Sonny & Carly Tape 17

November 14, 2002 - January 24, 2003

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November 14, 2002


Carly relates her and Jason's adventure to an amazed Sonny. Sonny tells a questioning Carly that nothing happened between him and Brenda on the island. Brenda tells Sonny she is leaving for good and they part with heartfelt words and a hug. Sonny reaffirms his love for Carly.After Alcazar tells Skye he thinks Brenda wants Sonny, Skye tells Sonny and Carly that Brenda isn't dying.


November 15, 2002


Skye hopes to push Sonny in Brenda's direction. Sonny heads out when Jason tells him Brenda is with Jax. Carly and Skye argue, using each other's insecurities as ammunition. Sonny tries to resist the urge to go to Brenda. At Lily's grave, Sonny remembers that being with Brenda destroyed his life. Carly is relieved when Sonny returns home.


November 18, 2002


Carly wants to know why Sonny returned to her and asks if he loves her more than Brenda. Sonny silences Carly's questions with a passionate kiss. Sonny encounters Brenda on the docks. Sonny and Brenda are both happy about her new lease on life. Sonny tells Brenda she'll never be happy with Jax. Courtney overhears Carly teasing Jason of having feelings for Courtney.


November 19, 2002


Sonny feels Brenda is fooling herself by thinking she will be happy with Jax. Sonny plants a seed of doubt in Jax's mind about his being able to keep Brenda happy. Jason and Brenda agree to dissolve their marriage as quickly as possible.


November 20, 2002


After Courtney voices her desire to get closer to Sonny's family, Carly offers to let Courtney watch Michael in the park. AJ encounters Michael and Courtney in the park. Jason finds AJ with Michael and runs him off. Jason's words hit home with Courtney, who realizes AJ married her as a way to get back at Sonny and reclaim his rights to Michael.


November 21, 2002


[Skye crashes the Qís welcome home party for Brenda.Alcazar arrives at the party uninvited and quickly becomes the center of everyone's hatred. Brenda threatens Alcazar.] Skye joins Alcazar in the back of the limousine.AJ notices the driver is not Alcazarís but Jason. Ric arrives in Port Charles and keeps a close eye on Sonny as he and Carly enjoy a night out.


November 22, 2002


At the hotel, Jason chloroforms a night watchman and makes ready to kill Alcazar.At the last minute, Sonny calls off the hit saying AJ knows something.†† Jason sees Brenda on the hotel monitors and goes to find her.Carly and Sonny go home and wait for Jasonís safe arrival.At the hotel, Alcazar stuggles with his attacker and falls from his balcony to his death on the streets below.


November 25, 2002


Jason hustles Brenda out of Alcazar's suite. Jax exits Alcazar's terrace and pockets Brenda's dropped bracelet before leaving the room. Skye dresses hastily and bolts from Alcazar's suite. Ric walks away after coming across Alcazar's body. Alexis screams when she sees Alcazar's lifeless body. At his penthouse, Jason tries to get answers from a hysterical Brenda. Brenda swears to Sonny that she didn't kill Alcazar, but does admit to inflicting a minor stab wound during their encounter.


November 26, 2002


Jason is arrested for murder. Carly fears Jason will take the fall for Brenda. Carly questions Sonny as to whether or not he believes Brenda is innocent.[Skye goes to Scott and claims she saw Brenda kill Alcazar.]


November 27, 2002


Carly informs Courtney that Jason would spend the rest of his life in prison if Sonny asked him to. Sonny tells Brenda that he thinks Jax killed Alcazar. Jason is released from custody after Taggert finds Brenda's fingerprints on the knife Alcazar was stabbed with. Brenda is arrested for Alcazar's murder. Sonny asks Alexis to represent Brenda and sees Kristina for the first time. As Sonny is with Alexis, Kristina's heart stops beating. Ricgoes to Sonny's penthouse and encounters Carly.


November 28, 2002


[Thanksgiving Day Episode.]


November 29, 2002


Network Pre-emption.


December 2, 2002


Ric arrives at the penthouse with a letter for Sonny. Sonny isn't pleased to find Carly talking with Ric when he returns home. Ric gives Sonny the letter, which is a recommendation for Ric from one of Sonny's associates. Sonny refuses to give Ric a job.


December 3, 2002


[Jason begins to suspect that Skye killed Alcazar. Scott and AJ are determined to nail Brenda, Jason, and Sonny for the murder. AJ warns Skye not to change her story. Scott tricks Brenda into implicating Jason, Sonny, and herself in Alcazar's murder. Jason tells Skye he knows she killed Alcazar.]


December 4, 2002


Elizabeth discovers Ric's stash of information about Sonny and later tells Carly, who confronts Ric. Ric claims he was researching a business plan. After leaving Ric with a warning, Carly takes a tumble. Sonny is angry when he returns home and finds Ric tending to Carly's injured ankle. Carly is impressed with Ric's business plan and urges Sonny to read it. Sonny grows suspicious of Ric. Ric awakens from a nightmare of an explosion.


December 5, 2002


Sonny and Jax blame each other for Brenda's predicament.  Sonny tells Ric that he has a job for him to do.  Carly teases Jason about his date with Courtney.


December 6, 2002


Sonny hires Ric to dig up dirt on Scott. After getting an earful on Scott from Bobbie, Ric arrives at Scott's office. Sonny has Ric investigated and learns his claims about himself appear to be true.


December 9, 2002


Carly realizes Sonny lied to her about going to see Brenda. Sonny convinces Brenda not to confess to Alcazar's murder in order to clear Jax's name. Scott pushes Brenda to her breaking point when he tells her Jax will get the death penalty unless she confesses.


December 10, 2002


Carly storms out after arguing with Sonny about Brenda.  Brenda challenges Sonny to deny that he wants her.  Carly encounters Ric, who charms her. Scott arrives at Kelly's and accuses Ric of stealing the tape from his office.


December 11, 2002


Sonny accuses Brenda of still trying to play him and Jax against each other. Carly prevents Scott from getting his hands on the videotape of Jax and manages to smuggle the tape away. Carly gives the tape to Sonny, who is angry off his encounter with Brenda. Sonny goes to turn the tape over to Scott as Scott tells Ric he wants to work with him after all. Ric prevents Sonny from giving the tape to Scott and explains Scott would simply destroy the evidence. Sonny congratulates Ric on a job well done. Carly stops Brenda from going to the police to confess to murder.


December 12, 2002


Sonny gives the incriminating videotape of Jax to Taggert. Carly is angry when Sonny forbids her from going to Jax's bail hearing.  Brenda accuses Sonny of wanting to send Jax to prison.  Carly is impressed by Ric's insight into her and Sonny's relationship. Ric suggests that Carly open another club to regain her independence.


December 13, 2002


Carly helps Jason and Courtney spend time together.  Sonny "jokes" to Carly that he would kill Jason if he became involved with Courtney. Carly pitches her idea of opening a club to Sonny, who backs her plan. Sonny balks when Carly says she wants Ric to be her business manager.


December 16, 2002


Carly can't bring herself to tell Jason that Sonny is opposed to him getting involved with Courtney. Carly and Sonny bicker but later make up.


December 17, 2002


Ned picks a fight with Sonny and later vows revenge.  Courtney encounters AJ at Club 101 and ends up quitting her job. Carly hires Courtney to work at her new club.  Sonny fears impending trouble from rival business associates Sammy Tagliati and Faith Rosco.


December 18, 2002


Carly tells Elizabeth that Jason has moved on from her. Carly decides to open her new club in Kelly's basement.  Jason warns Carly to be cautious of Ric. Carly reaches out to Ric after he recalls a traumatic experience from his childhood.


December 19, 2002


Carly is thrilled when Sonny gets Courtney to attend a holiday gathering at the penthouse as she had already invited Jason.


December 20, 2002


Carly works overtime to throw Jason and Courtney together.  Sonny orders Jason to flee the country with Brenda. Jax and Jason hinder each other's attempt to whisk Brenda away.  Taggert arrests Sonny in the middle of his holiday celebration.


December 23, 2002


Taggert arrests Sonny in front of Michael. At the police station, Courtney impulsively hugs Jason when he is brought in after being arrested. Sonny realizes that someone other than Jax paid off Ida.


December 24, 2002


Ric gets Sonny released on bail. Sonny is angry with Ric for taking matters into his own hands but relents when Carly asks him to allow Ric to get Jason released for the holidays. Michael, Sonny, and Carly share a warm family moment.


December 26, 2002


Sonny meets with Felicia and they both realize that AJ could be responsible for paying Ida to frame Brenda. Sonny, Jason, and Felicia form a plan to get the evidence they need against AJ. Carly tells Courtney that AJ could be responsible for Jason's arrest. Courtney vows to get the truth out of AJ.


December  27, 2002


Felicia tells Sonny she succeeded in scaring Ida into going on the run in the hope she'll go directly to the person who bribed her. Jason sets up surveillance on the Quartermaine terrace thinking Ida will come to see AJ. Despite Carly's warning, Courtney goes to see AJ. Ric suggests to Carly that Sonny should turn his business legitimate. Sonny becomes angry with Ric.


December 30, 2002


News of Brenda's return interrupts Sonny and Carly's romantic moment. Sonny and Jax clash at the police station. Ida picks Brenda out of a line-up and claims she saw Brenda kill Alcazar.  Wanting to move ahead with her plans for the club, Carly calls Ric. Carly and Ric start to demolish the wall leading to a hidden room in Kelly's basement and are shocked by what they find.


December 31, 2002


Carly and Ric break through the wall leading to a hidden room in Kelly's basement and discover the remnants of an old speakeasy. Carly and Ric encounter Catherine, an elderly woman who formerly opened the speakeasy. Catherine regales Ric and Carly with her story of the club's opening and subsequent closing on New Year's Eve in 1925. Catherine explains the club closed on the same night it opened at the stroke of midnight due to gangsters. Catherine's story oddly parallels the lives of Carly, Sonny and Jason.


January 2, 2003


Sonny warns Jax to stay away from Brenda until after the trial. Jason and Brenda enter pleas of not guilty at their arraignment. Brenda and Jason agree to present a united front as husband and wife until the trial is over. Sonny hires Ric to represent Jason. Sonny warns Ric that he is a dead man if Jason is convicted.


January 3, 2003


Carly overhears Jax asking Alexis to sell out Jason in order to save Brenda. Sonny tells Jason they will have to find out who killed Alcazar on their own. Carly is horrified when she hears Courtney telling AJ that Sonny and Jason know he paid off Ida. Carly warns Courtney never to talk about Sonny and Jason's business.


January 6, 2003


Brenda and Sonny share a fraught moment when he comforts her after she has a nightmare. Sonny explains he is going to South America to look for clues to Alcazar's murder. Jax is determined to help Brenda and turns to Alexis to make Jason look guilty. Carly overhears Jax and Alexis and later confronts Alexis with a warning not to frame Jason. Alexis and Carly argue and Carly slaps Alexis in her anger.  Carly tells Courtney she is afraid they could lose both Sonny and Jason, thanks to Brenda.


January 7, 2003


Brenda encounters Carly and promises she will protect both Sonny and Jason.  Courtney checks out the proposed space for Carly's club and doesn't share Carly's feeling that the space is cursed. Carly encounters Faith and is surprised to learn that Faith is Catherine's granddaughter.


January 8, 2003


[Determined to remember everything that happened in Alcazar's suite on the night of his murder, Brenda decides to undergo hypnosis. Cameron hypnotizes Brenda who begins to remember more details about that night.] Carly informs Ric of what Brenda is doing.  AJ offers Carly a deal when he says he'll drop his statement against Jason in exchange for getting Courtney back.


January 9, 2003


[Ric tries but fails to stop Brenda's hypnosis session. Brenda remembers seeing a man with a gun in the hallway outside Alcazar's suite but can't recall his face, although she is sure it wasn't Jason. Ric leaves and pockets a button from an overcoat that had previously been torn off in Alcazar's hallway.] Later, Ric burns his overcoat, which Carly sees. Sonny searches Alcazar's house in South America. Sonny is hurt when he finds a photo of Jax that Brenda had secretly hidden from Alcazar.  After convincing the local warden that he would be better off working with him instead of against him, Sonny gets proof that Ric had a connection to Alcazar. Carly won't join forces with AJ.


January 10, 2003


Alcazar's housekeeper tells Sonny that she and Ric were lovers and that Alcazar was responsible for sending Ric to jail. The housekeeper also tells Sonny that she believes Ric could have killed Alcazar. Ric prevents Carly from discovering that he was burning his overcoat. Sonny returns to Port Charles and accuses Ric of having killed Alcazar. Scott tells Carly that he knows Sonny skipped bail.


January 13, 2003


Ric denies Sonny's accusation that he killed Alcazar but does admit to being in Alcazar's building that night. Ric tells Sonny that if he tells Scott his suspicions, it will only lead to more trouble for Brenda and Jason. Sonny warns Ric to stay away from his family. Ric tells Carly he won't be working for her any longer. Jax arrives and takes Ric to Scott at gunpoint.  Jason tells Sonny that Jax went after Ric. Sonny is angry with Jax for making the situation worse. Faith gives Carly a thinly veiled warning to watch her back. Carly holds her own with Faith. Two of Faith's minions break a water pipe in Carly's club space and it begins to flood.


January 14, 2003


Sonny urges Brenda to stop Jax from publicly accusing Ric of murdering Alcazar, insisting it will only complicate the situation for her and Jason.  Sonny heads out to do damage control.  Sonny fails in his attempt to speak to Ric alone. Ric tells Scott he didn't see either Brenda or Jason on the night of the murder. Sonny wonders why Ric kept silent.  [Faith sends Zander to vandalize Carly's club.]  Zander remembers Cameron blaming him for his brother's death and begins to smash anything he can at the club. Carly catches Zander and tries to reach out to him. Zander tells Carly no one can escape the past.


January 15, 2003


As Jason and Brenda's trial is set to begin, Jax and Carly mistakenly believe that Brenda and Sonny ran away together. Jax and Carly are surprised when Sonny arrives. Sonny is shocked when Jax tells him Brenda is gone and is later hurt when he believes Brenda ran away to allow Jason to hang out to dry. Sonny asks Alexis to represent Jason, to which she later agrees. Sonny speaks with Ric and commends his decision not to tell Scott that he saw Brenda on the night of the murder. [Coleman backs up Ric's story and provides him with an alibi for the time of the murder. Taggert accuses Coleman of having been bought off by Scott. After overhearing a conversation between AJ, Coleman, and Skye, Courtney accuses Coleman of helping AJ frame Jason for murder.] Brenda is nowhere to be found as the trial begins.


January 16, 2003


Taggert arrives at the courtroom and informs the judge that Brenda may not survive a near drowning. Sonny follows Jax as he heads to Brenda's side.  AJ gloats to Courtney that Jason will soon be convicted of murder. Carly advises Courtney to stay away from the hospital despite her longing to be by Jason's side. At the hospital, a barely conscious Brenda presses a safety deposit box key into Jax's hand. Sonny finds Jax retrieving a tape labeled "murder" from a safety deposit box.


January 17, 2003


The police arrive and take the videotape from Alcazar's safety deposit box away from a battling Jax and Sonny.  Scott convinces the judge to continue with the trial and has a closed circuit camera system set up in Brenda's hospital room to link her to the proceedings in the courtroom. Sonny threatens Coleman when he suspects that Coleman helped AJ frame Brenda for murder. Alexis discredits AJ and a drunken Skye on the witness stand. Scott has Alcazar's videotape presented as evidence in the trial. Scott plays the tape in which Brenda is seen trying to stab Alcazar with a pair of scissors at his hacienda.


January, 20, 2003


Brenda's chances of being found innocent appear bleak after the jury watches a tape of her threatening to kill Alcazar. Jax tells Brenda that they have no choice but to flee the country. Jax leaves for Lisbon to make plans to help Brenda escape so she can meet him there. Jax and Brenda mistakenly think the trial will last several more weeks. After Scott informs Brenda that he will be giving his closing argument sooner rather than later, Brenda flees the hospital. Brenda calls Jason, interrupting his romantic evening with Courtney. Jason meets Brenda, who insists they have to leave for Lisbon that night.


January 21, 2003


Jason reluctantly agrees to flee the country and tells Brenda he will make arrangements for them to leave for Lisbon that night. Jason breaks the news of his and Brenda's plan to Sonny and Carly.  Sonny and Brenda say their farewell. Sonny returns home to Carly and their connection is as strong as ever. [At the airport, Jason tells Brenda that he has made arrangements for her escape but says he has decided to stay in Port Charles. ]


January 23, 2003


Sonny has mixed feelings about Jason and Brenda's decision to stay in Port Charles. [Ric returns to his room and finds a message that reads "They're innocent. I have proof" written in lipstick on his mirror.] Ric takes this information to Sonny, who sends Ric away. Scott presents damaging evidence against Jason as the trial resumes. [Ric gets a call from a mysterious woman telling him to meet her if he wants to know who really killed Alcazar. Brenda begins to lose her composure under Scott's questioning.]


January 24, 2003


[Brenda falls apart on the witness stand under Scott's brutal questioning.] Scott and Dara deliver their closing arguments as the case is handed to the jury. Carly witnesses Sonny comforting Brenda. The courtroom erupts when Jason and Brenda are found guilty of murder.

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