Sonny & Carly Tape 16

September 4, 2002 - November 13, 2002

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Sept 04, 2002


Sonny orders Jason to investigate Alcazar's yacht. While on the yacht, Jason learns Alcazar is holding a woman who is very important to his ultimate goal. Brenda is revealed to be the mystery woman on the yacht. Sonny is furious when Carly reneges on their deal to hide out on the island for her own safety.


Sept 05, 2002


Brenda overhears Alcazar ordering Roy to kill Sonny. Sonny is bolstered by Carly's faith in him. AJ explodes when Sonny comes to Courtney's rescue.


Sept 06, 2002


Brenda realizes that Alcazar used her and blames herself for placing Sonny and Jax in danger. Brenda seduces Alcazar to regain his trust. Alcazar catches Brenda as she attempts to contact Sonny.


Sept 09, 2002


Roy agrees to Alcazar's demand that he kill Sonny. Carly experiences a nightmare of Sonny's death. Sonny and Carly dream of a carefree future.


Sept 12, 2002


Sonny and Jax encounter each other at Brenda's cottage on the anniversary of her "death." Jax and Sonny's mutual hatred remains intact. Roy appears poised to kill Sonny, but is stopped by Carly's arrival. Sonny remembers Brenda, but is clearly in love with Carly.


Sept 13, 2002


Brenda convinces a teenager to call Sonny to arrange a meeting at St. Timothy's. Sonny demands to speak to the woman who asked the teenager to call him. Roy prepares to kill Sonny later that night.


Sept 16, 2002


Brenda can't bring herself to talk to Sonny on the phone, but she manages to arrange a meeting with him at St. Timothy's. Brenda confides her doubts and fears to a priest she encounters while waiting for Sonny. Roy promises Alcazar he will kill Sonny that night. Elizabeth feels the weight of Jason's lifestyle. Carly advises Elizabeth on how to live with a man like Jason. At St. Timothy's, Sonny and Brenda lock eyes as Roy takes aim at Sonny.


Sept 17, 2002


Roy shoots Sonny. Jason forcibly drags Brenda away from Sonny's side, ignoring her pleas to let her stay with Sonny. Jason takes Brenda to a safe house where he questions her about Alcazar. Brenda declares her undying love for Sonny. Carly races to St. Timothy's and says her final goodbye to Sonny, who is pronounced dead. Sonny, however, is later revealed to be alive and well.


Sept 18, 2002


Sonny witnesses Brenda's anguish over his "death," but decides not to tell her that he is alive. Sonny and Roy meet and it becomes clear they formed this elaborate ruse together. Jason refuses to allow Brenda to contact Jax. Sonny and Brenda both remember their love for one another.  Carly is outraged when Alexis declares that she wants to tell the world Sonny was the father of her baby. Carly breaks down in Bobbie's arms. [AJ plans on gaining custody of Michael.]


Sept 19, 2002


Sonny regrets the pain his "death" is causing Brenda. Carly prepares for Sonny's funeral. A suspicious Taggert questions Jason about Sonny's murder. Carly demands that Alexis leave Sonny's funeral service. Taggert crashes the service and is shocked to find a seemingly lifeless Sonny in the coffin. Alone with Carly, Sonny awakens from his deathlike state. After sneaking away from the safe house, Brenda arrives at the funeral home.  [AJ makes a deal with Edward to try and gain custody of Michael.]


Sept 20, 2002


Carly and Brenda narrowly miss seeing one another at the funeral home. Sonny explains to Carly that he has to remain in hiding. Jason physically stops Brenda from making contact with Jax. Brenda wakes from a dream and winds up in Jason's arms as Sonny sees. Carly stands up to a rival of Sonny's. [Courtney's words of love prompt a change of heart in AJ, who announces he won't seek custody of Michael. Edward reveals Courtney's secret.]


Sept 23, 2002


Brenda notices someone on the other side of the grate and unknowingly pours her heart out to Sonny. Carly breaks up a meeting of Sonny's rivals, making it clear she won't concede a single inch of Sonny's territory.


Sept 24, 2002


Jax overhears Carly question Father Dade about the mysterious woman he spoke to the night Sonny was shot. John and Jane's arrival prevent Jax from learning more about the woman. Scott plans to use Sonny's death to his own political advantage. After lying to Bobbie, Scott fails to make gains with Carly.


Sept 25, 2002


Jason berates Carly for taking on Sonny's rivals alone and refuses to take her to Sonny. After tricking Benny, Carly finds Sonny at the safe house. Sonny realizes that Brenda escaped. Roy and Sonny set a trap to catch Alcazar at Jax and Skye's wedding.


Sept 26, 2002


Sonny alerts Jason to Brenda's escape. Sonny admits to Carly that he had been holding Alcazar's girlfriend at the safe house, but doesn't mention Brenda by name. Scott and Taggert arrive at the safe house.


Sept 27, 2002


A quick thinking Carly prevents Scott and Taggert from finding Sonny at the safe house. Sonny is impressed by Carly.


Sept 30, 2002


In an attempt to help, Bobbie has arranged for her and Carly to meet Micheal on Sonny’s private island to tell him his father is dead.   Carly thanks her mother but explains she will do that in her own time when she is ready.  Sonny returns to the penthouse.  Carly accepts Tagliati's invitation to attend another business meeting (while managing to thwart the mobster’s romantic overtures while Sonny jealously waits in the wings.  Sonny and Carly argue over her increased involvement in his business but their anger turns to passion.


Oct 02, 2002


Sonny gives Carly a microphone hidden in an earring to guide her through the meeting with his rivals. Carly ignores Sonny's warning and refuses to bring drugs into Port Charles as the microphone falls into view. Scott and the police bust the meeting, saving Carly's life in the process.


Oct 03, 2002


[At the cottage, Alcazar shoots Jax. Brenda throws herself on Jax, daring Alcazar to shoot her, too.] Sonny arrives at the cottage and shoots Alcazar. Brenda and Sonny come face to face.  Scott doesn't have Carly arrested. Scott threatens to bring charges against Carly unless she makes a deal with him.


Oct 04, 2002


Sonny is hit when Brenda professes her love to a critically wounded Jax, who is taken to the hospital. Brenda blames Sonny for Jax being shot. At the police station, Brenda does not implicate Sonny in any wrongdoing and states he saved her and Jax's lives. Scott uses the threat of taking Michael to force Carly into signing a statement saying she saw Sonny and Alexis in bed together.


Oct 07, 2002


Carly encounters Brenda at the police station and blames her for bringing Alcazar into their lives. Carly holds her anger in check while Sonny is held at the police station for questioning.  Later, Carly tells Sonny to pack his bags and leave.  A furious Courtney forgives Sonny and Jason for their deception.


Oct 08, 2002


Carly fears Sonny will leave her for Brenda. Sonny convinces Carly that she is the woman he loves.


Oct 10, 2002


Sonny does damage control with his business associates. Sonny and Carly share a happy family moment when Michael returns home. Carly is relieved to learn that Sonny wants to provide Brenda with living arrangements in Europe. Brenda arrives at the penthouse.


Oct 11, 2002


Carly allows Brenda time alone with Sonny. Brenda promises Sonny she would never betray him. Alone, Carly warns Brenda not to try and steal Sonny away from her. Brenda shocks Carly with news of Jax's paralysis. Carly watches as Brenda collapses in Sonny's arms as she leaves the penthouse.


Oct 14, 2002


Sonny assures Carly that Brenda doesn't pose a threat to their marriage and explains he feels obligated to make Brenda's remaining time as easy as possible. Carly supports Sonny's idea to give Brenda money in the hope she will leave town. Carly forces Scott to return the affidavit she signed (and additional copies) about Sonny and Alexis.


Oct 15, 2002


Brenda questions Sonny's motives for wanting her to leave town.  She wonders if Carly is the reason he is trying to get her out of town.  She makes it clear she doesn’t want any of his money and that she isn't going anywhere. Sonny and Carly reaffirm their love.


Oct 16, 2002


As the debate begins, Scott accuses Alexis of having slept with Sonny. Sonny pronounces Scott's claim to be a lie. Scott then produces Carly's signed affidavit stating the truth. Sonny turns to face Carly.


Oct 17, 2002


Carly gives the performance of a lifetime to paint Scott as a manipulative liar. Bobbie joins forces with Carly and they succeed in publicly discrediting Scott. Sonny accepts Carly's explanation of how Scott forced her into signing the affidavit. Carly tells Sonny he is the father of Alexis' baby. Edward suspects that Alexis is carrying Sonny's baby.


Oct 18, 2002


Sonny rages at Carly for not telling him that he is the father of Alexis' baby. Alexis makes it perfectly clear that she is no friend of Sonny's. Sonny gives Alexis a veiled threat about his unborn child.  Edward later arrives and informs Sonny he believes Sonny is the father of Alexis’ baby.


Oct 21, 2002


After Edward pays Sonny a visit, Carly fears Sonny would be willing to trade Michael for Alexis' baby. Sonny's love for Michael is evident and he promises Carly that he is only using Edward.


Oct 22, 2002


Brenda slaps Sonny when he pushes her buttons over her feelings for Jax. Sonny tells Jax that he saved his life for Brenda, not him.  Sonny and Edward await the results of the DNA tests they secretly had conducted to determine the paternity of Alexis's baby.


Oct 23, 2002


Ned and Alexis are shocked by Sonny and Edward's secret DNA tests. After getting an earful from Lila, Carly arrives at Alexis's hospital room. Everyone is stunned when the results name Ned as the father of Alexis' baby. [Alone, Ned admits to a grateful Alexis that he arranged to have the test results altered. Alexis is relieved that Sonny will not be a part of her child's life.]  Carly confronts Alexis and accuses her of being in love with Sonny.


Oct 24, 2002


Ned and Sonny break up Carly and Alexis' argument. Sonny coldly severs all ties with Alexis. Sonny shuts Carly out and later resists Brenda's advances when he realizes her true motive. After seeing Brenda throw herself at Sonny, Carly tells Jason she fears Sonny will leave her for Brenda. Sonny is an emotional wreck after his encounters with Alexis and Brenda. Sonny and Carly realize they are right for each other. [Jason challenges Brenda to leave town and let Sonny be happy with Carly.]


Oct 25, 2002


Courtney arrives at Sonny's looking for Jason. Courtney denies Carly's observation that she is falling for Jason. Sonny isn't pleased by the thought of Courtney getting involved with Jason. Sonny and Carly come to believe that Jason took Brenda away per Sonny's original plan.


Oct 28, 2002


Carly is elated by the news of Jason and Brenda's elopement. Sonny feels guilty over Jason's situation.  Sonny and Jax blame each other for Brenda's actions.


Oct 29, 2002


Sonny and Jax argue about Brenda. Bobbie warns Carly that Brenda's marriage to Jason doesn't necessarily mean Brenda won't make a play for Sonny. Bobbie urges Carly to trust Sonny. Dr Meadows reminds Carly of her scheduled fertility treatment appointment for the next day.  Carly later seduces Sonny.


Oct 31, 2002


Sonny sees a costumed Alcazar at the party Club 101 Halloween party.  Alcazar escapes being caught by a protective he attacks a man dressed like Alcazar who is dancing with Carly.


Nov 01, 2002


Sonny realizes Alcazar duped him in order to get to Brenda.  Carly encourages him to check on Brenda – she doesn’t want him in their bed that night with his mind on another woman.  Alcazar tries to play on Brenda's fears to convince her to go away with him. Brenda begins to weaken as Sonny suddenly arrives. Brenda prevents Sonny from having Alcazar killed. Sonny realizes Alcazar made Brenda an offer she finds tempting. Carly regrets her decision of sending Sonny to Brenda's rescue after Edward taunts her about Sonny leaving her already for Brenda. Alcazar asks for Carly's help in convincing Brenda to leave town with him.


Nov 04, 2002


Sonny challenges Brenda to live life to the fullest. Skye overhears a furious Brenda declare to Sonny that she could get Jax back in a heartbeat if she wanted to. Carly seemingly agrees when Alcazar asks her to use Brenda's weaknesses to convince Brenda to come back to him. Sonny is proud of Carly when she tells him about Alcazar's request.


Nov 06, 2002


Skye tells Sonny and Carly that Alcazar kidnapped Brenda. Alcazar takes Brenda to his private jet. Sonny reaches the jet as Alcazar begins to taxi down the runway. Brenda manages to pull Sonny inside the jet as it becomes airborne. Thinking he killed Sonny during the take off, Alcazar is shocked to find him inside the cabin. Alcazar, Sonny, and Brenda are horrified when the jet begins to plummet towards the ground. Carly and Skye find common ground in their hatred for Brenda.


Nov 07, 2002


Carly tells Jason that Alcazar kidnapped Brenda and that Sonny raced to rescue her. Jason learns Alcazar's jet is bound for Venezuela. Jason refuses to take Carly with him as he heads for Venezuela. Carly stows away on the plane and is soon discovered by Jason. Carly fears that Sonny loves Brenda. Jason tries to assure Carly that Sonny won't leave her for Brenda.


Nov 08, 2002


On their search for Sonny and Brenda in South America, Jason and Carly are arrested after being accused of being enemies of Alcazar. Jason and Carly are held in jail where they learn they are going to be executed. Brenda and Sonny survive the plane crash and end up stranded somewhere in the Caribbean. Sonny and Brenda's shared plight helps to thaw the ice between them. Alcazar, who also survived the crash, secretly watches Sonny and Brenda while making plans to kill Sonny and leave the island with Brenda.


Nov 11, 2002


Sonny overpowers Alcazar and ties him up, but not before Alcazar has the chance to alert his minions of their whereabouts. Brenda threatens to kill Alcazar herself. Sonny follows Brenda when she runs off. Brenda gives Sonny the gun and begs him to put her out of her misery. Sonny pulls a mentally unstable Brenda into a kiss and disarms her. Jason and Carly manage to escape from the guards and they begin their search for Sonny and Brenda. Ric, a prisoner in an adjoining cell, becomes alerted when he hears Carly mention Sonny's name.


Nov 12, 2002


Sonny and Brenda end their kiss. Sonny urges Brenda to make the most out of whatever time she has left. After breaking free from his restraints, Alcazar fires a flare gun at Sonny but hits the plane wreckage, which bursts into flames. Alcazar manages to grab Brenda. Sonny attacks Alcazar and orders Brenda to run. Alcazar gets the upper hand and holds Sonny at gunpoint as Brenda finds herself sinking in quicksand. Carly is forced into a drinking match with an island local in order to gain access to his boat. Carly wins the contest and Jason carries her to the boat. A drunken Carly annoys Jason with her flirting. Jason spots the burning wreckage and he and Carly race to rescue Sonny and Brenda.


Nov 13, 2002


Alcazar prepares to kill Sonny as Jason arrives on the scene. Sonny and Jason struggle with Alcazar. Carly finds Brenda sinking in quicksand. In the process of trying to rescue Brenda, Carly is pulled into the quicksand. Brenda and Carly argue. Jason and Sonny rescue Brenda and Carly and inform them that Alcazar is under control. On the plane ride home, Alcazar plants a seed of doubt about what really happened between Sonny and Brenda in Carly's already suspicious mind.

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