason makes it clear to Coleman that Courtney's stripping days are over. Sonny feels guilt over the pain he caused Courtney. Sonny and Carly show AJ that he's responsible for Courtney's predicament. AJ sets fire to The Oasis.


Aug 29, 2002


AJ learns Courtney is responsible for Jason saving him from the fire. AJ blasts Courtney for not being truthful with him and walks out on her. Jason buys Coleman's silence. Sonny fears Courtney will never forgive him. Carly offers to be Courtney's friend. Sonny confronts Jax about his meeting with his enemy Alcazar.


Aug 30, 2002


Jason challenges AJ to do right by Courtney. A furious Sonny questions Jason's loyalty after learning Jason saved AJ's hide and ultimately sent him back to Courtney. Old wounds prevent Jax and Sonny from forming an alliance against Alcazar.


Sept 02, 2002


Sonny questions Jason's loyalty and his newfound creativity when carrying out Sonny’s orders.  Carly diffuses the tension between Sonny and Jason. She questions Sonny knowing something is wrong as he would never questions Jason’s loyalty like that.  Sonny tells her about the danger they are facing and vows to protect his family from Alcazar.



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